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Elegant Pearl Statement Necklace Tutorial


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Learn how to make this simple yet elegant pearl statement necklace by Ashly of Ash Ann Jewelry. This lovely piece can be executed with a few basic materials using freshwater pearls, sterling silver chain, headpins & jump rings. With these basic steps, you can create your own personalized necklace using this design. This design tutorial can be used as a model to create your own individual variations personalized to your taste. Discover what you can create by following these easy steps to create the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones while making a statement.

Here are the materials list and instructions:

Materials Needed:
• 4 silver headpins
• 4 pink pearl beads
• 10 medium silver jump rings
• 1 silver lobster clasp
• small silver chain
• medium silver chain
• flat nose pliers
• wire cutters
• rounded point pliers

Step 1:
Trim your medium size chain into desired length and connect your lobster clasp

Step 2:
Count 28 chain lengths of small silver chain and cut. Connect to your medium chain

Step 3:
Create a simple loop and connect with your medium jump ring (make sure you leave 3 chain lengths in between each connection)

Step 4:
Continue pattern

Step 5:
Continue pattern until you have made 4 loops

Step 6:
This is how it should look after creating 4 loops

Step 7:
Feed a pearl onto your headpin

Step 8:
Cut headpin about 1/2 inch in length

Step 9:
Prepare to cut four 17 chain lengths of small chain

Step 10:
Connect your pearl to the small chain

Step 11:
Connect finished pearl design to medium chain (connect in the center of the 3 chain lengths)

Step 12:

Step 13:

Step 14:
Connect your last fourth pearl design

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