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Make a Classy Ombre Statement Necklace


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Materials Needed:
• 7 flat silver headpins
• 6 round silver headpins
• 10 square silver jump rings
• silver medium chain
• 1 silver clasp
• 13 medium black glass beads
• 22 small black glass beads
• 6 medium round brown glass beads
• 17 small brown glass beads
• 0.45mm silver wire
• 2 silver crimp beads
• 2 silver crimp bead covers
• bead crimper
• bead crimps
• crimp cover closer
• pointed nose pliers
• flat nose pliers

Step 1:
Thread a medium sized black bead onto your flat headpin

Step 2:
Thread 2 small black and brown beads onto your flat headpin

Step 3:
Trim off access

Step 4:
Use your round pliers to create a loop

Step 5:
Repeat pattern from step 2 and start another pattern with 3 beads of each color

Step 6:
Thread your bead strand along with a medium round bead

Step 7:
Repeat as shown

Step 8:
Repeat as shown

Step 9:
Thread on two small black beads to each end

Step 10:
Grab the end of the wire, thread on a square jump ring and create loop

Step 11:
Add your crimp bead and secure

Step 12:
Using your crimp tool, crimp bead as shown

Step 13:
Add your crimp bead cover and use your crimp bead cover pliers

Step 14:
Repeat on other end

Step 15:
example of what it should look like

Step 16:
Thread a medium black bead onto a round headpin and trim excess off

Step 17:
Connect your bead onto your square jump ring

Step 18:
Attach another square jump ring and repeat

Step 19:
Repeat pattern for your desired length (black bead and 4 chain lengths)

Step 20:
Attach your silver clasp

Step 21:
Finished product!

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