Connect Clothing Store Advertising Plan


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Connect Clothing Store Advertising Plan

  1. 1. Introduction to • Chicago boutique with two locations: Lincoln Park and Wicker Park • Specializes in versatile apparel for outdoor and everyday wear • Self-described as “Patagonia meets Prada” • Most clothing is water-resistant, odor- resistant, and wrinkle-free • Exclusive Chicago retailer for several brands • Features sustainable clothing
  2. 2. Target Market Profile • Mid- to upper-income, urban men and women 25-40 years old • On-the-go lifestyle • Love fashion and comfort • Need versatility in their clothing • Have “green” concerns
  3. 3. Positioning Statement To mid- to upper-income, urban men and women 25-40 years old who trend toward purchasing stylish, yet comfortable clothing, Connect is the boutique-clothing store that joins outdoor-centric styles with chic, urban fashion because people want clothes that look great whether worn at the office, in a restaurant, or on top of a mountain.
  4. 4. Marketing & Communications Problem • What the consumer does not know: • The store exists and has two locations • Connect combines fashion and functionality as outdoor clothing • What the consumer does not believe/feel: • There is a need for versatile clothing • There is clothing that combines fashion and functionality • The clothing is worth the price • What the consumer does not do: • Seek out Connect as a destination for shopping
  5. 5. Message Strategy Connect has fashionable clothing that is functional both indoors and outdoors.
  6. 6. Brand Image • Chic • Look great everywhere, even in the most rugged places. • Classy, fashionable, fun • Busy lifestyle, down-to-earth, always time for entertainment
  7. 7. Tone • Modern • Sophisticated • Cool • Hip • Urban • In-the-Know
  8. 8. Consumer Response Our target should be aware of Connect and place Connect into their consideration set. Ads should elicit a positive emotional response toward the benefits of clothing purchased from Connect.
  9. 9. Consumer Self-Talk “I want a jacket that looks great everywhere. I’m going to Connect because they have that jacket.”
  10. 10. Story Board Open on a man skiing. At the bottom of the slope he takes off skis and walks into upscale lodge. Man walks through lodge into upscale boutique restaurant. He then walks outside onto a downtown city street. Valet pulls up car. Man opens passenger door for a lady dressed in an evening gown. He hops in car and drives off. Title Card appears. James Bond-esque orchestral music plays throughout. The spot is shot as one continuous take.
  11. 11. Print Ad
  12. 12. Newspaper Ad
  13. 13. Campaign Details • Advertising campaign will launch new tagline: Urban Fashion, Outdoor Function • In-store and store-front materials will be revised to carry new brand message to create a better link between the in-store and out- of-store communication • As awareness for this campaign is key. Logo and brand message will have great prominence in this series of advertisements • Subsequent advertisements in this campaign will feature women’s clothing and message more strongly to women
  14. 14. Questions