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I had to do a project about somthing that meant somthing to me and had conterversiy, I desided to do it on Pit Bulls. Hope you enjoy and learn from it some

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  • Taz always stays close when anyone is not feeling weel, and this was one of those nights
  • This are just a few things that pits are. Any thing a dog can be, a pit some where is.
  • The different names depend on the type of crosses happened to get that dog
  • There are many, many more things that could be put down for both sides
  • There are also many celebrities that own pits such as Orlando Bloom, Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal, and David Spade just to name a few.
  • Most Pit that people see that are all big and musculer are only one type the is crossed with more bulldog then the other crosses
  • I feel that this video really showed how a pit lover really shows what they know
  • Many of the myths surrounding pits have to do with there past as fighting dogs
  • Rachel is now in her 30’s and still owns pits to this day
  • Sheeba with her owner grandson of only a few mounths
  • Heather has 2 other dog (non pit bulls) that will not let her son get close to doing any of this with.
  • Drake(6) and his buddy Thor dress up for Halloween ever year together for the past 3 years.
  • Just because there is one bad apple in the bunch dose not mean that they all are
  • Pit bulls

    1. 1. Pits Therapy Dogsare: Search and Rescue Dogs Bomb Sniffing Dogs The Mascot of WWI and WWII A Family Member A Child’s Best Friend
    2. 2.  Pits are rooted back to ancient Romans Bulldogs and Terriers where crossed in 1835 › After many crosses Pit Bulls where the out come Over the years Pits have taken on may different names and looks
    3. 3.  A great companions  A loyal friendThe Informed  A big teddy bear  A vicious killer  They will snap at any momentThe Misunderstood  They will attack anything
    4. 4.  Pits where crossed  Helen Keller even had after Bull baiting was a Pit as her canine outlawed companion and Pits have helper unconditional love,  The first decorated even after being canine war hero was a abused Pit Bull named Pits are the only breed Sergeant Stubby to have graced the cover of Life magazine three times.
    5. 5.  There are many kinds of Pits. › Red and blue nosed are the most common › There are many kinds of coats/colorings Not all Pits are big and muscular
    6. 6.  Pits are genetically driven to kill people Pits are not good for anything except dogfighting Pits are very aggressive Pits can not be trained or controlled Pits don’t feel pain Pits are only owned by drug dealers and gang members
    7. 7.  “We adopted our first pittie, Lady in 1988. She rescued us. I was 13 and in my first major depression (undiagnosed). She laid with me for hours on my bed while I cried and cried, and her gentle, nonjudgmental presence was truly therapy to me. She was my only friend and still the best dog Ive ever had. She was closer than a sister to me.” – Rachel Elisabeth
    8. 8.  “My 2 year old thinks he is a dog and chews on Titans bones with him. Yesterday, I caught my 2 year old biting him because he wanted Titans toy.(Not the other way around) Didnt even phase my dog- People ask how could I have that kind of dog around my kids- I couldnt have picked a better breed for them!” – Heather Olson
    9. 9.  Not all Pits are bad They are just like every other dog You do not have to run in fear Or keep them from your kids They are someones baby “Punish the deed, Not the breed”
    10. 10.  History- Realpitbull.com History- Denverpost.com Facts- Iheartpaws.com Facts- pitbullcenterfolds.org Myths-Happypitbull.com Stories and Pictures- My Pit Bull is Family on Facebook