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Open Development Cambodia

Presentation of ODC at BarCamp Phnom Penh 2011

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Open Development Cambodia

  1. 1. Open Development Cambodia a ‘one-stop shop’ for free economic data
  2. 2. Open Source
  3. 3. ‘Creative Commons’• What do you share on your Open Source computer? – Open Content – Open Data.
  4. 4. Open… everything!• Open Source is part of a much larger area of ‘open’ activity.
  5. 5. Open Data• Data of public interest should be – freely available to everyone to use – republish as they wish.
  6. 6. Data.Gov• The USA’s public data portal – Raw and organized data – Collected by the government using tax money
  7. 7. Open Data – World Bank Site• Open Data sites and movements take a broad approach• They are not political• Open Data sites are emerging everywhere: The World Bank
  8. 8. Open Data is spreading to…• The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Kenya
  9. 9. Open Data Kenya
  10. 10. • Most Open Data projects cooperate and assist each other in their efforts. Our project takes inspiration from: FutureGov.Asia,
  11. 11. • the leading edge in exploring these efforts, the Peer To Peer Foundation.
  12. 12. Open Development Cambodia• A small attempt to bring the idea of Open Data to Cambodia• Sponsored by East-West Management Institute• Funded by USAID
  13. 13. Open Development Cambodia• Focuses on providing information about one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies• Key features are – an interactive map, – a current news feed• Cambodia just opened a stock market so ‘transparency’ is becoming increasingly important.
  14. 14. • The map is assembled using publicly available legal documents.
  15. 15. Open Development Cambodia
  16. 16. Open Development Cambodia• Protected Areas and Community Forests
  17. 17. Open Development Cambodia• Census Data from 1998 and 2008
  18. 18. Open Development Cambodia• Village Chart – Compare year 1998 to 2008
  19. 19. Open Development Cambodia• All map data (and News) is Freely downloadable• Referenced from public sources• No credit is needed
  20. 20. • All news articles are archived and tagged for easy reference
  21. 21. Open Development Cambodia• For better understanding, briefings include
  22. 22. Open Development Cambodia• A growing list of laws in English and Khmer• Next step is to translate the site into Khmer
  23. 23. Open Development Cambodia• Follow us on Twitter, or Facebook for weekly updates.
  24. 24. Open Development Cambodia
  25. 25. Open Development Cambodia• Works with a growing number of partners to grow and cross- reference data – Business groups – Community groups – Institutions – Legal experts• Your comments, criticism and engagement are welcome
  26. 26. សសសស! សសសស