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The man who has contributed to OSS by ...



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The man who has contributed to OSS by ...

  1. 1. The man who has contributed to OSS by ... Hiroyuki HOURIN Japan UNIX Society
  2. 2. Hiroyuki HOURIN 法林浩之 Freelance Engineer Steering Committee, Japan UNIX Society Working in the IT community for more than 20 years.
  3. 3. Japan UNIX Society (jus) One of the IT community pioneers in Japan About to 30th anniversary (established in 1983)
  4. 4. jus covers a wide range of activities to targeting not only UNIX but the overall IT.
  5. 5. My career
  6. 6. Encounter with jus I helped at the UNIX Fair when I was a student. (1989)
  7. 7. I moved to Tokyo due to employment. At the same time, I joined the steering committee of jus. (1992) I managed study meetings and other activities along with senior members.
  8. 8. Open Source Matsuri (1999-2001) "Matsuri" means "festival" in Japanese. The first exhibition that brought together the open source community in Japan.
  9. 9. I was the a moderator and manager of stage. Ignited by this, I took charge of management and chairman in many events.
  10. 10. KOF (2002-) Kansai Open Source + Kansai Community Gathering Held in Osaka in every autumn. (2012/11/9-10)
  11. 11. Lightweight Language Event (2003-) Conference for LL programmers. (Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, etc...) Acted as the leader of the Executive Committee.
  12. 12. jus Study Group JAPAN TOUR (2007-) Research presentations are held at various places in Japan.
  13. 13. TechLION (2011-) A public talk show for IT engineers, held in a live house.
  14. 14. I have served as the moderator for more than 700 speakers so far.
  15. 15. Reason of the award (from my introduction) Mr. Hiroyuki Hourin is very famous coordinator and moderator on promotion of Unix/Linux in so many symposiums. Success of the Lightweight Language Conference events that counts 10 years is one of archivement that owes to his coordination and activities.
  16. 16. The activity status of IT community in Japan
  17. 17. IT study meeting calendar Nov. 10 27 events List of study meetings in Japan through Google Calendar
  18. 18. Many IT communities are working in Japan. And many study meetings are held every day.
  19. 19. The management style is various. scale, open/closed, charge/no charge, relation with business, etc... Common feature: "do independently" planning, hall reservation, publicity, management, etc...
  20. 20. Background High-speed Internet Portable devices Social media Japanese are still hard-workers (?)
  21. 21. More important things: "Open Source Mind" About 15 years have passed since the concept of open source got across to Japan. The idea was input and spread to IT engineers. - anyone can participate in the development - information disclosure is good
  22. 22. Personal thought
  23. 23. We can contribute to OSS without writing source code.
  24. 24. Contributions other than development are also important. I want you to practice the kind of contribution you can do. But, please do not forget respect for our engineers. Because, if there were no developers, OSS would not progress.
  25. 25. Let your activities be known by others
  26. 26. It is important that they are YOUR own activities. Your worth would not increase by only retweeting or sharing information.
  27. 27. Spreading information actively Although I had worked for more than 20 years, I was awarded at last this year. Last year, I had the opportunity to let more people know about my activities by spreading related information. I think it was good in order to be prised.
  28. 28. Just keep on moving Especially in the fields that most people find difficult
  29. 29. What OSS developers are poor at Coordination, Negotiation, Decision-making, Management of community and events, and long-term actions
  30. 30. Consider the advancement of the project before your own role, and take the required action. And continue for a long time. (about 20 years maybe :-) ) Probably in this regard, I have used much more time than anybody.
  31. 31. The man who has contributed to OSS ... ... by lip service ? :-)
  32. 32. The man who has contributed to OSS ... ... by ACTIONS !! (^_^)v
  33. 33. But, if no one would participate, I could not have continued.
  34. 34. Events and community gatherings can take place thanks to the people who gather there. I would like to thank all the people involved in my activities.
  35. 35. I got the award. But my work is not over.
  36. 36. To be continued ... 09/22 jus study meeting (Okinawa) 09/29 Free lance engineer festival (Tokyo) 10/04 TechLION vol.9 (Kobe) 10/05 jus study meeting (Kobe) 10/06 Kobe IT Festival 11/09 Kansai Open Source + Kansai Community Gathering (Osaka) 11/10 jus study meeting (Osaka) 11/12-13 North East OSS Promotion Forum (Okinawa) 11/16 TechLION vol.10 (Tokyo) 11/19-22 Internet Week 2012 (Tokyo) 12/08 jus study meeting (Fukuoka) 01/18 Engineer Support CROSS 2013 (Tokyo)
  37. 37. Please check my activities through various social media. Search keyword: "Hiroyuki HOURIN"
  38. 38. Thank You !! I will continue to contribute to OSS by "ACTION" !!