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hEY member presentation 2.0


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Updated July 2018

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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hEY member presentation 2.0

  1. 1. Membership Orientation
  2. 2. What it’s like to be in hEY? ● We are a community of individuals, who have varying levels of skills, but we are not always professionals at the skill. Have some flexibility in your expectations. ● Anything that connects you to other humans has value. One member said, “I am not particularly handy, nor structurally sound, so I rarely do heavy lifting work. I do love to help people process things. I once assisted someone in cleaning out her deceased mother’s home, not by lifting or sorting, but by listening to stories about the objects and asking questions to help that person make decisions.” ● Being willing to ask for help, and not get discouraged if no one answers - this is key. Ask hEY first, but be willing to move on, hire it out, or forget it, if no one is interested in providing. Don’t take it personally if you go through a long string of requests that no one raises their hand to complete. These ideas were adapted from Patricia Berry’s blogpost entitled “Tips for Successful Exchanging” located at
  3. 3. What it’s like to be in hEY? ● Sometimes people are flaky, love them anyway! ● Asking for help is one of the key ways to create a relationship. With mature organizations like ours, we start to see a strong component of people who often “do” but rarely “ask” — that causes imbalance. It is just a much of a gift to allow someone to help you as it is to help others. ● Create opportunities that allow people to exchange hours easily. When having a party, ask for help with food, set-up, take-down, services, etc. Actively seek out ways that people can easily exchange hours with you. Keeping the hours moving is key to our long-term success. These ideas were adapted from Patricia Berry’s blogpost entitled “Tips for Successful Exchanging” located at
  4. 4. What it’s like to be in hEY? ● It boils down to this: give help, ask for help, be flexible, and don’t place professional-level expectations on what is akin to a neighbor-helping-neighbor experience. Some of my strongest Ypsi relationships are as a result of hEY! ● We are always happy to help if you are having difficulty finding the right services or are frustrated with exchanging. Good luck out there! These ideas were adapted from Patricia Berry’s blogpost entitled “Tips for Successful Exchanging” located at
  5. 5. What is hOur Exchange Ypsilanti (hEY)? ● We are a part of a multinational hOurWorld community. ○ If you are travelling or moving to another area, check out to see if there’s a timebank in the area that you can connect with. Members might be able to provide a room, food, supplies you could borrow, recommendations, or guided tours! ● hEY is a member of the Michigan Alliance of Time Banks (MAOTB). We meet monthly to exchange ideas. ○ A2TimeBank (Ann Arbor) ○ Bridging Communities Inc (Detroit) ○ hOur Exchange TimeBank (Canton, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Madison Heights, Oak Park, Royal Oak, and Troy) ○ Lathrup Village TimeBank ○ Madonna Timebank (Livonia) ○ Pontiac SUN TimeBank ○ Self-Reliant Neighborhood Option (Detroit) ○ Troy Community TimeBank ○ Unity in our Community (Detroit)
  6. 6. hEY History and Overview ● We were founded in 2011. We acquired our Michigan Non- Profit status in April 2013, which is our official anniversary date. ○ We complete a postcard tax form each year with the number of members and hours exchanged from the previous calendar year. ○ You are not required by hEY to enter your hours on your tax form. ● We are an organization designed to facilitate the exchange of goods and services with other members based on the currency of time. ● Our membership includes Member Organizations. Organizations only give hours (receive exchanges). ○ A complete list of orgs is included in the software. ○ Ask organizations you’re already in to join us.
  7. 7. How do I exchange hours? ● You may exchange with any member of hOurWorld. ○ “Local” exchanges are any exchanges made within hEY. ○ “Inter-trade” exchanges are any exchanges made with any other timebank that uses hOurWorld’s Time & Talents software. ○ Please only exchange with other members. If someone asks you to exchange with a non-member, ask them to become a member. ○ You may exchange with both cash and hours. Ex. I need a ride to the airport and can offer $10 cash plus your travel time. This must be verbalized before the exchange occurs. Once a member has arrived to provide a service, you may not change the agreement. ● Everyone in the exchange provides a service for other members. Actual time spent providing a service is “banked” just like cash would be. ○ Time is logged/banked in 15-minute increments. ○ You may enter hours by logging into the software from a web browser, by logging into the smartphone app (available for both Android and iPhone), or by asking a board member to log your hours for you.
  8. 8. How do I exchange hours? ● Members can then spend earned/banked hours with any other member for a good or service. ● Your offer/request post needs to be as detailed as possible. Consider adding a “why” to your post to ensure other members look at it. ○ Ex Request: I need a 100sqft guest-room painted sometime in the next 2wks before my in-laws visit. I just had surgery, so I can’t help you paint, but I can visit with you and provide drinks and snacks. The room is taped and I have all the supplies. I’m home recovering, so I can be available anytime. ○ Ex Offer: I have 4 school-aged kids that would love more playdates. I babysat for 20yrs before starting my own family. I have a fenced in yard, lots of toys for kids from babies through teenage interests. I have an 8 passenger van and can pick up kids, drop them off, or take them to a park or event. I’m readily available during the day, before 5pm. I’m willing to consider evenings and weekends if planned in advance.
  9. 9. hEY Core Values ● Empowerment: We all have talents and strengths. Every human being has something of value to contribute. ● Equality: At the heart of every exchange of time is equality. All people are valued equally at hEY. One hour of service equals one time credit, regardless of the service. One hour of legal advice equals one hour of weatherization equals one hour of transportation or help, etc. ● Respect: Everyone matters. We must respect where people are in the moment, not where we hope they will be at some future point. ● Redefining Work: Work is beyond price. We feel that work must be redefined to include all of the activities it takes to sustain families, neighborhoods and communities, to sustain our democracy and advance social justice. This kind of work needs to be honored and rewarded. ● Reciprocity: Helping each other works better as a two-way street. The question, “How can I help you?” needs to be changed to “ How can we help each other build the world we both want to live in?”. At hEY, you earn what you receive. You can feel good about what you are exchanging because you are not always taking, or always giving.
  10. 10. hEY Responsibilities, Courtesy Rules, and Member Expectations ● Members will be valued for service to the network and community. ● Members can expect to have confidentiality. ○ The member you exchange with can see the category, but no other member can see which exchanges you’ve completed or with whom you’ve exchanged hours. ○ Please note software admins do have access to your Hours Statement as well. Your Hours Statement is available when you log into hOurWorld. ● Members can expect not to be discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
  11. 11. Member Responsibilities ● Courtesy Rules: ○ 24 Hour Cancellation Notice if you’ve agreed to provide or receive a service ○ 48 Hour call back to notify if you’d like to receive or provide a service. ○ Remove or suspend offers/requests you no longer need. ● We ask that you exchange a minimum of six [6] hours each year. Providing, receiving, or both! ● Maintain an accurate account. Ensure all of your exchanges have been recorded. ○ Either the person receiving OR the person providing the exchange needs to enter the hour(s). The time will automatically be applied to the other member(s) account(s). ○ When members become friends and it can be easy to say, “don’t worry about paying me hours.” Please enter them anyway! It helps with the health of the timebank and it’s more accurate!
  12. 12. Member Responsibilities ● Maintain current contact information. Inform hEY about changes in your status. Updated profiles are imperative for effectively facilitating exchanges. ○ This includes keeping your bio filled out and up-to-date. Your bio should give a feel for who you are, what you like to do, and what it’d be like to exchange with you. Also add a picture so members know who you are. ● Post all offers and requests in the software. Only half our membership is on Facebook. ● Remember, members can be dismissed for unacceptable conduct. Any serious concerns should be brought to the attention of the hEY board. ○ Current board members include: Jo Brown, Karen Coleman, Sue Coles, Emerson Delacroix, Alice Oakes, Lindsey Schafer, and Jeff Yoder. ○ You may contact one of these individuals directly or send an email to which will be read by Emerson, Jeff or Sue.
  13. 13. How we use your donations ● Donations of any amount are happily accepted anytime! ● The software will automatically send you an email once a year on your activation anniversary. The suggested donation is $25 per year. ● We spend about $2500 each year on: ○ Website hosting ○ Marketing material (yard signs, brochures, advertising) ○ Board Member Insurance ○ Volunteer Insurance ○ Event space fees ○ Postage ○ 501c4 filing fee
  14. 14. Events and Opportunities ● Events and providing service to hEY can be an excellent way to meet members and make plans for future exchanges. ● We have an Anniversary Party once a year, usually in May/June at the Ypsilanti Senior Center. Board Member Election results are posted. ● Past events have included a yard sale fundraiser, a silent auction, potluck gatherings, and meeting up at Ypsi events. We are open to hearing your ideas. ● Member leadership: hEY is always looking for members to get involved. Become a board member, lead social outreach, marketing, membership coordination, it’s up to you! Our board members ask that you show up - that’s it.
  15. 15. Types of Exchanges ● Acupuncture ● Artwork ● Board meeting attendance ● Borrowing item (ex: pressure canner, saw, tables & chairs) ● Campaign assistance ● Cleaning ● Consulting ● Computer/software training ● Deliveries ● Dog walking/sitting ● Energy work ● Event help ● Finance Advice ● Gardening help ● Graphic Design ● Hair cut/color ● Item exchange (ex. rain barrel, homemade canned food, jewelry) ● Laundry ● Legal services ● Massage ● Moving/Packing ● Overnight stay ● Painting ● Photography (family portraits, wedding) ● Piano lessons ● Plant swap ● Supervised playdates (babysitting) ● Tarot reading ● Tool rental ● Yard sale help ● Website design ● Wedding officiating ● Workshop hosting These exchanges are taken from Emerson Delacroix’s hours statement.
  16. 16. Secrets to Successful Exchanging ● Build relationships. People are more likely exchange with members they have met. Matches are often made at our events. ● Recruit everyone you know. Consider how you regularly spend money and envision a different kind of exchange. Tell your friends and see how you can integrate hEY into your life. ● Get to know hOurWorld’s Time and Talents software. It’s a great tool. ● Be a familiar face among our community. Feel free to drop in and say hello. The more we know about you, the more we can recommend your services to other members.
  17. 17. Secrets to Successful Exchanging ● Communicate clearly within the Exchange. Be sure to communicate your needs, wants, and preferences. ○ Sometimes, members want their travel time to be included in the service exchange. This is up to you to negotiate, and it is best to do so BEFORE your provide the service. ○ Sometimes, materials will be needed for an exchange such as cooking or yard work. Discuss who will provide such materials. ○ Members sometimes choose to exchange items for hours. In this case, it is up to the members to negotiate upon the number of hours an item is worth. If it is a handmade item, generally it is the time it took to make the item. ○ Remember hEY exchanges are not guaranteed. We are a network of neighbors helping neighbors. It is up to the members to judge who they would like to exchange with and to ask questions about licensing, liability and insurance, if need be. It is perfectly OK to ask for this information BEFORE the exchange happens. ● Only offer services that you actually want to provide. People will contact you and request services. hEY provides a great way to spend more time doing what you love. Use the hours you earn to get those nagging tasks out of the way to free up your time!
  18. 18. The Time and Talents Software ● Take a look at the software and be sure to ask questions and take some notes. ● We are here to help you!