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Radiant Solution Profile - Comparing Product Functionality - Learning Village and Data Director


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Radiant Solution Profile - Comparing Product Functionality - Learning Village and Data Director

  1. 1. Breakout II: HMH Enterprise Product(s) Profile Session Karen Starrett Karen Burkhart 1
  2. 2. Breakout Objective This session will ensure the teams understand product functionality in comparison to other HMH solutions (Learning Village/Data Director) This will include: • Positioning Articulation • Product Functionality • Customer Scenarios 2
  3. 3. Radiant - Product Overview Positioning: Radiant is an end-to-end learning solution that “connects” all critical components of the education ecosystem such as Learning Management, Curriculum Management, Professional Development, Assessment, Analytics, SIS and Grade book. Each of the modules operates independently or as part of an integrated holistic solution to improve instructional practices and learning outcomes. Grade Learning Curriculum Assessmen SIS Analytics PD Book Mgt Mgt t 3
  4. 4. Radiant - Product Overview Key Product Differentiators: • Flexible, Modular Interconnected Components • End-to-End Solution for Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and Students • Learning Management integrated with Assessment • Assessment integrated with SIS, Grade book, and Analytics • SIS with student data tracking, scheduling and grade reporting • Online Professional Development and Teacher Effectiveness tools • Collaboration and Social Learning Tools for the classroom Grade Learning Curriculum Assessmen SIS Analytics PD Book Mgt Mgt t 4
  5. 5. Learning Village - Product Overview Positioning: Learning Village is our robust curriculum management solution that enhances the teaching and learning experience by connecting educators to the best practices, instructional strategies, lesson plans, and resources that enable measurable student achievement. From one central portal, educators tap into a wealth of web-based curricula, and collaborate in the broader district-wide learning community. 5
  6. 6. Learning Village - Product Overview Key Product Differentiators: • Robust Curriculum Management and Collaboration portal • Aggregates /organizes resources for teachers and administrators • Flexibility and Control in curriculum design • Peer Review process for approving best practices • Collaboration around curriculum • Instructional Portal with Single Sign On access to 3rd party products • Curriculum and Standards Reports Learning • Automated alignment with Common Core Village Data District Director 3rd party Curriculum application 6
  7. 7. DataDirector - Product Overview Positioning: DataDirector is a comprehensive assessment and data management system that provides educators with a fast, powerful decision-support system for instructional planning. • Educators can manage assessments and utilize a full suite of prebuilt reports detailing student performance toward state and Common Core standards. • Educators can design their own reports including multiple data points over time for in-depth analysis and progress monitoring. 7
  8. 8. DataDirector- Product Overview Key Product Differentiators: • Full suite of assessment management capabilities enabling districts to execute assessment program at the district-, school-, and classroom-level • Optional Asssess2Know district and classroom item banks • Open-content platform enabling districts to capture student results for textbook assessments and upload results from state-developed and published assessments • Prebuilt reports for local, state-developed, and some published assessments (ie., DIBELS) • Dynamic ad hoc reporting capabilities for longitudinal reporting across multiple data points • Nightly uploads of various data from SIS to refresh rosters and pull in data relevant to decision-making 8
  9. 9. DD and LV - Product Overview Positioning: • HMH’s robust suite of curriculum management, data analytics and assessment solutions empower teaching and learning. Learning Village is the digital hub and entry point for accessing all of a district’s curriculum and instruction directly from the teacher desktop. In one central location, educators have access to standards-aligned curriculum , professional development and assessment. School districts, therefore, have a unified approach to instruction across the entire education ecosystem – enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing and a consistent and rigorous approach to instruction. • With single sign-on accessLearning Village links directly to Data Director, a data analysis, reporting and assessment solution that helps educators access student assessment results, identify struggling students, and make real-time adjustments in instruction. 9
  10. 10. Scenario 1: Which do you pitch to win? Client has an SIS and a grade book program. They are happy with SIS and somewhat happy with Grade book. They are looking for one solution that can provide an LMS that can manage student assessment and integrate with their Grade book so teachers don’t have to populate every assignment in the Grade book. What if they are looking for Content Management instead of LMS? 10
  11. 11. Scenario 2: Which do you pitch to win? • RFP – Large district has existing enterprise portal with SIS, LMS and data warehouse and is looking for best of breed curriculum management and assessment management solutions to integrate with their portal. • Bidders can respond with one or both solutions. 11
  12. 12. Scenario 3: Which do you pitch to win? RFP • Enrollment and Tracking • Skill Assessment/Learning Evaluation • Content Access • Administrative/Reporting • Content Development • Marketing and Communications • Security 12
  13. 13. Scenario 4: Which do you pitch to win? • District uses Blackboard for their Learning Management Solution, but wants more control over the quality of the lessons shared among teachers and wants more control over the lesson template to ensure consistency in lesson design. 13
  14. 14. Scenario 5: Which do you pitch to win? The district is seeking a state of the art integrated Learning Management System (LMS) which focuses on ensuring each and every student learns to high standards and graduates on time from high school. It is expected that the new LMS will: • Be a web-based integrated software application, or a suite of software applications • Allow teachers and administrators to better manage instructional practices to improve student achievement • Integrate student information, curriculum, instruction, assessment, grading, and professional development • Monitor and report student progress on standards to teachers, students and parents/guardians • Facilitate communication with students, teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators • Empower data-driven decision making at all levels 14
  15. 15. Scenario 6: Which do you pitch to win? • District already has an SIS and LMS they are happy with and under contract for • District is in need of an assessment management system that will enable them to manage and execute their local assessment program • District wants high-quality item bank they can use to build local assessments, both for district-wide benchmarks and teacher- created classroom exams • District wants enhanced reporting capabilities so they can view student results over time and in context with other assessments and important information
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