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Planning for
begins today

      or many educators, the future of the
      classroom is built on connections –
      connections bet...
The                                                         STudenT

      uilt in partnership with some of the nation’s leading districts and
      respected industry lea...
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Radiant’s Analytics module provides meaningful and actionable data
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Radiant - Planning for tomorrow begins today


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Published in: Education
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Radiant - Planning for tomorrow begins today

  1. 1. :: Planning for tomorrow begins today
  2. 2. :: Welcome F or many educators, the future of the classroom is built on connections – connections between students and teachers, parents and administrators, teachers and job-embedded professional development, curriculum and state standards, longitudinal data and analytics. A hub for all learning, Radiant is a new end- to-end learning solution from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that facilitates engaging and powerful learning experiences. Radiant helps teachers and learners embrace innovation through an “on demand” approach to curriculum, resources, data analytics and professional development. By mirroring the daily workflow of students and teachers, Radiant inspires higher levels of motivation and achievement. Radiant is an innovative learning environment that creates opportunities for exploration, accountability and social participation. Welcome :: RADIANT 3
  3. 3. :: The STudenT InFoRmaTIon Connection SySTem CuRRICuLum manaGemenT R adiant leverages the power of technology to provide best-in-class personalized instruction – allowing students to pursue learning on an individualized level, share it with others, participate in a world of mobile LeaRnInG GRadeBooK and social networks, and develop mastery. It manaGemenT aligns to Race to the Top (RTTT) and other digital funding sources. aSSeSSmenT PRoFeSSIonaL deVeLoPmenT anaLyTICS Radiant is an end-to-end leaRning solution that “connects” all cRitical components of the education ecosystem. each of the modules opeRates independently oR as paRt of an integRated holistic solution to impRove instRuctional pRactices and leaRning outcomes. 4 RADIANT :: Planning for Tomorrow Begins Today The Connection :: RADIANT 5
  4. 4. :: The approach B uilt in partnership with some of the nation’s leading districts and respected industry leaders, Radiant is a new approach to learning – guided by the advancements in technology and the rapid transformation taking place in learning. Radiant brings a new view of 21st century learning to today’s classrooms: :: Gathers student learning data and “integrates” it into the teaching and learning process – to inform quality and personalized instruction :: Provides engaging learning curriculum and resources to all learners – in school, at home, and outside of the classroom :: Assesses student performance throughout the learning process to inform “on demand” instruction :: Organizes instruction and resources in a flexible learning framework :: Allows teachers and mentors to collaborate on best practices and insights for effectiveness – enriching the daily teaching experience :: Provides feedback mechanisms to support individualized learning :: Creates incentives for parental involvement through at-home tools and resources :: Provides online professional development for teachers, tailored to their specific needs and strengths :: Measures student achievement in more complete and meaningful ways 6 RADIANT :: Planning for Tomorrow Begins Today The Approach :: RADIANT 7
  5. 5. :: aSSeSSmenT Learning and assessment systems are pivotal in improving student The learning and generating data that can be used to improve education at all levels. Radiant’s interconnected assessment system uses network data to inform and prescribe appropriate learning interventions and remediations. With Radiant, educators have a tool that allows them to add assessments to units and lessons to refine learning activities and create a more performance-driven experience for their students. STudenT InFoRmaTIon SySTem CuRRICuLum manaGemenT Too often gaps in student data influence curriculum development and New ways of delivering, managing and organizing curriculum and learning. Radiant’s Student Information System connects information resources are driving transformative change in districts. With Radiant, and teaching, supporting demographics, test scores, assessment teachers have the power to access, create and aggregate relevant information, health information, attendance, general reporting and curricula. Through a central repository, teachers can create their own analysis, scheduling and more. “play lists” of content – searching for units, lessons, activities and assessments by grade, subject, standards and ratings. The system accommodates all district-provided curriculum content and comes with pre-loaded standards. GRadeBooK Radiant’s Grade Book helps educators manage multiple dimensions of instruction and reporting. All online activities are automatically scored and graded as students complete the assigned task; grades for offline LeaRnInG manaGemenT activities are easily added. In addition, the system generates high Orchestrating and enabling access to content and resources in 21st performance plans for every student – tracking academic performance, century ways requires sophisticated learning management, collaboration detailed grade history, customized report cards, and more. and social networking tools. Radiant’s Learning Management is the cornerstone of the entire solution – enabling curriculum delivery and performance monitoring, and facilitating virtual classrooms, instant messaging, and discussion forums that allow for vibrant peer-to-peer interaction. In addition, the system permits the creation of social interest groups and user-contributed content from others in the learning community. Parent portals and dashboards give parents an “at a glance” view of student progress, while also providing parent resources and opportunities to engage in online learning communities with parents and teachers. 8 RADIANT :: Planning for Tomorrow Begins Today The Network :: RADIANT 9
  6. 6. anaLyTICS Radiant’s Analytics module provides meaningful and actionable data :: that is aggregated and analyzed to facilitate learning progress. Data can be collected and reviewed across multiple sources – student Building the next Generation of Learning information system, curriculum management system, state or district assessment data, back office or enterprise systems – to get a clear picture of the school or district. Full data warehouse reporting and advanced querying capabilities allow complex analysis to be completed on the fly. Radiant uniquely enables educators to tap into – and effectively orchestrate – an abundant wealth of resources from across a school or district. Most importantly, Radiant PRoFeSSIonaL deVeLoPmenT emphasizes the power of innovation and analysis to help students and teachers every day, and deliver sustaining value. Radiant provides effective and industry-proven online professional development resources directly embedded into the teacher workflow. Embrace innovation. The time to act is now. These include teacher-specific resources, videos, expert lessons, teacher guides, sample instructions and more. It also enables the execution of collaborative teaching strategies and professional learning communities For more information on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Radiant that better prepare and enhance competencies and expertise. learning solution, please contact 888-242-6747. 10 RADIANT :: Planning for Tomorrow Begins Today The Network :: RADIANT 11
  7. 7. © 2010, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company. All rights reserved.