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TechShanghai2016 - 从全局角度实现IC、封装和PCB的协同优化


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A Holistic Approach to IC, Package and Board Co-Optimization

Published in: Engineering
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TechShanghai2016 - 从全局角度实现IC、封装和PCB的协同优化

  1. 1. John Park Methodology Architect January 2016
  2. 2. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Outline 2  Brief overview of IC-Package-PCB co-design  A modern approach to IC-Package-PCB cross-domain planning, optimization and implementation platform
  3. 3. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Historical “Over the Wall” Approaches to Electronic Product Design No Longer Work 3 SpreadsheetChip Package Board Spreadsheet  Increased downstream bottlenecks for package and board design — Primarily due to routing limitations/challenges of high pin count flip-chips and BGAs  Non-optimal package drives up cost and lowers performance — Future package re-spin to reduce cost and increase profit margin  More complex, multi-die 2.5D/3D solutions
  4. 4. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Cross-Domain Informal and Simple, File Exchange Based Flows Have Become Popular 4  Microsoft tools used as EDA tools — No layout/design intelligence — Limited reuse of data in production flow  EDA vendor dependencies — Doesn’t work with/across multiple EDA vendor solutions — Single database, disparate views — Limited support for cross-domain logical (Connectivity) validation
  5. 5. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Next Generation Path Finding & Multi-Device Co-Design/Optimization Platform  Multiple die, interposers, packages and PCBs  Adjacent-domain exploration (path finding)  Single view for visualization & optimization  Advanced connectivity management w/ pin mapping 5 Chip Package Board
  6. 6. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Single view of IC, Package and PCB Cross-domain Planning, Assembly & Optimization 6 Board outline Breakout routing Board-level device(s) IC floorplan Package Cross-domain connectivity
  7. 7. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Cross-Domain Integration Platform Single Tool for Planning, Assembly & Optimization 7
  8. 8. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Single Design Tool to Manage and Optimize Cross-Domain Systems… Aggregates Existing Design Flows 8 IC Design Package Design Board Design
  9. 9. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Cross-Domain Solution Must Leverage New Model Formats 9  Simple die abstract models can be used for static die(s). — Die extents, Pad locations and Signal names  True co-design requires a more robust model of the IC. — Hide technology data (device layers/FEoL) allowing support for multi-technology integration. — Provide enough detail about the IC to enable intelligent IC- to-IC and Interposer-to- Package planning. Historical Die Abstracts for Wire Bonding and Flip Chip Virtual Die Model
  10. 10. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Concurrent IC and Package optimization 10  Editable LEF/DEF based Virtual Die Model — IO and Block placement/move – IO site definition and snap — LEF level block editing (hard vs. soft) – Move/restore bumps – Macro substitution — Orientation/perspective handling — On-die connectivity (RDL & Interposer routing) management — Full ECO (accept/reject) support – Co-design to implementation
  11. 11. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Multi-View Connectivity Management  Design domain connectivity models — Native, table based and graphical schematic editing modes — Multi-source netlists (flexible cut & paste) — Drag & drop on-the-fly connectivity definition  Cross-domain signal shorting & splitting with automated mapping  System-level connectivity tracking and verification (golden netlist) 11
  12. 12. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Cross-design connectivity management 12  Project can contain multiple designs — Complete layout hierarchy — Optimization across multiple designs — Interface devices automate pin mapping across designs — Net tracking across designs
  13. 13. © Mentor Graphics Corp. WYSIWYG Ball-Map Planning & Part Building 13  Support for modern package configurations — Multi-source, dynamic part definition – Spreadsheet, AIF, corporate library and “on-the-fly” — Dynamic random arrays with variable pin pitches — Domain specific footprints
  14. 14. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Rule Based I/O Assignment & Optimization 14  Drag & drop method for ball-map planning  Smart-pins to drive assignment and optimization — User definable rules for signals, pins and I/O
  15. 15. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Cross-domain Interconnect Optimization 15  Visualize and optimize interconnect across system — IC(s), interposer(s), package(s) and PCB(s)…  Smart unraveling of interconnect paths — Layer reduction, improved signal quality
  16. 16. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Streamlined & Automated Library Development 16  Automatic generation of library data — Fully customizable, based on company standards — Flat and or hierarchical symbols — Semi-automatic symbol fracturing — Eliminates human error from part building
  17. 17. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Example: Manage and Optimize IC(s) to Interposer to Package connectivity 17
  18. 18. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Board Centric Design Examples; Optimization based on PCB level requirements 18
  19. 19. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Summary 19  To address todays design complexities, a holistic platform for planning, assembling and optimizing ICs, Packages and PCBs is required — Formalizes co-design process — Support for multiple die, packages and boards — Single, hierarchical view of ICs, Packages and PCBs — Virtual Die Model to support co-design dies — Multi-view connectivity management — Rule based pin (ball-map) optimization  Plug-and-play into existing implementation flows — EDA neutral flow
  20. 20. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Potential Benefits of holistic, cross-domain planning & optimization 20  Significant cost savings — Fewer layers on package and board — Eliminate cost based, package re-spins  Improved performance & quality of end-product(s) — Shorter interconnect with fewer vias — Reduced power & heat (better battery life)  Shorter time-to-market — Mechanical restrictions worked into the design up-front — Reduce downstream package & board design bottlenecks  Quick turn, accurate marketing feedback (path finding) — Fewer project failures — Find the “right” solution early — Reduces design redundancy
  21. 21. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Flexible, Multi-Mode Physical Design 21  Single layout tool that supports PCB, MCM, SiP, RF, hybrid & BGA designs.  Easy to extend through MS COM model.  Industry leading Routing technology.
  22. 22. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Flexible Physical Design Solution 22  Advanced Packaging — Single die and multi-die solution – Wire-bond, flip-chip die attach support – Automatic wire bonding – 3D spacing checks – Die stacking, cavities and embedded (actives and passives) – Supports ceramic and organic substrates — Parameterized RF structures with direct link to 3rd party RF simulators
  23. 23. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Cross-domain Electrical Modeling  Interposers, packages and PCBs have very different geometries that may require unique EM modeling engines. — Silicon level polygon style routing and geometries — Three dimensional (3D) geometries typical in packaging — Long transmission line structures on PCBs
  24. 24. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Package Modeling & Analysis 24 Accelerated 3D package modeling  Supports all package design styles  Generates SPICE, IBIS, RLCG matrices & HTML report  Directly integrated with layout  Full 3D geometry view
  25. 25. © Mentor Graphics Corp. Thermal Analysis  CFD based thermal modeling/analysis — Static and transient thermal models for dies, package assemblies & boards 25
  26. 26. © Mentor Graphics Corp.