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Direct Mail Capabilities of one of the nations largest direct mail suppliers!

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Trib Direct Capabilities

  1. 1. Capabilities Presentation
  2. 2. Who is Tribune Direct? Company Profile Irwindale, CA National, full-service direct marketing company with locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando, Allentown & Hartford 700+ customers 380 employees 540M direct mail pieces annually Full suite of direct marketing services including strategic development, database analytics, creative and production Northlake, IL 20 miles west of Chicago. Including shared Mail data support & production Subsidiary of Tribune Company , a multi-media corporation with businesses in publishing, interactive and broadcasting
  3. 3. Portfolio of Services Strategy Client Consultation Define Client Objectives Develop Customer Segments Identify List Sources Establish Measurement  Criteria Analytics Measurement Database Design &  USPS In‐Home Mgmt Development Personalized URLs Modeling & Profiling Response Capture Web Integration Back‐End Analysis Trade Area Analysis Creative Execution List Acquisition Format Development Data Preparation Layout Print Management Copywriting Lettershop Production Multiple Channel/Version  Logistics Mgmt Compositions Email Messaging
  4. 4. How are we different? Multi Channel Solutions Blend Mail, Email & pURLs Single Source One resource to streamline program execution National Production Network Improve time to market and reduce distribution expense Innovative Services Postal Tracking, Response Modeling, Personalized URLs and Internet-based Reporting Tools Our Employees Strategically focused and customer oriented Proprietary Internet-based Technology Drive operational excellence and efficiencies
  5. 5. Our Partners
  6. 6. Strategic Services
  7. 7. Direct Marketing Strategy A Foundation for Success Create clarity from chaos Develop actionable, relevant campaign strategies from complex customer data to produce profitable results Integrated Multi-channel Solutions Use the in-home of direct mail to drive timed, multiple channel messaging Email and pURL Test and control development Creative, offer, list Campaign segmentation strategies Planning Developing comprehensive schedules Drive Positive Results Innovation, Implementation, Execution, Evaluation
  8. 8. Analytics
  9. 9. Database Marketing Execulytics™, Demolytics™ & Modelytics™ for quick and complete analysis of your best customers Customer segmentation Direct response modeling Customer lifetime value models Trade area delineation Drive-time analysis Carrier route penetration Urbanization append 120 million household National Resident Database Licensee of Acxiom’s Infobase™ database of 185 million individuals for demographic list selection Certified list broker with access to thousands of behavioral, response and specialty lists
  10. 10. Database Marketing CRM and Acquisition Strategies Interweave acquisition prospecting strategies into CRM efforts Identify best prospects by analyzing current customers Demographic profiling Geographic profiling Polygon store location mapping Carrier route penetration Store location analysis Response rates, competitive index Customer defection and loyalty Strategically add prospective customers into CRM campaign or use as a stand alone mailing Vary offers and piece formats based on analysis to maximize response and ROI Develop acquisition contact strategy based upon identifying responders
  11. 11. Creative Services
  12. 12. Creative Development Strategic and tactical services Direct mail response and ROI focused Designs optimized for USPS and lettershop production efficiency Call-to-action oriented Copywriting Test & Control Implementation and Measurement Strategic development Creative review & analysis
  13. 13. Execution
  14. 14. Data Production Address correction and standardization/DPV Change of address - NCOA Merge/Purge and Suppression to remove duplicate records Segmentation and versioning USPS presorting to achieve the lowest postage rates Drop ship distribution analysis and strategy
  15. 15. Production Capabilities High speed laser personalization Cut Sheet & Continuous Digital Printing Gift Card Imaging & Affixing sample pack capabilities MICR check printing capabilities Intelligent Inserting with matching capabilities, Letter & Flat sizes Inkjet with multiple colors 14, up to 8” wide, 600dpi Bindery with Bowe, cutters, spot glue, folders, Interleave/Merge, Labelaire Wafer Seal/Stamps
  16. 16. Production Capabilities Variable Digital Color 4-color variable printing One-to-one personalization and communication to customers and prospects Personalize not only by name but by images that reflect who they are and what they like Communicate to customers based on purchase history, lifetime value, demographics, geography and any other variable Deliver timely and highly relevant messages and offers to customers and prospects by triggering to customer stages Include Personalized URLs to drive web response
  17. 17. Production Capabilities Variable Digital Color
  18. 18. Production Capabilities Gift Card / Coupon Card Marketing Full gift card or coupon card production capabilities with data capture and database creation Higher perceived value than coupons to improve response rates Trackable by using magnetic strips or barcode scanning Plastic or paper card options based on budget and ROI Many programs experience a lift in response by using gift cards Tribune Direct’s Code Tracker™ system analyzes responders * Based upon 2004 Results, Deloitte & Touche Study, 2005
  19. 19. National Production Network Chicago | Los Angeles | Allentown | Orlando | Ft. Lauderdale Sophisticated data analysis processes optimizes databases for regional production sourcing Simultaneously execute programs in multiple locations Reduce cycle times Centralized management provides clients with a single point of contact Localized market entry improves in-home effectiveness Our internal logistics department effectively plans and executes optimal distribution strategies Reduce transportation costs Improve Return on Investment
  20. 20. Postal Proficiency USPS Experts USPS office in our facilities Optional Procedures Mailer Postal One compliant Hold seats on USPS Governmental Committees Expertise in managing mail flow and USPS processes MERLIN equipment on-site Recognized as a National Account with the United States Postal Service
  21. 21. Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing
  22. 22. Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing A Unique Approach to Improving Results Time channels to the in-home of direct mail Amplify the effectiveness of direct mail Improve response rates up to 30% Low incremental costs Provide a multi-dimensional experience for responders Measure response rates by channel Analyze effectiveness by combination of channels
  23. 23. Email Marketing The number of U.S. Email users is projected to rise from 161.5 million in 2006, to 180.8 million in 2010* Use power of technology to help execute and track online communications that synergize with your direct mail. Coordinated Multi-Channel campaigns to lift response Online, Real-Time Response Tracking Delivery and failures Opens and click through statistics Forward to a friend applications Address hygiene and capture Opt-out capture * Statistical Fact Book, DMA, 2007
  24. 24. Personalized URLs 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online* Engage respondent with relevant content in direct mail, including a personalized URL Capture online response Generate highly qualified leads Automatically triggered follow-up email to respondent Variable email content determined by web activity Obtain real-time campaign performance measurement and lead distribution Campaigns that utilize relevant graphics and text commonly see a 2-5X lift in response rates** •The DMA, 2006 **PODI, The Digital Printing Initiative
  25. 25. Personalized URLs
  26. 26. Measurement
  27. 27. In-Home Management Scheduling is reverse engineered from in-home date Drop Strategy is developed based on: USPS Facility performance (TribTrack™) Logistics time to destination Cost savings Production scheduled according to drop strategy Mail Alert is issued to USPS prior to mail arriving at the destination Monitor trucking POD’s and USPS ASN scans to verify delivery to USPS facilities Monitor TribTrack™ Planet Code scans and react to any problematic areas Apply Mail Performance to the next program’s drop strategy
  28. 28. In-Home Management TribTrack™ – USPS Planetcode Reporting Tribune Direct’s proprietary on-line reporting interface Closely monitor USPS processing of mail campaigns in real time Proactively manage in-home performance of mail by identifying problematic areas and notifying USPS processing centers Overlay response data with in-home dates to identify the best day to delivery mail in-home Customize reporting to your unique needs Track to the individual mail piece Target multi-channel messages coordinated with the in-home of mail
  29. 29. Back-end Analysis Capture Responders Capture Gift/Coupon Card Responders Responders ValueCheck™ Barcoding MICR encoding Magnetic strips Develop Analyze Analyze Strategies Strategies pURLs Data Data Email opens & click-throughs Analyze the Data Build responder database Analyze by spend, demographics, geography, etc. Interpret Develop reporting Results Results Interpret the Results Determine what information the Responder Analysis represents Develop Forward Strategies Refine the direct marketing strategy
  30. 30. Why Tribune Direct? We are strategically focused with a production mindset Execute projects on-time and on-budget Arsenal of customized, patented solutions and processes Scaleable and stable organization through parent company, Tribune End-to-End service provider Technology-driven products Decentralized production capabilities Focus on making our clients’ lives easier Help our customers become better marketers everyday
  31. 31. Case Studies
  32. 32. Case Study Multi-Channel Marketing Background Family owned furniture store with 13 Chicago area locations. “Invitation Only” Friends & Family campaign Solution Oversized postcard mailed to 200,000 customers and prospects. Coordinated email broadcast to 45,000 customers and prospects. Email creative mirrored the direct mail piece Tribune Direct warehouses their email database Capture responders Track open and click-through to capture response and identify various levels of interest Analyze effectiveness of the coordinated direct mail and email strategy Results Client delighted with results; plans to execute multi-channel program 6x per year Email click through provided on-line shopping experience prior to visiting the store Instant results measurement on web response
  33. 33. Case Study Gift Card Marketing & Response Analysis Background 12,400 salons and 25 international brands Did not have customer database to manage campaign results Needed to capture direct mail responders and analyze ROI Solution Designed unique bar coded paper/plastic gift cards saving magnetic strip card fees Worked closely with their IT staff to upgrade salon point of sale systems to capture barcode data Developed a database of responders and customized campaign analysis reporting Results Achieving response rates up to 11% per campaign Significantly lowered costs by: Producing a paper card option vs. plastic cards Eliminating transaction fees through their gift card system by avoiding a magnetic strip scan
  34. 34. Case Study In-Home Management Background The 9th largest cable operator in the United States; 1.3 million customers in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio; offers cable TV, high speed internet, and phone service Needed to effectively measure direct marketing results on a daily basis – unique call volume, response rate, cost per call Needed a one day (Monday) USPS in-home requirement to maximize call volume and results across 25 markets every week Solution Customized PLANET™code reporting to monitor USPS in-home performance by market Schedule on-going USPS performance review meetings to hold tight mail delivery standards Overlay response data with in-home dates to identify trends Monitor USPS performance each weekend and proactively affects problematic areas. Results Tribune Direct consistently meets the customers in-home requirements to maximize response
  35. 35. Case Study Web Based Ordering Background 460 stores in 34 states - 400 franchised locations Corporate office wanted to control brand and message in the marketplace Supported franchise network by offering pre-packaged direct mail programs to drive traffic Solution Partnered with third party vendor to build and private label an Internet-based direct mail ordering tool Unique features incorporate a prospect database, template pricing, on-line proofing and job history reporting Orders are placed on site and downloaded to production on a daily basis Site can be easily customizable Results Ease of managing business from hundreds of franchisees by driving ordering to the Internet Reduced turn-around times by automating list ordering
  36. 36. Case Study National Production Network Background Retail grocery and pharmacy business with 2,500 stores with 18 brands Makes direct marketing decisions as late as possible based on store sales results Desired ease of doing business by working through a single point of contact Solution Utilize Tribune Direct’s production network for regional and national programs Campaigns up to 9mm pieces, 5 day turn-around Data production centralized in Chicago with Lettershop production executed in Chicago, Los Angeles, Allentown and Orlando Tribune Direct is developing a centralized vendor mailing on-line ordering and campaign management system to efficiently facilitate programs between vendors and customer Results Reduced cycle time of approximately 3 days by producing and distributing regionally Average distribution cost savings of 10% by producing mail closer to market Significantly Increasing vendor marketing revenues for grocery division by developing a customized on-line campaign management tool