2013 Conference Schedule W


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2013 Conference Schedule W

  1. 1. All Your Marketing Efforts in One Place! Network with your professional peers from across the nation when you join us at the conferences of your choice. Strengthen your position in the treatment field, meet new referral sources, forge valuable new relationships, and promote your pro- gram in our conference literature, which is distributed to over 100,000 addiction and mental health professionals. Over 35 Yearsof ProvidingConference Excellence Endorsements Each year I look forward to sponsoring/exhibiting at the USJT conferences because of the quality of presenters which draws a diverse mix of mental health professionals. I’ve been able to connect with others in the field who are looking to stay progressive in their approach to treating patients, which fits Cottonwood Tucson’s target referral source. The conferences are very organized and functional for the mental health mar- keting professional, and they provide networking opportunities you just don’t get at some of the other national conferences. —Musomi McDowell Coordinator of Professional Development Cottonwood Tucson US Journal Conferences capture the heart and spirit of our work like no other professional training I’ve ever attended. These conferences are an integral part of my professional life, year round, since l read many of the books written by presenters which provide a more in-depth learning experience. —Stephen Britchkow Psychologist
  2. 2. Co-Sponsors Participating Sponsors Fee of $15,000 includes Fee of $5,000 includes:•   rominently featured as a “Co-Sponsor” P •   rominent exposure in all conference adver- P on the cover and a full page, full color adver- tising, to include a 1/3 page full color ad in tisement in 100,000 conference brochures conference brochure mailed to over 100,000 mailed to targeted professional mailing lists targeted professionals (Value $3,000). (Value $9,000). •   1/3 page color ad in the final program A •   eatured with a full page color ad in the final F distributed to conference registrants (Value conference program (Value $1,500). $500).•   ecognition as Sponsor of Refreshment R •   pportunity to provide one workshop speaker O Break on final conference program. at the conference (treatment provider to pay his/her honorarium, travel and accommoda-•   prominent position in the program with a A tion expenses). speaker representing co-sponsor treatment provider (agency to pay his/her expenses, i.e. •   Full Time complimentary registrations 6 honorarium, hotel, airfare, etc.). (Value $2,400).•   0 Full Time complimentary registrations 1 •   rominent exhibit space (Value $1,750). P (Value $4,000). •   ne page promotional piece to be placed in O •   rominent “double table” exhibit booth at P each attendee’s conference kit. conference (Value $3,500). •   ogo on the particular conference website L •   ne page promotional piece placed in each O within USJT.com for the duration of confer- attendee’s conference kit. ence with a hyperlink to your site.•   ogo on the particular conference website L •   5% discount on display advertising in 1 within USJT.com for the duration of confer- Counselor Magazine. ence with a hyperlink to your site.•   isted as a Co-Sponsor in our email L campaigns. Over•   0% discount on display advertising 2 3,500 in Counselor Magazine. Addiction and Mental Health Professionals attended USJT Conferences in 2012 For More Information, Contact Charles Davis 1-800-851-9100 x229 charles.davis@hcibooks.com
  3. 3. Exhibitor Fee of $1,750 includes:•   ogo in the final conference program. L •   ne page promotional piece to be placed in O each attendee’s conference kit.•   ogo on the particular conference website L within USJT.com for the duration of confer- ence with a hyperlink to your site.•   eceive a 10% discount on paid display adver- R tising in Counselor Magazine.•   xhibit table. E•   Complimentary Full Time Conference 4 Registrations for staff or referral sources (Value of $1,600).•   or those exhibiting at more than one con- F ference in 2013, a discount of 10% applies COUNSELOR Magazine, is the most respected, indepen- ($1,575 each). dent publication serving our field for over 35 years. Each full time conference registrant receives a complimenta- ry 6 month subscription to Counselor Magazine. For more information, visit www.counselormagazine.com, or scan this code with your smartphone. Endorsements The U.S. Journal staff members are a wonderful group of peo- ple to work with. I commend them on their professionalism Customized and dedication. The consistency and kindness I have received as a sponsor/exhibitor has exceeded my expectations. Sponsorship —Eloise Gene-Black Betty Ford Center To sponsor a Continental Breakfast, Morning or Afternoon Break, Luncheon I really enjoy exhibiting at the US Journal Training conferences or Reception or other customized events, because the staff is very organized, they are a pleasure to work please call Lorrie Keip Cositore at with, and are well attended. 1-800-851-9100 x220 or email —Gary Bohl Marketing Director, U.S. Drug Testing lorriek@hcibooks.com.
  4. 4. Scan this code withyour smartphone or visit www.usjt.com.