A Hotware Wifi Wimax Mesh 2009 Ver 01.04.09


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WiFi and Wimax ISP Total solutions along with Management and Billing systems for Remote utility metering , Hotware thailand

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A Hotware Wifi Wimax Mesh 2009 Ver 01.04.09

  1. 1. X-LIN WiFi-WiMax /Mesh Total Solution 700MHz,900MHz, 2.3GHz,2.4GHz,2.5GHz,3.2-3.6GHz,4.9-5.9Ghz ,8GHz Unit 710,7F,Baoli Building, Nanhai Road, Nanshan District , Shenzhen, P.R. CHINA 518054 /ph 86-755-26428516 An Hotware Wireless X-LIN
  2. 2. Internet Network Topology IS P 108Mb/s 5.8GHz Spans 5.8 GHz 108Mb/s Backbone to n • 5.8GHz Resilient backbone comprised of t io ec “Tower to Tower Mesh” Architecture nn Co • Higher layer IP transit provides protection mechanisms • each horizontal and vertical path is 5.8 GHz 20km path with 108 Mb/s throughput an 8dB or fade margin using 200mW transponders, NEW 30-40km and up to 70km with new 1000mW units • each diagonal path is 5.8GHz 28km with 108 Mb/s throughput and 5dB of fade margin using 200mW transponders • ISP connectivity can be implemented at any or all towers for ultimate network resiliency • 5.8GHz can grow beyond initial 10 tower offering. Other Frenquency available 2.3GHz,2.4GHz,2.5GHz 3.4GHz ,4.9GHz,5.8GHz,8.5GHz WiMax also available along with 900MHz equipment Enterprise Client Connection to ISP Internet An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 2 Quotation 20070920_001 Sept 20, 2007
  3. 3. Network Topology 2.4 GHz 54Mb/s Broadcast Layer • 2.4GHz broadcast layer -2.3,2.5,3.2,3.3,3.5 GHz available, WiMax available along with 700MHz & 900MHz • connects individual customers to backbone • 100% coverage using 3 three 120° 15.5dBi antenna on each tower • overlapping footprints allow for redundancy • 1 Watt transponders (5W available) • Up to 54Mb/s or 108Mb/s transfers between client and network • non-Hotware retail Wi-Fi products can be An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture near towers (the receive sensitivity of used 3 the retail device is the range limiting factor)
  4. 4. Network Topology 2.4 GHz 54Mb/s or 108Mb/s Access Layer • 2.4GHz access layer • connects individual customers to broadcast layer • each client can connect to more than one tower • overlapping footprints allow for redundancy • Up to 54Mb/s or 108Mb/s transfers between client and network • non-Hotware retail Wi-Fi products can be used near towers (the receive sensitivity of the retail device is the range limiting factor) • Internet over Power Lines also used for apartment building/ office tower coverage, 500Meter range on units wiring building electrical wires, Has private IP between Master and salve units with Vlan tag. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 4
  5. 5. Client Access Point Transponders • The units are the client side access points/transponders and antenna. • These units also are AP/client/repeater and Bridge if selected. • The repeater option is to connect other clients in a shielded area from Master AP. • They connect to a customer’s computer or router in minutes using CATV cable and a DC power adapter. Access Antenna • They are weather proofed with O rings. • They include mounting hardware. • There are 4 variants (normal, medium and long range). 7km,17km and up to 30 - 40 km Depends on area ! • Yagi booster antennas and cables are included to further improve signal strength and reduce interference. This improves quality of service and reduces customer complaints. Yagi Booster Antenna An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 5
  6. 6. 700MHz-900MHz or 5.8 GHz 108MB/s Backbone Transponders and Antenna ,other 's available • The units are the client side access points/transponders and antenna. • They connect to a customer’s computer or router in minutes using CATV cable and a DC power adapter. 5.8GHz 108Mb/s Transponder now available • They are weather proofed with O rings. up to 1000mW • They include mounting hardware. 30dBi 5.8GHz Antenna and • Now up to 70Km is possible, 30-40km our new Winter self is best for maximum bandwidth. regulating heated units now available !120/240 volt supply needed. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture700 6
  7. 7. Products • low cost, high reliability, turn key Wi-Fi transmission system hardware (towers, antenna, servers, repeaters, boosters, customer premises equipment, access points, etc.) • Wi-Fi transmission system software (management, security, control, grooming, accounts, streaming, mesh, billing, etc.) • Wi-Fi services (VOIP phones, broadcast video, video on demand, internet connectivity and HOTNSH-561 WiFi Managed Switchs) •EW NEW HOTISH 803W industrial -40C to 70C. • IPTV servers now available. • Ethernet over copper power line (for interconnecting complete apartment or industrial buildings from a single roof-top antenna) • Misc. hardware: Wi-Fi security cameras and IP phone hardware • installation, training and support An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 7
  8. 8. Sample Network Doubling Customers Serviced 6 X Zigwire New 120° Transponders ge ge Ran an g Lon tR Cat V cable or carrying power to Sh transponders Connection to ISP Internet Hotware Titana Hotware Household PC Household PC 100’ Tower Solution Household PC with Hotware with retail Wi-Fi IP PC with Hotware 12dBi Antenna 12dBi Antenna Server An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 9
  9. 9. Sample Network Expansion Long Range 70 km Max. Town A Town B (initial build) (expansion) • using high gain parabolic antennas, a remote area can be reached via a point-to-point repeated array • each repeater site can connect to transponders to service the area • the repeater sites can be up to 70km (depending on the terrain) An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 10
  10. 10. Hotware WIFI Power The 5 watt 2.4GHz is great for areas that are NLOS or areas that have noise issues caused by other types of radio transmissions . The 1 watt dual mode unit has a long distance range for 5.8GHz of 50-70km , but has high bandwidth capacity even at 40km , When used on 2.4GHz option the 4 SSID are great for private network separation or special offerings.NEW 800mw APE-2408G An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 11
  11. 11. Long Range 50 km Max. Long Range 50 km Max. Town A Mountain Top Town B (initial build) Repeater Site (expansion) An Hotware Wireless X-LIN 12
  12. 12. New Mesh Product • Wi-Fi mesh network configuration can be set up in denser areas to allow roaming from one node to another. This will allow low power VOIP phone services to be used by all clients within the mesh network. For example, a city or town center could be meshed and local users could use inexpensive VOIP phones rather than traditional mobile/cell phone services. • Mesh configurations utilize many low powered antenna in dense arrays Typical mesh antenna on a commercial building. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 14
  13. 13. Nokia E65 Dual Mode WiFi A Quad-Band GSM network and UTMS (3G) capability makes it completely workable in all around the world. Access the Internet at your convenience with its integrated Wi-Fi , a dedicated scanner. Plus, you can also take benefits of VoIP services through the Wi-Fi feature of Nokia E65 . • Take all your buddies mobile with fring™, call and chat with them for free and see who’s online before dialling! fring™ is a mobile internet service & community that enables you to access & interact with your social networks on-the-go, make free calls and live chat with all your fring, Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!™ and AIM®* friends using your handset’s internet connection rather than costly cellular airtime minutes. Bringing PC-benefits to the mobile, fring will empower you with mobility and availability as never before, integrating all contacts in to one, searchable buddy list, allowing you to see who’s online before dialing with contact availability indicators, engage in multiple conversations simultaneously, send & receive files and more. You can even make affordable local and international calls to landline and regular cellular numbers using your SkypeOut/SkypeIn account or almost any internet voice service (SIP) such as SIPNET, EuteliaVoIP, VoIPVoIP and VoIPTalk, even from non-SIP enabled handsets. • What’s more, Fring WiFi will automatically log you in to WiFi that you’ve previously logged into, so you can save time and hassle without having to configure your WiFi access points each time you enter a WiFi hotspot whether it be your home, office, or favourite coffee shop, and save even more on calls & chats to your friends, as calls among fringsters and your online communities are 100% free when using your existing WiFi account http://www.fring.com/fring_is/what_is_fring/ An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 15 Quotation 20070920_001 Sept 20, 2007
  14. 14. New Mesh Product Mesh Network Management Software • highly scalable and self configurable •Layer 2 • offering end users secure and seamless roaming • easy deployment in areas that do not (or cannot) support a wired backhaul • well-suited for providing broadband wireless access in areas that traditional wireless LAN systems are unable to cover An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 16
  15. 15. Typical Topology An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 17
  16. 16. A simple example An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 18
  17. 17. With mesh installed, the public areas such as the playground, airport, hotel, etc, are getting connected. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 19
  18. 18. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 20
  19. 19. Satellite Backbone Connection Ethernet Connection to ISP Internet Link Hotware Satellite Ocean Satellite Solution Link with Link with IP remote ISP remote ISP PC Server • Connectivity to a remote Internet Service Provider (ISP) through a satellite link such as a VSAT service can be used if the Wi-Fi region does not have a local ISP. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 21
  20. 20. Submarine Cable Backbone Connection Connection to ISP Ethernet Internet Link Hotware Submarine Ocean Submarine Solution Cable Cable IP Link with Link with PC Server remote ISP remote ISP • Connectivity to a remote Internet Service Provider (ISP) through a submarine cable link service can be used if the Wi-Fi region does not have a local ISP. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 22
  21. 21. Deployment • The Hotware product is easy to ship and easy to deploy: – 100’ towers are shipped in single 10’ X 3’ X 3’ crates and are erected in less than a week – antennas are low wattage and are powered over CAT V cable – home/user/business antenna units are compact devices similar in shape and size to a 1 liter ice cream container – a variety of narrow beam, medium beam and wide beam antennas are part of the full suite of products to make most efficient use of the terrain and locations of customers • Custom Spectral Usage – typical 2.4GHz and 5GHz public domain frequencies are used however, Hotware can provide customized hardware to operate at other frequencies as per the regions regulatory allowances – by utilizing non-public frequencies, the possibility of interference is reduced • Plug and Play – customer antenna are connected and configured to their computers as easily as any modern retail wireless router • Software – Hotware’s software and management system is robust, easy to set up and easy to manage. It manages, customers, security, billing, transactions and traffic. It runs on a UNIX platform – the software also allows for new users (typically visitors to the region) to sign-up to the network and access it via their wireless computers – secure credit transactions are handled seamlessly • W-MAX is also available from Hotware, Valid frequency license is required to operate. • Support and Training – Hotware has staff, trainers and training materials ready to deploy and train new users/operators worldwide An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 23
  22. 22. • High Speed Internet Management Software • Hotware Solution engage IP is an award-winning Internet provisioning (IP), authentication, and • billing software. Engage IP™ allows people with laptops to easily and securely • connect to the Internet from a business, condo, hotel room, a convention center or any type of Wi-Fi hotspot. And secure credit transactions are handled seamlessly. • Broadband Network Traffic and Service Management with • Packet Filtering • Precision Traffic Shaping enables bandwidth resource sharing with virtually no latency. • Detailed Traffic Monitoring and Statistics allow optimization and prioritization of network resources. • Security Monitoring detects possible worms, viruses, and DoS/DDoS attacks. • Policy Enforcement through scalable and flexible rules algorithm allows customization of services and settings by business customer, department, user type or even by individual. • Python-based API enables integration with third-party applications and services such as authentication, billing and more. • Highly Scalable up to thousands of rules without de- grading performance or introducing latency. • Key Benefits • Improved Visibility into and control over network band- width resources. • Enhanced Protection against network-damaging intru- sive infestations. • Prioritize Network Traffic for business-critical or latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP. • Allocate Bandwidth by service-level agreement, user type, application or other criteria through traffic shaping. • Locate and Manage network-abusive users, applications or both very quickly and easily. • Surveillance module • Key Benefits • Flow-based intelligent traffic management • Monitor all IP traffic in real time • Find discrepancies in traffic patterns • Manage support based on accurate information • Provides a total traffic overview down to details on • a specific connection • Traffic Shaping • Key Benefits • Deliver agreed-upon application/connection per- formance • Smooth out traffic peaks that can consume all avail- able bandwidth • Prioritize active, business- and mission-critical traffic • Maximize the use of available bandwidth resources • Apply fair usage rules among users An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 24
  23. 23. Typical High Level Deployment Expectations • Agreement - The agreement is comprised of the following documents: • i) Purchase Agreement ii) Support Agreement iii) Project Scope Document iv) Needs Analysis • Kick off Conference Call - Provides customer with a comprehensive project orientation. Introduces the implementation team, describes the relevant Hotware solution, implementation processes and outlines the project scope, implementation goals and timelines. The implementation team typically consists of: Project Manager, Application Specialist / Trainer/ Developer(s) • Schedule Installation of Billing Platform - Install must be booked a minimum of 5 business days in advance. This is dependent on the customer having appropriate resources in place. • Business Process Review -Hotware's Application Specialist gains a detailed knowledge of the internal business operating procedures of a customer's system. Encompasses all major functional areas, helps shape the subsequent recommendations for training and configuration. Completed Needs Analysis and Business Process Review documents. • Install -Hotware engineers will perform remote installation of EngageIP Billing. • Application Orientation Training - Remote training via WebEX. Orientation covers all major software modules and will be used to facilitate configuration and application use. In some cases, remote training will be used as a follow up refresher. • Intermediate Training - A comprehensive three to five day training period covering all aspects of the system in the context of the customer’s explored business model. • Setup and Go-Live - Vary’s on scope of the project, can range from days to weeks. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 25
  24. 24. Automate • Optimize • Simplify the management and delivery of IP network services engage IP An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture
  25. 25. Single convergent prepaid and postpaid platform An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 27 Quotation 20070920_001 Sept 20, 2007
  26. 26. Cost Comparison Wi-Fi, ADSL, Cable, Fiber • Internet Back Bone – Broadband Wi-Fi networks and wired networks both require a connection to the internet via an ISP so costs are the same. • Client/Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) – Broadband Wi-Fi and wired networks both require CPE to translate the modulated RF, optical or electrical signals to an Ethernet compliant signal. This requires a transceiver, modem and data conversion unit. The addition of a router is also usually included. Modern technology has reduced these devices into small low cost single self-contained boxes for Wi-Fi, Cable, DSL and optical connections. The cost of these mass produced devices is typically less than $170USD per client for Wi-Fi, DSL, Cable, and optical. There is no price advantage or disadvantage for either medium. • Provider’s Transmission Equipment – Wi-Fi, DSL, cable and optical service providers all require servers and software to manage their clients and services so all have the same costs. – DSL and cable networks use existing copper networks so no network transmission equipment is required for clients with preexisting phone and TV services. Optical and Wi-Fi networks must build new infrastructure to service these clients. – All Wi-Fi, DSL, cable, and optical networks must install new transmission systems to new areas. New builds are the most costly capital and manpower endeavors by all. Wi-Fi excels in this key area hands down and is the lowest cost, fastest deployable system. The fact that Wi-Fi uses “free air” as it’s medium is the primary reason. DSL, cable and optical providers, on the other hand, have to use expensive copper and optical cable. Ever meter must be pulled through the ground and on polls. It also has to be groomed into the landscape and client facilities. The Wi-Fi provider does have to deploy broadcasting towers, however, these technologically mature, mass produced, low cost towers, antenna, transponders and electronics make network deployment a cinch. RF transmission systems have been improved, refined and optimized over the past 100 years since Marconi and Tesla first discovered them. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 29
  27. 27. Wind & Solar Hybrid Power System An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 30
  28. 28. Off Grid Power An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 31
  29. 29. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Small Management System WiFi City 32
  30. 30. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 33
  31. 31. IPTV-4-16/20 Channel • The Hotware® IPTV-4 is a part of the Hotware series of integrated, turnkey 3U rack-mount systems for real-time encoding of video and audio content. • This 4-channel analog system provides 4 video and audio inputs and has the capability to stream multiple full resolution and CIF resolution streams. This powerful solution features 2 Dual-Core processors and X-LIN video capture cards. • The Hotware IPTV-4 high channel-density system is ideal for: • Streaming of multiple traffic cameras for state and local governments • Observation of surveillance cameras for security, military and law enforcement • Mobile streaming service providers • The Hotware IPTV-4 was designed specifically to enable organizations such as municipal transit authorities to deliver live traffic video to public service agencies and local residents over the Internet in Windows Media and Real Video formats using industry- standard IP technology IPTV. With the widely available Windows Media and Real players, live traffic video can be made available to the public on Laptops ,PDA’s and Set top boxes. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 34
  32. 32. Internet over Power Line • Typical layout of using the Powerline Ethernet in the hotel guest rooms to deliver Internet services. Up to 500 Meters and 200Mb/s. • Each room/device would be set to a unique VLAN. • The "master outlet" would be the central connection to the physical Ethernet network. [Note:- consumer internet over power line units are Bridge connection only while the Commercial/Business modules are like having a dedicated wired line.] • An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 35
  33. 33. Zigwire Internet Powerline Calibrated and certified to meet Thailand Frequency Restrictions [certified report available] 150Mbps units for Thailand only , 200Mbps for all other country's - 500 meter coverage area An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 37
  34. 34. Applications An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 38
  35. 35. FTTH Triple-play RG NHL-2041F Fiber Data & Video Live line TV out 10/100 Ethernet Phone WiFi AP Fiber in 44
  36. 36. Wi-Fi Security Cameras • Hotwareoffers high resolution, high magnification, low light capable Wi-Fi cameras with motion detection and facial recognition for security and monitoring applications. Proven weather-proof enclosures are also offered. Server based monitoring and logging software with web access is also available. An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 9
  37. 37. 16 Channel DVR Software An Hotware Wireless X-LIN Joint Venture 0