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Chapter 6 the police


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Chapter 6 the police

  1. 1. Chapter 6 the police: organization,role,and functionChapter outlineThe police organizationThe police roleThe patrol functionAnalyzing criminal justice issues: SWAT teams and paramilitary unitsPatrol activitesEvidence-based justice: the police presence and deterrenceImproving patrolCriminal justice and technology: in-car camerasThe investigation functionAnalyzing criminal justice issues : street storiesThe world of polfce detectivesHow do detectives detect?Sting operationsUndercover workEvaluating investigationsImproving evaluationsUsing technologyCommunity policingCareers in criminal justice: private detectives and investigatorsImplementing community policingThe challenges of community policingOvercoming obstaclesProblem-oriented policing ( pop )
  2. 2. Criminal acts, criminal criminal placesIntelligence-led policingAnalyzing criminal justice issues: the displacement problemIntelligence and the intelligence processFusion centersPolice support functionsImproving police productivity