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IPX - Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask

A high level of confusion and disagreement exists regarding the definition, the evolution and the potential of the IPX services.

Through the course of this report, the second in HOT TELECOM’s IPX report series, we aim to demystify what flavours of IPX are offered at the moment, where the service is going, what the customers think and what are its potentials.

The objectives of this report therefore are to:

- Define IPX and its different flavours
- Identify the market drivers, trends and possible IPX service evolution, how they will impact on demand for the service and what business model strategies should be considered.
- Determine IPX customers and providers’ opinion on what services are offered and needed, how they are used, what impacts IPX migrations and who the main IPX customers and providers are thought to be.
- Outline and profile the top IPX players, their offering, their strategies and their strengths and weaknesses.
- Evaluate the current and forecasted IPX voice and data traffic.

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IPX - Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask

  1. 1. IPXEverything you ever wanted to know…but were afraid to ask!
  2. 2. IPX Trends & drivers Interviews & Survey Competitive analysis Traffic forecastReport info>>
  3. 3. IPX ReportKey Findings
  4. 4. We are at the IPX tipping pointand IPX is entering a growthphase.
  5. 5. LTE and HD Voice are seen bymost as the catalysts for growthso most IPX providers areplanning tosupportLTE startingin 2013.
  6. 6. Customers expect thatthey will continue touse IPX to transporttheir voicetraffic in3-4 years.
  7. 7. OTT and content providers areexpected to grow in popularity,as IPX target customers, over thenext 3-4 years to surpass fixedservice providers.
  8. 8. Service providers are expectingto migrate theirsmaller routesto IPX hubs,while continuingto control theirmajor routes directly.
  9. 9. Discrepancy exists betweencustomers and providers’opinion inregards to IPX.
  10. 10. IPX is seen as a trigger to theconsolidation of the Internationalwholesale market.
  11. 11. Per minute billing for voice could evolve to a capacity based billing model down the line.
  12. 12. IPXSurvey Results
  13. 13. We surveyed +100IPX providers and customersfrom all continents and segments(mobile, fixed, ISPs, OTTs, cablecos, ASPs)
  14. 14. 52.4%of the surveyed IPX customerssaid they expected to use IPXmainly for VoIPX and HD voicein 3-4 years. 43.3% of the surveyed IPX providers said they expected customers to use IPX mainly for video, content and RCS services in 3-4 years.
  15. 15. 33.1%of the surveyed IPXcustomers said themost useful IPXfeatures are theefficient connectivityand theall-IP network
  16. 16. 19.7%of the surveyed IPXproviders said themost useful IPXfeatures was thequality of serviceguaranty.
  17. 17. 1/4Of the surveyed IPX customers said the main inhibitor to migrating to IPX was that they were looking to continue connecting directly with their major partners
  18. 18. 38.4%of the surveyed IPXproviders said themain inhibitor tooffer IPX serviceswas the poorunderstanding ofwhat IPX entailedand its benefits.
  19. 19. The majorityof the surveyed IPXcustomers and providersagreed that the main driverfor the migration to IPXwas its ability tosupport LTE services.
  20. 20. IPXTraffic Forecast
  21. 21. IPX data traffic is forecasted to enjoy a 2012-1015 CAGR of 97%
  22. 22. IPX voice traffic is forecasted to enjoy a 2012-1015 CAGR of 39%
  23. 23. 40.6%of IPX voice traffic is generated in Asia 49.3% of IPX data traffic is generated in Europe
  24. 24. of the total IPX voice traffic60% is generated by mobile operators
  25. 25. of the total IPX voice traffic18% is expected to generated by OTT players & cablecos in 2015
  26. 26. IPX Trends & drivers Interviews & Survey Competitive analysis Traffic forecastMore info>>
  27. 27. HOT TELECOM: 3285 Avenue Ernest Hemingway St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 3L1 Canada Tel: +1 514 270 1636 E-mail: info@hottelecoms.comFacebook:!/hottelecom