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Avoid the Cyber Monday Trap - Tips for Safe Online Shopping


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Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day. In 2013, Cyber Monday spending is expected to break $2.27 billion.

But consumer should exercise caution when shopping online this holiday season. Hackers and cyber criminals will be aggressively unleashing scams, malwares, and viruses.

This slide provides you with useful tips to shop online safely and securely during Cyber Monday and the upcoming holiday season.

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Avoid the Cyber Monday Trap - Tips for Safe Online Shopping

  1. 1. Online Retail Forecast for the U.S. Cyber Monday spending is expected to reach more than $2 Billion in 2013.
  2. 2. Beware of the Cyber Monday Tunnel Vision
  3. 3. How Cyber Criminals Attack Over 70% of retailers find these attacks difficult to detect!
  4. 4. Ways You Can Protect Yourself When Shopping Online
  5. 5. Safe Online Shopping – Tip #1
  6. 6. Safe Online Shopping – Tip #2
  7. 7. Safe Online Shopping – Tip #3
  8. 8. Safe Online Shopping – Tip #4
  9. 9. Safe Online Shopping – Tip #5
  10. 10. Additional Safe Online Shopping Tips
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