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Hotroad partners

  1. 1. road electrification; hothotroad’s ambitions road www.hotroad.euhot ®road
  2. 2. European market leader in moving hotelectric vehicle charging solutions road www.hotroad.eu2011 hotroad originates from battery-range discussions2012 October: global University challenge TU Delft2013 Utrecht taxi-stand project2013 hotroad 1 km test lane (automotive Campus Helmond); 50 km/hr and 100 km/hr on the move charging2015 Utrecht hotroad expansion; taxi’s, buslanes, main crossings2018 greencity project Rotterdam…2022 100 km A2 hotroad highway2025 max 60 km to your nearest hotroad……. inspire us:
  3. 3. hotroad hot road electrified mobility is coming FASTwhy and requires a solution to charge vehicles on the movewhathow
  4. 4. hotroad addresses the “traditional” hothurdles for EV introduction road• Ease of use; no stops, no plug and cable connection, inductive charging at home, transfer from battery drive to hotroad grid and back, consumption billed at the end of the month• Driving range; hotroad is the only transport solution that delivers UNLIMMITED range• Time to charge; no charge time – direct consumption where needed, on-the-move charging further supported by stationary hotroad boxes at e.g. shopping malls and office blocks• Expensive; hotroad system allows for a 60 km battery range saving 10k€ vehicle cost, retrofitting a hotroad module at 2k€• green electricity will come, Germany will lead towards the required innovations• hotroad is a parallel technology; remaining compatible with conductive fast charging stations, battery swaps etc.
  5. 5. hotroad vs the next best thing; hot“quick” battery change stations road• Real Unlimited range; battery change concept requires stop&go every 60-140 km, hotroad allows seamless non-stop driving• Battery Change concept requires over-capacity of available batteries per station to prevent “sold-out” situation• Battery’s are heavy, and an environmental headache, per year over 40 billion disposable batteries are manufactured….• total Quick battery change = >5 minutes, hotroad offers a non-stop solution Example:
  6. 6. hotroad hotwhy road modular inductive charging boxeswhat installed in highways, innercity crossings, parkings and home garageshow
  7. 7. hotroad consists of an inductive hotcar and hotroad box road car module retrofit into off- the shelf electric vehicles, connects to hotroad grid, converts power and feeds battery/motor hotroad box electrifies highways, crossroads, parking places to charge car on the move
  8. 8. hotroad hot off-the shelf electric vehicles road www.hotroad.euLimited capital investment hotroad will adopt it’s solutions to existing, and future off-the shelf electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids Nissan Leaf, Opel Ampera, Toyota Prius,… • Integration in existing EV underbody systems possible • capable efficient electrical motors are available
  9. 9. hotroad limited capital investment hotthere where it makes sense road www.hotroad.eunot all roads have what it takes to become hotroads, dense highways, heavy crossroads, parking garages do…allows transition period, both hotroad ready and traditional Internal Combustion Engine vehicles can drive the hotroads. While installing right hand lanes, left hands can be used over night
  10. 10. hotroad hotproven charging technologies road www.hotroad.euhotroad’s first generation road electrification modules use proven charging technology the modular build allows upgrading as global R&T efforts will continue to push efficiencies up
  11. 11. hotroad hotwhywhat road through an adaptive concept, ahow strong brand and agile culture
  12. 12. hotroad is adaptive hot road green-it-works.nlonce installed hotroad will service, monitor and upgrade the hotroad road modules as technology advances hotroad modules are connected to the main power grid, local micro smart grids, or have buildin photovoltaic surfaceshotroad offers optional local battery storage capacity
  13. 13. strong European brand to achieve economy of scale and a seamless hot road international grid big blue on the move EV >450 m€ annual, Focus on inductive charging, road based consortium (40% stationairy Great commercial inductive solutions,VW) focus on car and charging, pilots in firepower, Infrastructure drivetrain e.g. UK “batteries-are-us” design, build and (chargemaster) exploitation
  14. 14. hot road Linkeding group: hotroad @hotroad_europeinterest to invest in hotroad, contact: