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What i like

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What i like

  1. 1. Learning styleColorsMe BagMultiple intelligence
  2. 2. Visual LearnerVisual learners are:Good at remember things that they have readIs good at sports and are athleticremember information better and can betterrecall it when it is represented and learnedboth visually and verballys good at spelling but forgets names.Needs quiet study time.Has to think awhile before understanding lecture.Is good at spelling.Likes colors & fashion.Dreams in color.Understands/likes charts.Is good with sign language.
  3. 3. Multiple IntelligenceBodily KinestheticGood at dancingThe Arts ( Drama, Crafts, Etc.)Talking/DebatingEnglish (Poetry, Writing, Reading, Storytelling)Does well at school
  4. 4. Colors, Orange Enjoys adventure Needs freedomLive for today Loves excitementRisk taker Good at performingThrill seeker Loves to laughAction over words Speed