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HotelTravelia Tours & Travels


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HOTEL TRAVELIA is a travel company which gives you a unique platform which enables you with travel related information, guide you to some of the world's exotic destinations, lesser known or visited places and provides you with best of the deals or tariffs possible. Equipped with the world-class online reservation system, it is a the perfect solution for your business trips, vacations and chill outs plans.

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HotelTravelia Tours & Travels

  1. 1. HotelTravelia Tours & Travels  HOTELTRAVELIA TOURS & TRAVELS is a travel company that gives you best travel services. This enables the traveler to plan their trip and have a pleasant stay. Enabled with world-class online reservation system, it is a perfect solution for your business trips, vacations and chill outs plans.  Our Mission To become number one travel company in the world, highly recognized for its trustworthiness, services and friendliness.  Our Vision To provide best of travel deals with best price and serving all segments of travelers ranging from luxury to budget.
  2. 2. Our Services
  3. 3. Destination Tours We have wonder tour itineraries for both in and outside India. Just to name a few :  Romantic Andaman : Trip to island in Bay of Bengal  Rajasthan : Trip to History and Heritage of India  Kerala : Amazing tour to God’s own country.  Religious Uttaranchal : A trip to Haridwar and Mussorie  Queen of Hills : Visit to Darjeeling and Gangtok Visit our Planned tours for more itineraries.
  4. 4. Buddhist Pilgrimage We have wonderful tour itineraries for Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Circuits in India and Nepal. Just to name a few :  Bodhgaya (Bihar) : The site of the enlightenment of Gautama Buddha  Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh): The site of the first sermon  Nalanda (Bihar): Site of an ancient Buddhist university, destroyed by Bakhtiyar Khalji during an attack attacks.  Sanchi (Madhya Pradesh): Site of a large stupa built by Asoka, it also stored the relics of Sariputra and Mahamoggallana, the two chief disciples of the Buddha  Rumtek Monastry (Sikkim) : Site of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery.
  5. 5. Historical Tours We have wonderful tour itineraries For Tourist interested in History in India. Just to name a few :  Taj Mahal : Memento of love with perfection of art build by emperor Shah Jahan.  Khajuraho: Temple of love with glimpse of the golden era of Indian art and architecture.  Ajanta & Ellora Caves: Cave temples richly ornamented with sculpture and carved with paintings of exceptional skill.  Delhi: Qutab Minar & Red Fort in Delhi is an excellent example of Indo – Islamic Architecture  Konark : Site of Sun Temple built by King Narasimhadeva in 13th century  Jaipur : Site of the Hawa Mahal and many palaces.  Kolkata : Former Capital of India and site of my architectural building of British Era along with Tomb Of Mother Teresa.
  6. 6. City Tours We are specialized in Kolkata City Tour :  Kolkata Tour : Tour to landmarks of The City of Joy  Kolkata Historical Tour : Trip to grand history and memories of British era.  Kolkata Religious Tour: A show of all religion faith and rich culture of Kolkata. Visit our city tour section for more itineraries.
  7. 7. Destination Guide We have details listing of the major cities in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Nepal. This has the details of :  Location  How to reach  Places to see
  8. 8. Conference Management Conferences are the integral part of business. This is the time when the most important decisions are taken. We understand the importance of the same. Hence we offer professional service for such important occasions
  9. 9. Why HotelTravelia  We take special care of all guests  Every guest is important to us  Quick to action and respond  One point of contact for all travel requirements  For big groups we provide tour guide services  We have wonderful packages for the all sort of tours
  10. 10. Contact Us For all inquiries and package details :  Write to us at  Call us : +91 9836823791  Visit
  11. 11. Refer Us  Refer us to your friends and relatives  Allow us to take care of their travel  Allow them to enjoy our hospitality