Pamper Yourself at the Disney Spas


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Even if you are staying in non-Disney Orlando hotels or even in the more distant Kissimmee hotels, you can still enjoy the spa services of Disney World. Just call the spa centers to book a reservation or inquire for their services.

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Pamper Yourself at the Disney Spas

  1. 1. Pamper Yourself at Disney Spas
  2. 2. D Pamper Yourself at the Disney Spas isney World is the ultimatedestination for any child. Infact, most kids dream ofseeing Mickey Mouse and the gang live at leastonce in their lives so if you are going to bringyour children to Disney World, you can expectto hear loud cheers of delight. While you’reexcited to see the look on their faces when theyenter the magical world of Disney, you are alsoanxious about the fact that you are going towalk around the whole day, squeezing with the
  3. 3. crowds and soaking under the heat of the sun.But do you know that you too can have arelaxing day at the house of mouse? How isthat possible? Simple, with the Disney spasspread all over the area. After a tiring day atthe theme park, while the kids are restinginside the Disney Orlando hotels, you can goto one of the spas and enjoy the kind ofpampering that you truly deserve.
  4. 4. Grand Floridian Spa & Health Club One of the bestchoices for ultrarelaxation would bethe Grand FloridianSpa and Health Club.This world-class spaprovides body andmassage treatmentsthat are not only foradults but also forchildren. This means that if your kids don’twant to be left behind in the hotel room in theDisney Resorts, Orlando hotels, Kissimmeehotels, or wherever you are staying, you can
  5. 5. Grand Floridian Spa & Health Clubbring them with you to this spa. Unlike otherregular spas, this one lets the kids get in on theexperience. There is also a boutique that sellsbeauty products where you can do yourshopping. The spa also gives quick access tohealth club equipment.
  6. 6. The Spa at Disneys Saratoga Springs Another great option would be The Spa atDisneys Saratoga Springs. Here, you can enjoyluxurious spa and massage treatments, as wellas buy beauty products from its exclusiveboutique. One of the things that many peoplelove about this place is that it is adorned withold New York atmosphere.
  7. 7. Mandara Spa Located near the WaltDisney World DolphinResort Hotel, theMandara Spa is anotherwonderful stop if youwant to experience totalpampering. With calming body and massage treatmentsand tranquil atmosphere, you would surelyhave one of the best experiences of your vaca-tion here. It even has professional hair and nailsalon services if you feel like having a grandmakeover after your relaxing massage.
  8. 8. At first, you’d think that going to DisneyWorld with your kids could be stressful. Butthis world famous theme park also designedspa services for parents so that after the kidshave fun during the day, the parents can havetheir own fun in the late afternoon or at night.Even if you are staying in non-Disney Orlandohotels or even in the more distant Kissimmeehotels, you can still enjoy the spa services ofDisney World. Just call the spa centers to booka reservation or inquire for their services. Donot hesitate to go to these spas, you deserve torelax once in a while.
  9. 9. T Disney World Vacation: Take Advantage of Online Booking he Internet is a traveler’s best friend. Online, you will findalmost all the information you need to ensure asuccessful trip. For your trip to Disney World,the Internet will be instrumental not only inhelping you plan and giving you details thatyou need, it will also help you save time andenergy in booking for things like hotels, parkadmission, and airline tickets. Below, you willfind vital information regarding this matter.
  10. 10. Air Fare One of the first things that you have tobook when planning a trip to Disney Worldwould be the airline tickets, that is if you areflying to Orlando. Otherwise, you would needto arrange for other transportation service. Ifyou are flying in, it would be great to check outdifferent websites of the airlines that fly fromyour location to Orlando. You should also lookat travel websites that provide cheap airfaredeals. To save money on the airfare, opt for offpeak season dates and time. Avoid pricey dateslike weekends, summer, holidays, and so on.Consider flying at night when the tickets are
  11. 11. Air Faremuch cheaper. Booking airfare online is notonly convenient and time saving but alsopractical as this will allow you to getdiscounted rates. If you buy from brick andmortar travel agencies, you would need to payfor a booking fee, something that you mayavoid if you book online.
  12. 12. Hotel Accommodation Next on your planning list would be thehotel accommodations. It is essential that youbook your hotel accommodations after you buyplane tickets and not the other way around.This is to ensure that you do have the planetickets to get to Orlando in time for your hotelbooking. Of course, before you book a hotelroom, you need to go through Orlando hotelsfirst. First, you have to search for reviews on
  13. 13. Hotel Accommodationthe different Orlando hotels so you can findone that will give you the best value for yourmoney. Many Orlando hotels are affordablebut if you want to save money even further,you can also opt to stay in Kissimmee hotels.Kissimmee is not so far from Orlando andaside from the great prices that you can enjoyif you opt for these, there are also Kissimmeehotels that offer free transportation service toDisney World.
  14. 14. Park Admission Tickets After you have already booked your flightand hotel, you can also buy park tickets online.Your first option would be to visit the officialwebsite of Disney World to buy tickets. An-other way would be to go to reputable travelwebsites that sell park admission tickets for areasonable price or as part of a package. If you want to save time in doing all theseseparately, it would be much better to availvacation packages, which combine everything
  15. 15. Park Admission Ticketsthat you need to have an awesome vacation.Buying vacation packages can also be doneonline, which means you don’t have to leavethe comfort of your own home to get terrificdeals on your next vacation.