Orlando Hotel and Ideas for a Romantic Date


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Orlando is very famous for its amusements parks. But that is not all. This city has so much more to offer. There is something for everyone when it comes to entertainment. This makes Orlando one of the most popular destinations for family trips, personal getaways and even romantic dates.

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Orlando Hotel and Ideas for a Romantic Date

  1. 1. Orlando Hoteland Ideas for aRomantic Date
  2. 2. Orlando Hotel and Ideas for aRomantic Date
  3. 3. Orlando is very famous for itsamusements parks. But that is not all.This city has so much more to offer.There is something for everyonewhen it comes to entertainment. Thismakes Orlando one of the most popu-lar destinations for family trips, per-sonal getaways and even romanticdates. For couples who want to ex-perience a romantic getaway they will
  4. 4. remember for a lifetime, Orlando isjust the perfect place. It is easy tofind a romantic Disney hotel thatoffers amenities specially designedfor lovers. There are many greatDisney hotel choices that aresurrounded by romantic spots wherememories can be created.
  5. 5. Orlando is one city filled with a lotof potential ideas for romantic dates.One great date for day or evening isa picnic for two. A recommended lo-cation for a picnic in Orlando is theLake Eola park. What makes this parkan ideal spot for a romantic date arethe swans and the paddleboats. Lov-ers will enjoy feeding the swans andpaddling around the lake in their ownprivate paddleboat. But for those
  6. 6. who still prefer indoor dates,Orlando also has a lot of romanticrestaurants where lovers can enjoydelectable treats like fondue. As forbreakfasts, a romantic Disney hoteloffers complimentary breakfast orbreakfast in bed.
  7. 7. A trip to the winery can be aworthwhile part of a romantic date inOrlando. Lovers can have so much funwhile learning about the art of how tomake wine. Aside from that, couplescan also take in some of Orlando’sfinest local flavors. Free tours andtastings are offered in wineries inOrlando everyday. That is why it isalso nice to stay in an Orlando vaca-tion hotel that is located near a
  8. 8. winery. Other romantic spots aredinner theaters in Orlando andKissimmee as well. There are alsoadults-only parks that offer danceclubs, romantic corridors to stroll andamazing foods. Orlando also has area theme parksthat offer romantic horse-drawncarriage rides. At night, fireworksshows are definitely a perfect back-drop for romance.
  9. 9. After a long eventful day aroundOrlando, it will be nice for the loversto enjoy one of a kind relaxation andcomfort in their hotel. An ideal Dis-ney hotel for a romantic vacation mayfeature a hotel room with Jacuzzi. Just imagine how refreshing a get-away you could plan with your lover,incorporating a day out in the city anda night relaxing to spa treatments oran in-room hot tub.
  10. 10. A common idea is that Orlando isthe place for families to visit MickeyMouse. However, this is also a citywhere romance reigns supreme.Staying in a comfortable Disneyhotel, lovers may take advantage ofthe serenity that can be found stroll-ing through Sea World, or the thrillsthat come with exciting UniversalStudios coasters. Lovers can learnwhich cheese best pairs with their
  11. 11. favorite Cabernet or can spend an af-ternoon on the beach, playing in thewaves. When planning which Disneyvacation hotel to stay in during aromantic getaway, don’t assume thatthe highest prices bring you the bestvacation. Even budget hotels in thearea may offer excellent amenities tomake your trip all it can be.
  12. 12. AffordableKissimmee VacationHotel and Tickets
  13. 13. Orlando is one of the most oftenvisited places in the world. This is dueto the world famous attractions inthe city, which adults and childrenalike will surely enjoy. Not everyone,however, can afford to stay in a lux-ury Kissimmee vacation hotel. Still,there are ways on how to spend a va-cation in Orlando without spending anarm and
  14. 14. and a leg. Even a very nice Kissimmeehotel in the ideal location with won-derful amenities can be a part of abudget vacation. People most likely spend their va-cation in Orlando during special dayssuch as holidays, school vacations andthe summer. The dilemma is thatprices tend to rise during these peakseasons and visitors may find them-
  15. 15. standing in long lines. For visitors whowant to stay in a great Kissimmeehotel for a reasonable price, it isbest to choose the time when thereare no big crowds of visitors in thecity. Ideal months are January to mid-February and the end of Augustthrough mid-December. The onlydownside is that parks may close ear-lier during these times of year and
  16. 16. shows may rotate throughout theyear. There are so many choices when itcomes to Orlando accommodations. Infact, there are more than 100,000hotel rooms in Central Florida. Somevisitors opt to stay offsite whileothers stay at one of the on-propertyresort hotels. Generally, a Kissimmeehotel located far from Disney andUniversal costs less than a hotel
  17. 17. located right within the Disney park.But due to the distance, the lowerprice may be offset by the transpor-tation and parking costs and the timeof travel as well. Both can be a goodoption depending on the itinerary ofthe visitors. On-property resorthotels are better for visitors whowant to make the most of the fantasytheme parks.
  18. 18. The length of time to stay inOrlando must also be considered. Thiswill help in choosing the best ticketoption. After choosing an affordableKissimmee hotel, decide on the bestpark ticket option. Buying tickets inadvance can help visitors save timeand money. There are many visitorswho want to make the most of thetheme parks during their visit as ifthat will be their first and last
  19. 19. chance to visit the exciting city. Onthe other hand, others want to con-centrate on one theme park to savetime and money and plan to come backnext time for other theme parks. As one of the most often visitedplaces in the world, Orlando vacationsare usually expected to be expensive.There are ways to experience the ex-citement of Orlando vacations on a
  20. 20. budget. Visitors can avoid holidays,school vacations and the summer,when Orlando is too crowded. Thosewho want to spend more time ontheme parks can choose a Kissimmeehotel near Disney and Universal. Thisway, the visitors can also enjoy theirtheme park tickets. But for thosewho will not be spending much timewith theme parks, an Orlando hotel
  21. 21. a Kissimmee hotel located fartherfrom the theme parks will run lessper night and still offer plenty ofamenities to make for a comfortablestay.
  22. 22. Learn more about our Orlando hotels in Florida byentering your dates of arrival above or by calling us toll freeat 1-800-651-1005.Orlando Vacation Hotels specializes in offering out-standing deals on Orlando Hotels or Kissimmeehotels located near Disney World.We have been serving customers, who have taken advan-tage of our great deals and customer service, since 1993 andwe back all our properties with our Orlando hotel 100%satisfaction guarantee.