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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Terra Verde Resort


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The last thing you want on your Orlando Florida trip is to end up in a hotel or villa that will take you hours and hours just to get to your destination sites. Thankfully, Terra Verde Resort near Disney villas are located strategically close to most visited spots in Orlando.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Terra Verde Resort

  1. 1. 6 Reasons Why You Should ChooseTerra Verde Resort
  2. 2. 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Terra Verde Resort A vacation to Orlando Florida isprobably all that you and your familyhave been waiting for. For you and yourpartner, it will be the perfect break fromwork and daily responsibilities. And foryour children, it will be the perfect breakfrom school. But to make this a really enjoyableand rewarding trip, why not try some-
  3. 3. hing different from Orlando goodneighbor hotels? Yes, the hotels ofOrlando are renowned worldwide. Butthere is something better for your family– the Terra Verde Resort Villas. And here are the reasons why it is abetter choice for your family.
  4. 4. Exclusive Facilities In Orlando good neighbor hotels,you will most likely be sharing the mainfacilities with the other guests. Theseinclude the pool, game rooms, diningarea, and entertainment rooms. That isactually great if you want to meet newpeople. But this is a family trip and youwant some quality time with your lovedones.
  5. 5. Feels More Like Home The highly commercialized interiordesign found on most Orlando goodneighbor hotels are really exquisite tothe eyes and they are such compellingsights. However, they are not exactly thehome sweet home material but some-what intimidating in their grandness. Terra Verde Resort near Disney onthe other hand feels more like a realhome sweet home with its classic, non-
  6. 6. more natural interior design. This givesit that very relaxing atmosphere which isexactly what you need after a long dayin Orlando.
  7. 7. Spa Services And go beyond the normal bounds ofthe word ‘relax’! More than just enjoyinga relaxing atmosphere, you can alsoavail of additional services such as spaand massage. This will really revitalizeyour body and senses. And to feel more refreshed andbeautiful, you can also avail of serviceslike facial, manicure, pedicure, and otherrelated services.
  8. 8. Nearby Attractions The last thing you want on yourOrlando Florida trip is to end up in ahotel or villa that will take you hoursand hours just to get to your destinationsites. Thankfully, Terra Verde Resortnear Disney villas are located strategi-cally close to most visited spots inOrlando.
  9. 9. For example, it is only 10 minutesaway from the infamous Walt DisneyWorld Resort. And if you are looking forfine dining restaurants and greatshopping areas, these are only 5 minutesaway.
  10. 10. Themes For the Whole Family Another lovely thing about TerraVerde Resort villas is how they actuallyfeature different interior designs foreach room. This means they put intoconsideration that there will be bothadults and children among the guests. The master’s bedroom for exampleappropriately features an elegantatmosphere that gives off a romanticpresence for couples.
  11. 11. As for the twin bedrooms forchildren, these rooms either feature aDisney theme or a Safari theme.
  12. 12. 24-Hour Security 24- And for a complete relaxation, ithelps that you should not worry aboutanything else other than your trip. Andwith a 24-hours security guarding theTerra Verde Resort near Disneycommunity, it is definitely one lessworry off your mind.
  13. 13. So when you and your familydecides to visit Orlando Florida,whether this is your first time or not,consider staying at these top-class villasand you are sure to experience a wholenew level of stay.
  14. 14. Orlando Hotels: Services And Amenities That Matter The Most You have probably waited for theright moment to bring your family orgroup of friends here in OrlandoFlorida. And it is such a fine place topick because Orlando is home to Univer-sal Studios Resort and Walt DisneyWorld Resort. But for that perfect stay, itis necessary that you find the rightaccommodations among the many
  15. 15. Transportation Services Not all Orlando hotels offer suchconvenience. But because what youcame for in Orlando are its famous desti-nation spots, it helps a lot if the hotelyou are staying at offers free transporta-tion to these destinations. For example, the Terra Verde Resortnear Disney and the Holiday InnLake Buena Vista hotel both offers freeshuttle services to the theme parks of
  16. 16. Walt Disney World resort, nearby shop-ping sites, fine dining restaurants, andother popular destinations.
  17. 17. Entertainment Facilities Yes, you came to Orlando for thetheme parks, shopping malls, and otherattractions. However, there are hotelsthat actually have enough entertainmentfacilities that you hardly have to leave itspremises just to have fun. The TerraVerde Resort Orlando Hotel for exam-ple has an outdoor pool, a cyberspace,playing grounds, and fun-filled recrea-tions for families and group of friends.
  18. 18. Completeness of Individual Suites Hotels usually share most of its facili-ties among the tenants. The swimmingpool for example is a shared amenity.But when it comes to the quality of eachindividual suite and hotel room, eachmust also have all the necessities andluxuries. Most suites offered by many OrlandoHotels now has LCD TV set, DVDplayer, game consoles, cable connection,
  19. 19. in-house DVD tapes, and others. It alsohelps to have a refrigerator, iron andironing board, furniture, and others.
  20. 20. Quality of Served Food Orlando hotels are also expected toserve nothing less than world classmeals. After all, these hotels arerenowned worldwide and that would benothing without a great food service tomatch. Say for example the infamousRadisson Worldgate hotel which servestop class meals through its two in-housefood courts.
  21. 21. There is also the Terra Verde ResortOrlando Hotel which can arrange a ca-tering service for large celebrations.
  22. 22. Proximity to Favorite Destination Spots Another feature you need to look forin a hotel is how far or how near it is tothe destination sites you wish to visit.The last thing you want is to spend up toan hour just to get to Walt Disney WorldResort for example.
  23. 23. If proximity to the theme parks iswhat you are looking for, it will be agood idea to check in at one of Orlandogood neighbor hotels. Also, you can gofor official Walt Disney World hotelssituated right inside Walt Disney.
  24. 24. Enjoy your Orlando Vacation! For more information aboutTerra Verde Resort near Disney andGood Neighbor Hotels Orlando, please check