Most attractive things to see in hong kong


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These are the most important things we must see while traveling to Hong Kong. And make our vacation memorable.

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Most attractive things to see in hong kong

  1. 1. MostMostMostMost AttractiveAttractiveAttractiveAttractive ThingsThingsThingsThings ToToToTo SeeSeeSeeSee inininin HongHongHongHong KongKongKongKongWhen you travel to Hong Kong you will probably be overwhelmed with all thesites and attractions that await you. It can be difficult to decide on just a handful ofthings to see and do. Here are some must-see attractions and activities that youshould include in your itinerary.TryTryTryTry DimDimDimDim Sum:Sum:Sum:Sum:A trip to Hong Kong is not complete without trying this cultural food. Waitressesroll carts up to your table with a selection of food, and you just tell them what youdlike to try. It may not sound very exciting but the food is delicious and there is nobetter way to get a taste for a variety of these cultural nuggets. Dim sum means‘touch your heart’ and with as many as 150 items on a restaurant menu, and 2,000 inthe entire range, it is a challenge to not find something you love.
  2. 2. OceanOceanOceanOcean Park:Park:Park:Park:If you are traveling with the kids, a trip to Ocean Park is a must. Take in a marineshow, or ride the coasters; or, take a walk through Middle Kingdom and watch theshows.Opened in 1977, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine-life theme park featuringanimal exhibits, thrill rides and shows. In 2012, its impressive ability to offer guests aworld-class experience that blends entertainment with education and conservationwas confirmed when it became the first Asian winner of the biannual ApplauseAward, the most prestigious award in the amusement and theme park industry.The park is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, covering more than870,000 square meters. The Waterfront and The Summit areas are connected by theCable Car and Ocean Express funicular train.
  3. 3. LantauLantauLantauLantau Island:Island:Island:Island:Walk the 260 steps and be greeted by the 100 foot tall statue of Buddha. Visit themonastery and have a light meal; take in the breathtaking views of the hillsides.Buddhist architecture; fireworks over Sleeping Beautys castle; a long sandy beach;a mall of shopping outlets – Lantau Island has it all. Whatever your persuasion, HongKong’s largest outlying island brings solace to the soul, senses and shopping bags.Lantau Island is the focus of Hong Kong in recently years. It has the Hong KongInternational Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland. Of course, the tranquil Po LinMonastery and Big Buddha are still the major attractions on Lantau Island. With aland mass of 147.16 square kilometres (56.82 sq meter), it is the largest island inHong Kong, almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island. Lantau Island primarilyconsists of mountainous terrain.
  4. 4. NatureNatureNatureNature Walks:Walks:Walks:Walks:If you just want a few hours or a day away from the hustle and bustle, go for anature walk. There are many trails available that will suit all walking abilities.Stunning vistas can be found along nature walks enveloping the Peak, wherevisitors are greeted by lush tropical forests and extensive birdlife. Winding throughmountainous landscape, the walks are both visually exciting and easy for visitors toaccess. Try one of the suggested walking trails at The Peak below to further exploreHong Kongs diversity and sophistication. Walk Hong Kong has been offering guidedwalking and hiking tours since 2003. We can take you hiking in some of Hong Kongsmost unpopulated and pristine areas. Or join one of our guided walking tours thatinclude Kowloon markets, Hong Kong history, photography workshops orbird-watching tours.
  5. 5. ArchitectureArchitectureArchitectureArchitecture Tour:Tour:Tour:Tour:This three hour tour features some of Hong Kongs greatest landmarks. Historybuffs will enjoy learning more about the citys rich cultural history. The tour isconducted by a local architect.For a different and eye-opening perspective, take a stroll through Hong KongsCentral district and gaze upon its world-famous buildings to interpret how this cityadvanced. Hong Kong offers a wealth of architectural influences and styles justwaiting to be discovered. Architect hosts will point out the special characteristics thatmake each structure unique as well as discussing their relevant histories. From quainthistorical structures to modern monuments designed by some of the world’s mostrenowned architects, these buildings are vital to understanding the way Hong Kong’surban landscape has changed during the past century.
  6. 6. StanleyStanleyStanleyStanley Market:Market:Market:Market:This is a popular tourist destination and you can buy anything from antiques tomodern day electronics. Handmade crafts are also plentiful here. You will want to getyour bulk of souvenirs from Stanley Market.Stanley Market is one of the must-go places for tourists when they visit Hong Kong.You will find an interesting array of little shops selling silk garments, sportswear, art,Chinese costume jewellery and souvenirs. While a bit "touristy" if you are a touristit will certainly help you to cross off all the items on your souvenirs-to-buy-Aunt-Janeshopping list. A hard morning of shopping is also nicely finished off by a good lunchat one of the many restaurants, which are the reason that Hong Kong locals alsofrequent the area. And if that’s not enough to grab you, the nearby eateries along thebreezy seaside strip surely will!
  7. 7. VictoriaVictoriaVictoriaVictoria Peak:Peak:Peak:Peak:Named after the British Queen, this is one of the more popular tourist attractions.Ride up to the peak on a cable pulled train and take in the breathtaking views of thecity. If youre squeamish about taking the train, you can also ride a bus up to the peak.Hong Kong offers many exciting and breathtaking tours, sites and activities.The above list will give you a good idea of what to include in your itinerary.Depending on your time allowance, you may just want to visit all of them. You willlearn much about the city, its people, and its diverse culture.AuthorAuthorAuthorAuthor Biography:Biography:Biography:Biography:Irina Layik is a professional author who focuses primarily on top journey articlessuch as sightseeing destinations, journey tips and holiday vacation trips. You can alsosee some of the popular VideosVideosVideosVideos aboutaboutaboutabout AsianAsianAsianAsian hotelshotelshotelshotels and so on.