Hong Kong Hotels and Resorts


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Here these are the best hotels and resorts in Hong Kong. And these Hong Kong hotels provide various deals. And offers upto 50% for Spring Season discount for every hotel booking. Use this discount code : HR5RED.

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Hong Kong Hotels and Resorts

  1. 1. HongHongHongHong KongKongKongKong HotelsHotelsHotelsHotels &&&& ResortsResortsResortsResorts ---- TheTheTheThe High-classHigh-classHigh-classHigh-class ResortsResortsResortsResorts ofofofof AsiasAsiasAsiasAsias GlobeGlobeGlobeGlobe CityCityCityCityBeing an international town and business hub, Hong Kong is no short ofuber-swanky resorts, where you can rub shoulders with the worlds rich and famous.But there is more to Hong Kongs luxury hotels than just glitz and charm. As a point offact, the combination of British colonialism, Chinese traditions and other Asian andother international influences has designed a hotel-culture that is quite unique to thisvibrant town. Similarly, HongHongHongHong KongKongKongKong SpringSpringSpringSpring DiscountDiscountDiscountDiscount OfferOfferOfferOffer provide flat 50% deals forevery booking.1)1)1)1) TheTheTheThe PeninsulaPeninsulaPeninsulaPeninsulaAn article about Hong Kongs luxury hotels has to start with the Peninsula - one ofthe citys best-known landmarks. Alongside the Raffles in Singapore, the WaldorfAstoria in New York and the Savoy in London, the Peninsula is considered as one ofthe worlds most classic hotels and has long become one of Hong Kongs mostprominent icons. Founded by members of the Jewish Kadoorie family, this famoushotel opened in 1928, with the idea that it would become "the finest hotel east ofthe Suez canal"... and indeed, from the moment the Peninsula opened its doors tothe first guest, its name has been synonymous with welcoming the rich and thefamous to a place of unmatched luxury and service. The guestrooms are among themost spacious in Hong Kong and are all beautifully decked out, combining classicalEuropean elegance with fine Oriental motifs. Guests have a choice of rooms andsuites in either the grand, Original Building or at the more contemporary PeninsulaTower, with commanding views of the harbor and the city. The restaurants at thePeninsula are among the best in Hong Kong: Gaddis is regarded as one of HongKongs finest and most elegant French restaurants, Felix bar-restaurant, on the 28th
  2. 2. floor, offers an unforgettable dining experience, accompanied by some stunningharbor views, and the classic Lobby Lounge is serving traditional English-style high tea,reminiscent of Hong Kongs colonial era. The hotel is also famous for its fleet ofRolls-Royce cars, which are painted in a distinctive shade of green, known as the"Peninsula green".2)2)2)2) MandarinMandarinMandarinMandarin OrientalOrientalOrientalOrientalAlthough the 1950s style cube-shaped building of the Mandarin Oriental might lookslightly uninspiring compared to the glitzy and modern skyscrapers around it, thisinternationally known hotel is a Hong Kong legend. Located right at the heart of HongKongs business district, the hotels interior decor combines European elements withChinese touches, resulting in a stylish elegance that revives old-days charm. Asexpected, the Mandarin Orientals amenities are simply superb and include astat-of-the-art fitness Centre, a world class spa and a heated indoor pool at thehotels top floor, just to name a few. The hotel was renovated at 2006 and the
  3. 3. guestrooms are relatively spacious and very tastefully decked out, blending Westernand Chinese motifs. Almost needless to mention, they are fitted with every comfortyou would expect to find in a luxury hotel... From b beautiful marble-fitted bathroom,to a CD library and Salvatore Ferragamos toiletries.3)3)3)3) IslandIslandIslandIsland Shangri-laShangri-laShangri-laShangri-laSoaring 56 floors above the prestigious shopping and entertainment centres ofWanchai, the Island Shangri-la features both a great location and superb opulence.The guestrooms are quite spacious and beautifully decked out in a combination ofEuropean and Chinese styles. They offer unbeatable views towards the Harbour orthe Peak, and are all properly equipped with a whole shebang of facilities. Amenitiesinclude a luxurious health-club, with a well equipped gym, Jacuzzi and sauna, as wellas a beautiful outdoor pool, surrounded by the citys glittering skyscrapers. The hotelalso prides itself for housing some world class restaurants, including theinternationally famed Restaurant Petrus at the top floor.
  4. 4. 4)4)4)4) LanghamLanghamLanghamLangham PalacePalacePalacePalace HotelHotelHotelHotelLocated in a glitzy, modern tower above the bustling shopping district of Mongkok,just a short walking distance from Hong Kongs lively markets and the MTR station,this fabulous hotel prides itself for being one of the best spa-hotels in the Asia-Pacificregion. The guestrooms are all spacious and beautifully decked out in a somewhat"high tech style", including floor-to-ceiling windows through which you can enjoycityscape views. The hotels "jewel in the crown" is, doubtlessly, the superb ChuanSpa on the 40th floor, where more than sixty beauty and health treatments areoffered, all based on traditional Chinese medicine. A well-equipped gym is located onthe 41st floor, right above the Spa, and the excellent swimming pool is on the roof,above the Gym. There is a Jacuzzi too and a lovely sundeck from which you can enjoythe gorgeous views.
  5. 5. 5)5)5)5) InterContinentalInterContinentalInterContinentalInterContinental HongHongHongHong KongKongKongKongWell known for its fantastic location on Tsim Sha Tsuis waterfront, with unbeatableviews towards Victoria Harbor and the Hong Kong skyline, the fabulousIntercontinental is one of Hong Kongs most sought-after hotels. The excellent andluxurious I-Spa, presumably Hong Kongs only Feng Shui Friendly Spa, offers the fullrange of treatments, alongside Jacuzzi, sauna, steam shower and massage facilities.There is a very large outdoor heated swimming pool, adjacent to three temperaturespa pools and surrounded by a sundeck and a terrace, where you can have your drinkwhile admiring the stunning harbor views... and there is also a well equipped fitnesscenter, which is open 24 hours a day. Dining options at the Intercontinental are alsosensational: The internationally acclaimed Spoon restaurant is inspired by the worldsmost awarded chef, Alain Ducasse. The Lobby Lounge, with its glass wall facing theharbor, is one of the best places to see and to be seen, and Yan Toh Heen is amongHong Kongs best Cantonese restaurants.
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