Marketing trends for hotels in 2014


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Marketing trends for hotels in 2014

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  2. 2. Marketing Trends to Follow in 2014 Mobile is Growing Travelers are using mobile as the first contact with hotel’s websites increasingly. 50% of direct reservations will be through a mobile phone in 2017  20% of reservations through mobile phone in 2013  37% of consumers connected to Internet by smartphones  63% of travel suppliers increased bookings by mobile phone from 2011 to 2013 43.8% of travelers will book at the last moment with mobile phones by the end of 2014 Visit us @ :
  3. 3. Videos that Transmit Videos are the way to transmit experiences – the special feature that makes your hotel unique.  During 2013, 81% of bookings checked videos. Source: Eyefortravel “The 2013 Traveler” From Organic Search to Hotel Finder Google controls keywords in organic search. It is important to not only have SEM strategies but to also be tagged in Google Places, and appear in Google Hotel Finder Lists  Everything seems to indicate that Google is interested in tourism business and hoteliers Visit us @ :
  4. 4. Retargeting Over 96% of people that visit one website, leave without buying. Retargeting strategies allow you to attract visitors’ attention, even days after, and bring them back. OTA vs. Direct Bookings OTA reservations have a cost of 15% or 25% for the hotel. A hotel, through its marketing strategies and brand resources can increase direct bookings without paying commissions However, OTAs are an important platform and it will be important to be present on maximum of them  Combining it with a Channel Manager like SiteMinder that will make the optimization and multiple channel distribution easier Visit us @ :
  5. 5. Google Carousel for Hotels Carousel is a scroll with images under the Google search bar. It has already been implemented in Europe and the United States Google is putting up a fight in the tourism market. You must be in Google Places, Google Maps, Hotel Finder and also in Carousel, of course Key Facts 42.7% of travelers start their plans in Google 24% – Google believes that this is the increase in direct bookings that hotels will have in 2014 68% is the growth in mobile bookings, according to Google 180% bookings from tablets are going to increase, according to Google Visit us @ :
  6. 6. Marketing on Social Media Social Media is not just Facebook, neither is it all about constituting direct sales channels  Social Media is about making the most of these networks and using them as direct communication and one-one with potential guests and visitors It requires planning publications, developing attractive content and achieving high levels of engagement Key Facts 7 hours a day is the time some people get to be on social networks 8% of the people are already willing to book directly from Facebook 90% of the OTAs have their version on FB Visit us @ :
  7. 7. Responsive Multiscreen Travelers search on their personal computers, smartphones and tablets, depending on the time of the day Therefore hotel websites must be prepared to work on all kind of screens, fast and smoothly Loyalty and CRM Reward those who book rooms from your website, those who contribute with reviews on TripAdvisor, and those who return to your hotel Develop loyalty strategies; to define your guests’ profile, to know their preferences, discover what they like and what they do not about your hotel Visit us @ :
  8. 8. More and More Analytics Analyzing visitors’ behavior on the hotel website allows you to optimize the information, make the content more attractive and understand the keys of conversion It is not about having a web presence but to manage it properly! Google Plus Google Plus is consolidating as a wide social network that interacts with Google Maps and Google Now. You should also be there! Geo Targeting Applications that take into account the location of the traveler and allow you to attract them with direct promotions when they are nearby. This is of utmost importance to increase last minute bookings Visit us @ :
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