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Katalogu i Shqiperise

  1. 1. { BERAT }2 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 3
  2. 2. HOW TOGET TO ALBANIA nia with Plava and Gucia (Gusinje) in Montenegro. Visa From Macedonia Procedures All the foreigners* from the countries Through Qafe Thana pass leading to in the table below, can enter the Re- Pogradec, Librazhd and Elbasan. From public of Albania without a visa, with Tushemisht, at the Southeastern end of the passport and by paying 10 Euros. Lake Ohrid, leading to Pogradec. From The foreigners that enter without a Bllata, leading to Peshkopi or Bulqiza visa have the right to stay in Albania and Burrel. From Gorica the road leads only 30 days for an entry and they may to the northern shores of Lake Prespa. stay up to 90 days within the calendar year. Montenegro Kosovo From Kosova Through Morina pass, which links Visas Kukes, Albania, with Pristina, Koso- Entry by air The citizens of the following countries vo. may obtain a visa at any entry point by All international air arrivals enter Macedonia payment: FYR Macedonia (10 euros; through Mother Theresa Interna- at the Embassy 5 euros), Montenegro tional Airport, located 25 km north- From Greece (free of charge), Israel (30 euros). west of Tirana. Linkage with the Albania Through Kapshtica leading to Korça. The citizens of other countries are re- city is provided through a shuttle From Kakavija Leading to Gjirokastra. quired to obtain visas at the missions bus service, the Tirana Rinas Ex- At Qafe Boti Konispol is connected to of the Republic of Albania that cover press, running between Skanderbeg Filat, and at Tre Urat, connecting Per- the country of residence. These mis- Square and Mother Theresa Airport. met with Konica. sions can also provide them with the Shuttle buses depart every hour at the Greece necessary information about Albania. top of the hour, with an approximate The Albanian Ministry of Foreign Af- cost of 2 euros. Taxi service available Entry by sea fairs web site carries information in at all times, taxi fares mounting to ap- English and Albanian about visa re- proximately 20 euros. quirements and where to apply. Albania can be accessed by sea through its main ports: Durres: the Italian ports of Ancona, Entry by Bari, Brindisi and Trieste Phone: 052 220 28 roadways Vlora: the Italian port of Brindisi Northern City of Shkodra and Lake Phone 033 245 21 / 294 18 Shkodra, while the second links From Montenegro Shkodra with Ulcinj Montenegro. Re- Shengjin: the Italian port of Bari Through Hani i Hotit and Murriqan- cently opened is Vermoshi, which Saranda: the Greek Island of Corfu Sukobina. The first road leads to the links the region of Kelmendi in Alba- Phone 0732 2734 4 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 5
  3. 3. your trip { ABOUT ALBANIA } begins here MONTENEGRO KOSOVO ABOUT US Our agency was established 13 years ago. We promote indi- vidual and group programs: incoming and outgoing tours. Our staff is qualified,multilingual and very dynamic. RM Agency offer to tourists the whole necessary information and assistance to see and visit the most beautiful and fascinat- ing places in Albania.We offer a vari- ety of packages and tours in order to discover the best of Albania. We offer a numerous of destinations the main Albania is a small, mountainous of which are: Italy, Switzerland, Slove- country in the Balkan MACEDONIA nia, Prague, Moscow, Munich, Dubai, peninsula, with a long Adriatic Montenegro,Turkey, Egypt, Greece, and Ionian coastline. Croatia… etc. Your ideal vacation are our commitment and our main goal. The most interesting destinations for ADRIATIC SEA summer holidays are: Antalya, Mon- tenegro, Sharm el Sheikh, Greece and its islands, Croatia, Spain whereas for GEOGRAPHY winter holidays we suggest and offer Albania is situated on the eastern shore destinations with beautiful alpine re- of the Adriatic Sea, with Montenegro sorts as Switzerland, Kolashin (Monte- and Kosovo to the north, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south. negro), Mavrove (Macedonia)… etc. Albania is composed of two major re- Our agency provides these services : gions: a mountainous highland region (north, east, and south) constituting •  Summer and winter tour pack 70% of the land area, and a western ages coastal lowland region that contains •  Thermal vacations nearly all of the country’s agricultural •  Cruise tour IONIAN SEA land and is the most densely populat- •  Car Rentals GREECE ed part of Albania. •  Transfers •  Professional guide •  Casino ( exclusive at Hotel Splendid 5* , Montenegro) Climate •  Vip Services Albania is characterized by hot sum- •  Exchange mer, bright sunny days, generally •  Hotels booking mild winter and abundant rainfalls. •  Meeting planning The period from June to September is •  Airline and ferry tickets hot, while from October to May it is cool and wet. ALBANIA6 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 7
  4. 4. Albanian { ABOUT ALBANIA } History tribes, but the Illyrians resisted their advances and preserved their lan- country profile guage and culture. Between this time and about the 17th • Full name: The Republic of Albania century AD, the name Illyria gradual- • Type: Parliamentary republic ly was transformed onto the name we • Population: 3.2 million (UN, 2010) know now, Albania. The Albanians re- • Capital: Tirana ferred to their land as Shqiperi, mean- • Area: 28 748 sq. km ing “Land of Eagles”. • Major language: Albanian The Byzantine Empire was not power- • Major religions: Islam, Christian- ful enough to prevent Albania from be- ity ing invaded by outsiders, and in 1347 • Life expectancy: 74 years (men), Albania was conquered and occupied 80 years (women) (UN) by Serbs. • Monetary unit: 1 lek = 100 qindars • Main exports: Chromium and Turkey invaded Albania at the end of chrome products, processed food- the 14th century. The Albanians waged stuffs a successful 25-year struggle against • GNI per capita: US $3,950 (World Turkish occupation, under Scander- Bank, 2009) beg. However, Albania eventually • Internet domain: .al became part of the Ottoman Empire. • International dialling code: +355 During this period, large numbers of • Border countries: Greece, Macedo- Albanians migrated to Italy, and the nia, Rep. of, Montenegro, Kosovo majority of the population converted • Kruja Castle Museum to Islam. The Albanian League was founded in Albanian History In October 1912, the Balkan States declared 1878, with the aim of unifying all Alba- nian territories (and thus win autono- my from Turkey), and also to promote All the evidence seems to suggest that Albanians are the Albanian language, literature and war on Turkey. In education. The Turks suppressed the descended from the Illyrian tribes that occupied the League in 1881. November 1912, the western region of the Balkan Peninsula in the 12th and people of Albania 11th centuries BC. proclaimed the country’s The Illyrians established their own the 1st century AD onwards, Christi- independence. At the states during the 5th and the 3rd cen- anity started to replace the old Illyrian turies BC. religion. London Conference of In the late 3rd century BC, the Romans In 395 AD, the Roman Empire was December 1912, the defeated Illyria and began occupation divided and the area that now consti- Allied Powers recognized of the region. During this period of tutes modern Albania became part of occupation, the Illyrians maintained the Byzantine Empire. The area was Albania’s independence. their own culture, though from about subject to regular invasions by various »»»8 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 9
  5. 5. Albanian History { ABOUT ALBANIA } During World War 1, Albania became a battlefield between the Allied and the Central Powers (a coalition of German and Austro-Hungarian allies). At the end of the war, Albania again faced the prospect of fragmentation. The Paris Peace Conference of 1919, however, stopped this from happening. In 1928, King Zog I was crowned, fol- lowing various internal conflicts be- tween different factions. His reign lasted until the Italians occupied Alba- nia in 1939. Following World War 2, Albania fell under the control of the man who led war time resistance in Albania, a com- munist dictator called Enver Hoxha. In January 1946, the People’s Republic of Albania was declared. During his time, Hoxha tried to form al- cASTLES & FORTS liances with Yugoslavia, Soviet Union and China, all of which were eventu- ally broken. Hoxha died in 1985. At the time of his death, entry to Alba- nia by foreigners was extremely dif- Albania has a number of castles and forts from the early ficult, travel abroad by Albanians was antiquity to the Middle Ages. Some of them continue restricted, and religion was banned. Communism fell throughout eastern to be inhabited to this day. Europe in the late 1980’s, and the re- gime collapsed in Albania in March major castles in Albania and the most 1992. important tourist attraction in Shkodra. The castle dates back to Illyrian times and Latin historian Titus Livius called it "stronghold of the Labeats" (Illyrian tribe on the shores of Lake Shkodra). Illyrian queen, Teuta, used it as a base in the wars against Rome. Kalaja e Ro- zafes Shkoder The name Rozafa first Rozafa Castle appeared in the Middle Ages. The The Rozafa Castle rises on a rocky hill name is linked to the legend of the to the west of Shkodra. It is surround- kept promise which is common in one ed by the waters of three rivers, Buna, form or another to all Balkan peoples. Drini and Kiri. Rozafa is one of the According to the legend, Rozafa, the10 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 11
  6. 6. CASTLES & fORTS { ABOUT ALBANIA } wife of the youngest of three brothers, towers. Although it was first built in accepted to be buried alive in the walls ancient times, the present building of the castle. The brothers had been dates back to the 15th century. building the castle in the day only to The Petrela Castle was part of the sig- find that the walls had collapsed dur- naling and defense system of the Kru- ing the night. At the entrance to the ja Castle. The castles signaled to each castle one can see the Rozafa bas-relief. other by means of fires. During Skan- According to popular imagination, the derbeg’s fight against the Ottomans, lime water that leaks at the main en- the Petrela Castle used to be under the trance is the milk running from Roza- command of Mamica Kastrioti, Skan- fas breast which was left outside the derbegs sister. Today there is a restau- wall so that she could feed her newborn rant inside the castle. The castle offers baby. The castle assumed the shape it spectacular views of the Erzen valley, has today from the time of the Balsha the hills, olive groves, and surround- family rule in the 14th century. Most ing mountains. of the remaining walls of the castle be- long to the Venetian period. However Preza Castle one can also find traces of the Ottoman The Preza Castle overlooks the village times (16th and 17th centuries) and the Is a castle in the city of Krujë, Albania with the same name and is located on a Bushatlli period (18th and 19th centu- and the center of Skanderbegs battle Petrela Castle hilltop. It is a small castle the construc- ries). The walls of the Rozafa castle are against the Ottoman Turks. The castle The Petrela Castle is located off the tion of which started in the 14th centu- 880 meters long and encircle an area of withstood three massive sieges from Tirana-Elbasan national road, 18 km nine hectares. from the capital. It is one of the tourist After a strong resistance, Rozafa fell locations close to Tirana that attracts a under Ottoman occupation in 1479. great number of visitors. The Castle is Other objects of interest inside the cas- perched on a rocky hill, above the vil- tle are the water tanks from the 15th lage with the same name. It has a tri- century and the 13th century chapel, angular shape with two observation which after the Ottoman occupation was turned into a mosque. Within the walls of the castle is also the Rozafa museum that explains the various pe- riods in the life of the castle. The Krujë castle the Turks, with garrisons usually no ry and was completed in the early 15th larger than 2,000-3,000 men. Mehmed century and belonged to the Topias, a II "The Conqueror" himself could not local feudal family. The castle has been break the castles small defenses. To- declared a monument of culture. It day it is a center of tourism in Albania, has four towers, one in each corner. and a source of inspiration to Alba- The clock tower was erected around nians. 1800-1850. It is known for its beautiful location, overlooking the Tirana plain. The castle is quite close to the Mother Theresa International Airport. A res- taurant and other service facilities are12 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 13
  7. 7. CASTLES & fORTS { ABOUT ALBANIA } found inside the castle. visit are the ruins of the Ottoman build- ment covers an area of 3,625 hectares. ings inside the castle, the mosque, the tower of the south-eastern wall with a Lezha Castle Roman arch, and the Illyrian tower on Lëkurës Castle The Lezha Castle is located on top of the southern wall. The Lezha castle is a This castle is located on a strategic a 186 meter high hill, to the east of cultural monument. The castle offers a hill point overlooking the town of Sa- beautiful view of the Lezha fields and randa. From here one can control the the Adriatic Sea. whole town as well as the islands of Kanina Castle Ksamil. Kanina VloreThis castle was built in the The castle of Lëkurës was built on the village with the same name which is sixteenth century. It is supposed that it about 6 km from Vlora. The castle rises was built on 1537 by Sultan Suleyman who attacked Corfu and needed to control the harbor of Saranda and the road that connected It with Butrint. The castle is built on the ruins of Lëkurës village. It has a square shape- with two round towers on its north- western and south-eastern corners. To climb up to the castle, visitors need to leave the main road on Qafë Gjashtë and go up the town hill from the other side of the town. On the ruins of the old castle, tourists on the side of the Shushica Mountain, can enjoy a meal in the local restaurant about 380 meters above the sea level. which is build in the style and with The castle was built on the site of an similar materials to the castle. town. The castle originates from Illyr- ancient settlement, one of the oldest in ian times. In 1440 it was reconstructed the Vlora region. The castle is believed by the Venetians, and in 1522, after the to have been erected in the 3rd century Ottoman conquest, it was also rebuilt B.C. In the 4th century B.C. the castle by the latter. The castle bears traces of was transformed into a fortress town. Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine and Otto- In the 5th century A.D. the castle was man architecture. Interesting places to reconstructed by Justinian I. The settle-14 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 15
  8. 8. TRAVEL & { TIRANA } TOUR GUIDES Discover Albania, a land of great natural beauty and romantic remoteness. Places of interest: Korça, Berat, Durres, Kruja, Gjirokastra, Sara- nda, Shkodra, Pogradec, Tirana, and Vlora. Tirana is the capital and the largest city of Albania. Modern Tirana was founded as an Ottomantown in 1614 by Sulejman Bargjini ,a local ruler from Mullet ,al- though the area has been continuously inhabited since antiquity .Tirana be- tirana came Albania’s capital city in 1920 and now it has a population of more than • Tirana Castle (Kalaja e Tiranes) ,the Shopping in historical core of the capital Tirana 800.000.The city is home to many uni- versities and is the center of the politi- • The Clock Tower of Tirana (Kulla e cal, economical, and cultural life of the Sahatit) Shopping as a hobby is the newest Al- country. banian import. In the last few years • Tirana’ s Mosque of Et’hem Bej (Xha- The area now occupied by the city of mia e Tiranes ) with an increase in the personal wealth Tirana has been populated since Pa- of the population many new style • Tabak Bridge (Ura e Tabakeve) shopping malls have started spring- leolithic times dating back 10,000 to 30,000 years ago , as evidence by tools • Terzi Bridge (Ura e Terzive) ing up both in the capital itself and its that were found near Mount Dajt’s • Skanderbeg Square as a monumen- fringes. These have started becoming quarry terrain ,as well as inside the tal ensemble important gathering places for the lo- Cave of the Pellumba .As argued by cals who use the occasion of a day off various archaeologists Tirana and its • Church of Kroi of Shengjin (Kisha e for shopping, window shopping or suburbs are filled with Illyrian top- Kroit te Shengjinit ) simply having a coffee with friends. onyms and legends as the city’s pre- • Preze Castle (Kalaja e Prezes ) Most of the merchandise in the shops cincts are some of the earliest regions contained within this malls especially • Petrele Castle (Kalaja e Petreles) in Albania to be inhabited. textiles and leather come from Italy • Kapllan Pasha’s Grave (Varri I Kapl- and Greece. Tirana is home to historical and cul- lan Pashes) Eating and drinking tural sites:16 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 17
  9. 9. TRAVEL & { TIRANA } TOUR GUIDES Shoping centres QTU (Qendra Tregtare Univers) A modern shopping mall about 7 km from Tirana on the highway Tirana- Durres with tens of shops including brand names such as Zara, Mexx, Es- prit etc. The mall offers a free shuttle bus from the centre of Tirana. Casa Italia A smaller shopping mall on the out- skirts of the city offering several shops rESTORANT PUSI including the Italian electronics super mall Trony, the Ikea style Danish su- perstore Jysk and the Italian super- Albanian cuisine market, Conad. reflects a mixture of influences from the Turkish, Balkan, and European ETC (European Trade Center ) cuisine. It is known for its high nutri- A shopping mall in the centre of the tional values and its delicious taste. city with several boutiques and caffes Every area offers distinct specialties. worth a visit. Meat prepared on the skewer and the City Park Tirana different kinds of pies are well known in the whole country. Southern and It a large shopping mall ,about 9 km Central Albanian cuisine is known for from Tirana on the highway Tirana- the extensive use of vegetables, olive Durres, it has many t a large shopping oil, herbs, and lemon in its cooking. mall ,about 9 km from Tirana on the Shkoder (carp casserole), Pogradec (al- highway Tirana-Durres, it has many coran casserole with walnuts) and the modern shops. It is more than a shop- coastal area of the Ionian and Adriatic ping mall. are known for their fish dishes. Kristal Center is the only shopping center with a Restaurants in Tirana movie theatre. It is inside the city but “King House” not in the downtown. It is an interest- ing shopping center in which you can “Pusi” have nice time . “Casa di Pasta” “Juvenilja Castle’’ Souvenires shops Albsouvenir , at 9-Kateshe Complex “Sarajet” PIRRO Souvenir – Street of Durresi “Pizza Time” Old Baazar – City of Kruja18 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 19
  10. 10. TRAVEL & { POGRADEC } { KORCA } TOUR GUIDES Pogradec is a city in southeastern Albania, situated on the shores of Ohrid lake. It is the capital of the District of Pogradec, in the County of Korçë, with a population of around 30,000. Korça This city is surrounded by hills on the ▪ The National Museum of Medieval southern and western side. Drilon ,the name of the river that flows into the KorçA Art of Albania, has a rich archives of is a city in lake near Tushemisht ,is mentioned in ca. 6500 icons and 500 other objects in early texts of antiquity. The hill over- textile, stone and metal. looking Pogradec is the site of old cas- tle ruins dating back to 5th century . southeastern ▪ The National Museum of Archeol- ogy is located in Korçë. Albania and the capital of the The first Albanian School Korçë district as well as the house of the painter Vangjush Mio and It has a population of his gallery function as mu- around 105,000 people , making it the sixth largest city in Albania. It stands seums. on a plateau some 850 m above sea level, surrounded by the Morava ▪ Another museum in Korçë is the Mountains. Korça is called the city of Bratko Museum and the Oriental Mu- museums. seum20 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 21
  11. 11. TRAVEL & { SARANDA} TOUR GUIDES { DURRES } Durrës is the second largest city of Albania . It is the most ancient and one of the most economi- cally important cities of Al- bania. It is located on the central Albanian coast, about 33 km west of the capital Tirana. It is situated at one of the narrower Saranda points of the Adriatic Sea, opposite the Italian ports of Bari, (300 km/186 It is situated on an open gulf of the Io- nian Sea in the Mediterranean , 2 nau- mi away) and Brindisi (200 km /124 mi away). It has a population of around SarandA tical miles from the Greek island of Corfu. 202,000. There are several museums such as the Archaeological Museum, is the capital of Near Sarande are the remains of the Ahmet Zogu’s Villa of Durres and the Museum of History. The city’s beach- the District of ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site . es are also a popular destination for many foreign and local tourists, with Sarande and is an estimated 600.000 tourists visiting annually. Many Albanians from Tira- one of the most na and elsewhere spend their summer vocations on the beaches of Durres. important tour- The largest amphitheatre in Balkans is ist attractions located in the city close to the harbour. This first - century construction is cur- of the Albanian Riviera . rently under consideration for inscrip- tion as a UNESCO World Heritage site .22 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 23
  12. 12. TRAVEL & TOUR GUIDES { VLORA } { BERAT} VlorA is the second largest port city of Albania, after Durres. It is the city where the Al- banian Declaration of Inde- pendence was proclaimed on November 28, 1912. The city was for a short time the capi- tal of Albania. Vlore is situated on the Bay of Vlore, an inlet on the Adriatic Berat Sea, almost surrounded by mountains. windows of the old decorated houses Berat The town is surrounded by gardens and olive groves . overlooking the town . The Citadel overlooks the river and the modern is a town city as well as the old Christian quarter across the river .It is a well preserved located in south area containing narrow streets ,Turk- ish houses and Orthodox churches. central Albania. Modern Berat consists of three parts divided by the Osum River : Gorica ( “little mountain” in Old Slavonic) The old town was inscribed Mangalem and Kalaja , the latter be- ing a residential quarter within the old on the World Heritage List Byzantine citadel that overlooks the in July 2008. town .The town also has a 15th century mosque and a number of churches of It is the capital of both the District of the Albanian Orthodox Church,whose Berat and the larger County of Berat. autocephaly was proclaimed there The town is still renowned for its his- in 1922.Several of the churches house toric architecture and scencic beauty works by the renowned 16th century and is known as the “Town of a Thou- painter Onufri. sand Windows”, due to the many large24 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 25
  13. 13. TRAVEL & { KRUJA } { GJIROKASTER} TOUR GUIDES KrujË is best known as the hometown of Albania’s na- tional hero, Skanderbeg from where the Ottomans were suc- cessfully resisted for nearly 35 year from 1443 until 1478. The castle of Kru- je was successfully defended in four sieges conducted by Ottoman forces before final capitulation shortly after the death of Gjergj Kastrioti (Skander- beg). The city’s name comes from the Alba- nian word for water source. Kruje is Gjirokaster a tourist attraction alongside a pan- oramic mountainside location. Some of the main points of interest include GjirokastËr, is a the Gjirokaster Castle. Many houses in Gjirokaster have a distinctive lo- the restored castle and citadel, the Skanderbeg Museum located inside city in southern cal style that has earned the city the nickname “City of the Stone", because the castle, and the old restored bazaar. The citadel includes a restored house Albania. Lying in most of the old houses have roofs cov- ered with stones. The city, along with from the Ottoman epoch that serves as the Ethnographic Museum. the historical Berat, were among the few Albanian cities that were preserved in the 1960s region of Epirus and 1970s from modernizing building programs. Both cities gained the status Gjirokaster is also the capital of both of “ museum town” and are UNESCO the Gjirokaster District and the larger World Heritage sites. Gjirokaster County. Its old town is in- scribed on the World Heritage List as “A rare example of well – preserved Ot- toman town, built by farmers of large estate.” Gjirokaster is situated in a val- ley between the Gjere mountains and the Drino River, at 300 meters above sea level. The city is overlooked by26 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 27
  14. 14. TRAVEL & {SHKODER} TOUR GUIDES Shkoder is one of the oldest and most historic towns in Albania. It is an important cultural and economic centre . The city and the surrounding area The most recognizable me- are blessed with a large variety of natural and cultural elements. The morial is the legendary cas- most attractive quarters of the city tle of Rozafa known also as are commonly thought to be Pjaca, identifiable as the main city centre be- Rozafati. tween statues of Mother Teresa and Lake Skadar is the biggest lake of Bal- Luigj Gurakuqi, and Gjuhadol, the SHKODER kans peninsula. It is a major summer neighborhood around one of the most attraction for tourists and inhabitants. scenic streets connecting the Cathe- dral on the east side of town with the middle of the city.28 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 29
  15. 15. TOP 10 MUSEUMS {MUSEUMS} National Photo National Museum of Gallery Marubi Scanderbegs Grave - Shkoder - Lezha Indipendence Museum - Vlore Indipendence Museum National Ethnographic - Vlore Museum -Berat30 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 31
  16. 16. TOP 10 MUSEUMS {MUSEUMS} National Museum of National Museum Onufri Medieval Arts - Berat - Korca National Education National Ethnographic Museum Museum - Korce - Kruje32 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 33
  17. 17. TOP 10 MUSEUMS {MUSEUMS} National Museum Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu -Kruja National Historic Museum - Tirana34 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 35
  18. 18. TOP 10 {BEACHES} beaches VLORA VELIPOJA This is an industrial and touristic port on the shores where the Adriatic and It is situated in Adriatic coastline in north Albania. The beach is surrounded by Ionian Seas meet. It has majestic mountains surrounding the town. Swimming is forest with pine trees. great here on this sandy beach. SHENGJIN HIMARA After the construction of a new road the access to the beach is easier nor and It is located half an hour south of Dhermi and offers the same clear waters and some ferries from nearby Italy are operating. shale beaches. The small town is surrounded by olive and citrus trees.36 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 37
  19. 19. TOP 10 {BEACHES} beaches DHERMI SARANDA It is located south of Vlora over the Llogora Pass National Park. It is a small piece It is located on the southern part of Albania, directly opposite to the Greek Island of paradise and people are starting to talk about it and it is also getting coverage of Corfu. It takes half an hour by ferry to ride between the two countries.Saranda from important travel publications. is a neat sand and pebble beach with crystal clear waters. Saranda Beach is be- coming very popular lately. Saranda Beaches in Albania are only 25 minutes from Corfu Greece. MALI I ROBIT SPILLE This one is one of the most popular beaches in the country attracting big crowds It is located south of Tirana west of Kavaje. This is a vast sandy beach and an during the high season. It is located less than an hour drive from the Capital city amazing pine forest near the beach. The waters are crystal clear, this beach is cre- of Tirana. ating lots of interest in new visitors.38 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 39
  20. 20. TOP 10 {BEACHES} beaches KSAMIL Some say that Ksamil Beach belongs among the Caribbean islands because of its powdery white sands and clear waters. It is located about 25 minutes drive south of Saranda Beach making it even closer to the Island of Corfu, Greece. Very close to this beach is located the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Butrinti. BORSH This is a small village with a breathtaking beach south of Saranda surrounded by olive groves.The waters are turquoise clear.40 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 41
  21. 21. HOTELS {TIRANA} IN ALBANIA TIRANA *** Chateaux Linza Chateau Linza Resort (Hotel & Res- taurant) is located just in the midst of a dynamic "Spectacular by Nature" . It offers a stunning environment that embodies the classic "Art of a Fine Ho- tel". **** On arrival to the hotel, it is apparent Situated in the very center of the capi- that Chateau Linza is a sanctuary that tal Tirana International Hotel & Con- Tirana International soothes the senses with its spectacular ference Center is the largest and the view, and a combination of traditional most flexible de-luxe hotel and Con- Hotel styled stones and wood work, with ference Center in Albania. modern art of construction of marble, stone, wood and glass, thus providing a dramatic counterpoint to the hotels stunning architecture and innovative design. *** Hotel Stela Hotel Stela a 3* Star property offering comfortable lodging for business trav- 4* Service. is located in the heart of Ti- elers and tourists alike. Located close rana, just 100m distance from the Scan- to the centre, this nice hotel offers you derbeg Square. This hotel has been the opportunity to explore better the carefully renovated and offers now delights of the capital Tirana.42 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 43
  22. 22. HOTELS {TIRANA} IN ALBANIA **** *** Diplomat Nirvana Hotel Hotel The Diplomat Hotel is located in the Nirvana Hotel offers a great many ser- heart of the city center,within easy reach vices and facilities,including a restau- of the business districts,government rant ,bar and conference rooms.The offices and embassies. staff are exceptionally friendly and **** helpful. Mondial Hotel **** Hotel Mondial Hotel is ideally situated just a promenade from the business and commercial districts.Recognized as one of the city’s warmest hotels and Doro City unique landmark,the Mondial Hotel offers guests an exceptional experience A hotel that defines tradition, prestige of Albania’s finest culture and service. and hospitality in a peaceful atmo- sphere. Hotel Doro City is the warm- **** est destination in Tirana. The hotel is ideally situated just a walking distance Monarc Hotel from the centre, cultural and tourist attractions. We offer a unique blend Is one of the most typically luxurious of Albanian hospitality and friendly Boutique Hotels frequented in Tirana. service which makes it the Inspired This hotel is located across the street Choice for Business or Pleasure. from Albania’s Parliament .It also of- fers views of Lana River.. ***** ***** Hotel Hotel Rogner Situated on the main boulevard of Ti- Sheraton rana with the many ministry build- ings, the Presidential Palace and major Tirana embassies within walking distance, The only branded five stars Sheraton the hotel has long become a meeting Tirana Hotel in Albania. Located with- place for the international world of in a shopping and entertainment com- business, politics and art. There are ex- plex in the heart of Tirana, it is also in ecutive hotels, and then there is Hotel easy reach of the citys many embas- Europapark in Tirana. sies and businesses.44 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 45
  23. 23. HOTELS IN ALBANIA DURRES SHKODRA Grand Hotel Adriatik Europa Hotel Grand Hotel Europa is a prestigious Adriatic Hotel –Once upon a time just luxury hotel situated in the heart of a dream.Lying by the sea.Close to har- Shkodra offering its guests the atmo- bour ,airport and Tirana. Now an ide- sphere of a grand hotel with every al place for your vocation, events and modern amenity. conferences. Vila Colosseo Belvedere Hotel Spectacular Comfort,exceptional ser- Colosseo Hotel offers a wonderful vice and gracious people.Visit Vila combination of high standards,central Belvedere Hotel to make a world-class location and the traditional Albanian experience in the best Adriatic Resort. hospitability, it offers all modern com- forts associated with this rating .At Colosseo hotel you can relax in a quiet and comfort ambiance and enjoy ex- cellent quality food and service. Tropical Complex KUKES This hotel is located above the Adriatic Sea and presents a picture of breath- taking natural beauty, is a new com- plex in the Durres beach, in the area known as Plepa. america Hotel This charming hotel is centrally locat- ed in the heart of Kukes town.It offers Oaz Hotel relax,comfort and perfect service, so you will always be satisfied at Amer- The Oaz Hotel is located in a quite ica Hotel. area where you can relax and reorga- nize yourself in peace. You will find our staff very friendly.46 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 47
  24. 24. HOTELS IN ALBANIA FIER HIMARA Hotel Fieri Rapos Resort Hotel is located in the heart of Fier.Is the biggest and the most recognized Hotel hotel in this city. It offers an unmatched Rapos Resort hotel is situated one km service. from the seaside town of Himara in the Albanian Riviera where the or- SARANDA ange groves combine with the beauti- ful deep blue colour of the sea. Butrinti Hotel KORÇA The five star Butrinti Hotel lies on the beautiful Albanian coast at Saranda, on the Ionian Sea. It is a luxury hotel Regency which offers a great service and many facilities. Hotel The Regency hotel in Korca is a three BERAT star hotel fully decorated with modern furniture and accessories that offers in- ternational standards.It is a charming Castle Park full service hotel located in the center of Korca. Hotel POGRADEC Castle Park Hotel is perched on top of a hill ,is fully of charm. It is nestled in the heart of a beautifulforest and of- fers truly spectacular views of Tomori Milenium mountain and the city of Berat. Hotel VLORA Millenium hotel is a new modern look- ing hotel situated right on the shores of Ohrid Lake. The hotel is surrounded Vlora by a beautiful nature. GJIROKASTER International HOTEL Located on the main boulevard Kalemi Hotel extremity,near the main Port of South Kalemi hotel is a beautifully restored Albania,the hotel offers the most sce- hotel featuring balconies with sweep- nic views of Vlora Bay. ing views of the fortress.48 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 49
  25. 25. HOTELS IN ALBANIA FIER HIMARA Hotel Fieri Rapos Resort Hotel is located in the heart of Fier.Is the biggest and the most recognized Hotel hotel in this city. It offers an unmatched Rapos Resort hotel is situated one km service. from the seaside town of Himara in the Albanian Riviera where the or- SARANDA ange groves combine with the beauti- ful deep blue colour of the sea. Butrinti Hotel KORÇA The five star Butrinti Hotel lies on the beautiful Albanian coast at Saranda, on the Ionian Sea. It is a luxury hotel Regency which offers a great service and many facilities. Hotel The Regency hotel in Korca is a three BERAT star hotel fully decorated with modern furniture and accessories that offers in- ternational standards.It is a charming Castle Park full service hotel located in the center of Korca. Hotel POGRADEC Castle Park Hotel is perched on top of a hill ,is fully of charm. It is nestled in the heart of a beautifulforest and of- fers truly spectacular views of Tomori Milenium mountain and the city of Berat. Hotel VLORA Millenium hotel is a new modern look- ing hotel situated right on the shores of Ohrid Lake. The hotel is surrounded Vlora by a beautiful nature. GJIROKASTER International HOTEL Located on the main boulevard Kalemi Hotel extremity,near the main Port of South Kalemi hotel is a beautifully restored Albania,the hotel offers the most sce- hotel featuring balconies with sweep- nic views of Vlora Bay. ing views of the fortress.50 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 51
  26. 26. tours {5 DAYS TOUR} 5 Days 4th Day. Kruja Breakfast at the hotel tour Departure to Tirana, accommodation at the hotel, Lunch and then free time at leisure. Tirana-Berat- Saranda- In the afternoon departure to Kruja city. We will visit : Kruja • “The Museum of our National Hero Scanderbeg”. 2nd Day. Berat 3rd Day. Sarande 1st Day. Tirana • “Ethnographic Museum”. Breakfast at the hotel. Breakfast at the hotel. Arrival in "Mother Teresa" airport • Old Bazaar with characteristic meeting with our representative, trans- Departure from Tirana to Berat city. Departure to Saranda. streets. fer andaccommodation at 4* hotel. Return to Tirana. During the trip you will admire Located in central Albania, Be- the beautiful view of Albanian Dinner and overnight in Tirana. After lunch, city tour of Tirana: rat bears witness to the coexis- Riviera. tence of various religious and Saranda, the gateway to the • Scanderbeg Square, Scanderbeg cultural communities down the southern Albania, is a small 5th Day Tirana statue, the Clock Tower built in centuries. It features a castle, town located between high 1830. Breakfast at the hotel . locally known as the Kala, most mountain and the Ionian Sea. • Visit to the National History Mu- of which were built in the 13th It offers a unique atmosphere Free time until the transfer to the air- seum which offers to see its 4750 century, although its origins and style that steels the heart of port. historical objects. date back to the 4th century all its visitors. • A visit in the Gallery of Fine Arts, BC. All the houses have “many Accomodation at hotel Butrinti which End of our services! then a city walk through Boulevard windows” therefore it is called is a five stars hotel. “ Deshmoret e Kombit”(main sight- “the thousand windows city “ seeing) The Palace of Congresses, Departure to visit Butrinti. Mother Teresa square. A picturesque road links Sa- Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner and overnight in Tirana. randa with the archaeological centre of Butrint. The city of The tour starts with the visit of Berat Butrinti (Bothrota) is one of the city: fragments which form the fab- ric of Albanias ancient cultur- • Berat Castle( 2400 yrs old). al landscape.Butrint is a major • Characteristic houses. archeological site in Albania. It • Iconographic Museum "Onufri". has been included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. 5th Day Tirana • Ethnographic Museum and St. Ma- ria Cathedral After lunch , proceed to visit the Cas- Breakfast at the hotel . tle of Lekuresi. Free time until the transfer to the air- • After Lunch, optional trip to the canyons of Osumi River. port. Dinner and overnight in Berat. Dinner and overnight in Saranda. End of our services!52 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 53
  27. 27. tours {4 DAYS TOUR} Butrinti (Bothrota) is one of the 4 Days fragments which form the fab- ric of Albanias ancient cultur- tour al landscape. Butrint is a major archeological site in Albania. It has been included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO. Tirana-Fieri- Vlora- Saranda After lunch visit “The Castle of Lekuresi.” 1st Day. Tirana Dinner and overnight in Saranda. Arrival in "Mother Teresa" airport meeting with our representative, trans- • Proceed in a panoramic walking fer andaccommodation at hotel. at the side of “Uji i Ftohte” (Cold Water) • We will visit also “The Ethno- After lunch, city tour of Tirana: graphic Museum” • Scanderbeg Square, Scanderbeg Tourists visit its numerous objects Dinner at the hotel with traditional statue, the Clock Tower built in very frequently. Among these are: food. 1830. • Marvelous Façade of Bouleterion Overnight in Vlora. • Visit to the National History Mu- Theatre seum which offers to see its 4750 historical objects. • Nympheum (monumental foun- tain) 3rd Day. Saranda • A visit in the Gallery of Fine Arts, • The Museum of Apolonia Breakfast at the hotel. then a city walk through Boulevard “ Deshmoret e Kombit”(main sight- Museum of Apolonia has 7 pa- Departure to Saranda. seeing) The Palace of Congresses, vilions, a gallery and 2 porticos. During the trip you will enjoy Mother Teresa square. Here are exhibited different ob- the beautiful view of Albanian Dinner and overnight in Tirana. jects that testify to the history Riviera. Saranda, the gateway of Apolonia. In the ancient city to the southern Albania, is a of Apolonia there are many an- small town located between cient mosaics. In the complex high mountain and the Ionian 2nd Day. of Apolonia there is also the Sea. It offers a unique atmo- Monastery of Saint Mary. sphere and style that steels the Fier - Vlore Lunch in a local restaurant. heart of all its visitors. Breakfast at the hotel. Proceed to Vlora city. • Accomodation at hotel Butrinti, 4th Day. Tirana Departure to visit an ancient city. which is a five stars hotel. Vlora enjoys a beautiful posi- Breakfast at the hotel. Apolonia which is situated 12 tion because it is the gateway Departure to visit Butrinti. • Departure to Tirana city. km away from Fieri, It was to the Albania Riviera,which A picturesque road links Sa- founded in 588 BC on a hill is the gem of Albania Tourist • Transfer to the airport. randa with the archaeological near the sea. places. centre of Butrint. The city of End of our services !54 www.rm-agency.al www.rm-agency.al 55