Draft results of austrian albanian days


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Draft results of austrian albanian days

  1. 1. A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s 2013 European  Albania.  This  topic  will  be  handled  in  same  way   like  the  2013  annual  lead  topic  for  road  safety  and  ASA  has   decided  to  develop  a  10  point  refrom  agenda  for  the  educ-­ tion  sector  and  work  with  the  Austrian  and  ALbanian  stake-­ holders  to  develop  this  and  present  this  to  the  public  on  a   weekend  of  March  in  Vlora.  tbc Opening  of  2.  Austrian  Albanian  Days 15  of  October  2013 The  second  Austrian  Albanian  Days  have  been  build   on  the  major  success  of  the  same  event  in  october   2012.   Please   see   the   Annual   report   of   ASA   2012.   This   year   the   AAD   were   honored   by   the   visit   of   Dr   Busek.     European   Education   European   Albania   was   the   title   for   the   workshop   for   the   start   of   the   AAD.   The  objective  being  to  present  the  2013  Annual  Lead   topic  of  ASA  to  the  leading  education  establishment   of   Albania.   Education   is   the   key   for   Europe   and   Dr   Busek  shared  his  perspective  with  Minister  for  Edu-­ cation  Mrs.  Nikolla  and  Minister  for  Innovation  Mrs.   Harito   and   Mr.   Fate   Velaj,   the   adviser   of   PM   Rama   for  cultural  diplomacy.  The  workshop  was  started  by   the  coorganisers  Mrs  Brunilda  Noka,  President  of  IG   Alpbach  Albania  with  a  presentation  for  about  Forum   Alpbach  and  the  Albanian  Alpbach  group.  Lindita  Ko-­ mani  followed  with  her  input  as  the  coordinator  for   the  2014  Annual  Lead  Topic  European  Education  for   Dr  Busek  during  his  speech  at  the  Round  Table p  22
  2. 2. 2 . Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s Minister  Harito,  Dr  Busek,  Minister  Nikolla,  Fate  Velaj 10  Key  Reform  Issues  -­  Austrian  Best  Practise   for  Albania  for  2014  ASA  Annual  Topic . The  audience  of  the  Round  Table  European  Education  2014 p  23
  3. 3. bunker event A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s 2013 Launching  of  CultureBunker@Rogner   Dr  Busek  visiting  Enver  Hoxha  Bunker Dr  Busek  at  the  way  to  Bunker Maks  Velo  and  Dr  Busek  and  the  KAPA  delegation.  Kapa  is  the  organis-­ tion  which  is  developing  the  culture@bunker@rogner  project  with  sup-­ port  of  POLIS  University  and  ASA  and  many  more  partners  who  would   like  to  see  this  great  project  realised.  This  is  an  open  call  to  support   this  great  project  to  face  the  tragic  past  of  Albania  and  turn  it  into  its   future  and  create  an  open  space  for  the  youth,  the  culture  and  in  a  way   for  the  future  of  a  European  Albania  open  for  all  who  want  to  be  part  of   this  future.  Please  see  more  online  and  please  support  this  project.    It  was  quite  a  moment  to  enter  this  underground p  24
  4. 4. 2 . Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s Dr  Busek  in  the  Enver  Hoxha  Bunker  and  the  delegation.  it   was  great  to  hear  Dr  Busek  positive  assessment  of  the  proj-­ ect  and  as  well  Austria  and  Germany  have  a  bunker  past   and  managed  to  face  it  ,  cope  with  it  and  transform  it  into  a   European  reality  based  on  freedom  and  openess. p  25
  5. 5. A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s Dr  Busek  receiving  the  ASA  Life  Time  Award   for  Austrian  Albanian  Friendship Maks  Velo  told  Mr.  Busek   that  he  had  to  serve  20   years   in   Enver   Hoxhas   prison   just   for   being   an   artist  and  Dr  Busek  was   very   touched   by   this   destiny   and  thankful  for   the   award   from   such   a   personlity.  Dr  Busek  was   honored   as   well   by   the   speeches   of   his   friends   for   20   years   Genc   Pollo   and  Fate  Velaj  who  hon-­ ored   him   at   this   special   evening   for   all   of   us   and  an  occassion  to  say   thank  you  to  Dr  Busek. ASA  Gala  Dinner  ASA  2013  AWARD  Ceremony Dr.  Ehard  Busek  was  awared  the  2013  ASA  Life   Time   Achievement   Award   for   Austrian   Albanian   Friendship   for   his   major   contribution   for   Alba-­ nian   And   Austrian   relation.   The   Laudatio   was   delivered  by  the  OSCE  Ambassador  Mag  Florian   Raunig  in  a  excellent  manner  honoring  the  great   achievments  of  Dr  Busek  for  Albania  and  espe-­ cially  for  supporting    the  return  of  the  Skander-­ beg  regalia  for  the  100  years  exhibition,  it  was  a   great  speech.    Mr.  Busek  was  presented  with  a   statute  created  for  this  special  moment  by  Maks   Velo  a  leading  artist  of  Albania  who  had  to  serve   20   year   in   the   most   terrible   prison   of   Albania,   in  Spacz  just  for  being  an  artist.  Maks  Velo  had   heard  about  the  great  support  for  freedom  and   the   vision   of   a   free   Europe   of   Dr   Busek   and   it   was  a  pleasure  for  him  to  do  this  piece  of  arts. Maks  Velo  handing  over  the  award   designed  for  Dr  Busek Ambassador  Raunig,  Genc  Pollo,  MP  and  Fate  Velaj   p  26 Minister  Pollo  at  his  dinner  speech
  6. 6. Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s Dr.  Marianne  Graf,  20  years  helping  Albania   At  the  ASA  2013  Galadinner  Dr  Mariann  Graf  was  hon-­ ored  with  the  ASA  2013  Award  for  Social  and  Charity   Achievements.  The  award  has  given  to  Dr  Graf  for  her   major  contribution  to  support  the  rurual  poor  in  north-­ ern  Albania  over  the  last  20  years.  Mrs.  Graf  has  done   a   unique   contribution   for   Albania   and   ASA   was   hon-­ ored  that  Mrs.  Graf  has  accepted  the  award  and  ASA   and  the  members  have  donated  1000  Euro. Dr  Marianne  Graf  receiving  the  ASA  Award  2013 The  participants  of  teh  ASA  GALA  Dinner  2013 President  Fritz  Felsinger  and  Ambassador  Raunig  at  ASA  Gala Maks  Velo,  explaining  the  ASA  Award  2013 p  27
  7. 7. A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s 2013 Dr  Busek  congratulating  for   the  EU  Candidtate  status President  Bujar  Nishani  opening  the   Austrian  Albanian  Days  2013 On  the  16th  of  October  HE  Bujar  Nishani,  President   of  the  Republic  of  Albania  honored  Austria,  Dr  Busek   and  ASA  and  all  co  organisers  with  opening  the  2nd   Austrian  Albanian  Days  in  Albania.  ASA  is  very  grate-­ ful  that  the  President  honored  us  on  this  special  day   when  the  decision  of  the  EU  Commission  to  grant  the   candidate   status   to   Albania   was   made   public.   ASA   was  very  honored  that  the  Foreign  Minister  of  Alba-­ nia    HE  Ditmir  Bushati  gave  us  the  honor  to  speak  on   the  Austria  and  Albanian  relation  and  was  declaring   that  the  joint  economic   committee  will  be  rees-­ tablished   to   work   and   even   intensify   the   bi-­ lateral  relation  between   Austria   and   Albania.   It   was   a   great   day   for   us   and  a  special  occassion   and  thanks  to  all.   Elena  Kocaqi,  presenting  her  book  on  the  role  of  Austria  in  1912   President  Nishani  and  Dr  Busek    -­sharing  European  perspectives p  28
  8. 8. 2 . Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s HE  President  Bujar  Nishani  receiving  the  ASA  2013  Status  report   on  Austrian  Albanian  relations HE  Ditmir  Bushati,  Foreign  Minister  of  the  Republik  of  Alnbania Celebrating  the  EU  Candidate  status   recommendation  of  EU  Commission  for  Albania it  was  a  great  pleasure  on  this  special  moment  to  discuss   the  European  perspectives  of  Albania  with  such  high  level   personalities  and  to  present  the  project  of  a  strategic  part-­ nership  between  Austria  and  Albania  as  the  right  option  for   Albania  now  at  the  moment  when  Albania  is  getting  a  green   light   for   EU   accession.   This   concept   of   presented   by   Geri   Selenica   from   the   Albanian   Cen-­ ter  fro  strategic  studies  and  based   on   the   research   of   Elena   Kocaqi   who   wrote   the   book   on   the   role   of   Austria   in   establishing   Albania   in  1912.  All  this  is  documented  in   the   2013   status   report   on   Austri-­ an  Albanian  Friendship  which  has   handed  over  by  ASA  to  President   Bujar  Nishani  on  the  occassion  of   the  2.  Austrian  Albanian  Days.   Skender  Thaci  from  Marianne  Graf  Society  and  the  Mayor  of  Ka-­ mza  Mr.  Mrizu  honoring  President  Bujar  Nishani http://asa.org.al/repository/docs/ASA_ status_report_2013_web_786415.pdf The  audience  of  the  AAD  Opening  by  President  Bujar  Nishani p  29
  9. 9. A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s 2013 Peter  Simoner,  CEO  of  Austrian  Lotteries  Albania Alexander  Zsolnai,   delivering  his  analysis   of  the  current  trends  in   the  Albanian  economy   from  the  view  of  the   largest  bank  in  Albania.   during  the  economic   panel  of  the  2.AAD   2013 Austria  Business  in  Albania Here  to  stay  -­  ready  to  invest,  but  VAT... The  2013  AAD  economic   panel  was  kicked  off  by   Gerhard   Schlattl   from   WKO,   Advantage   Aus-­ tria   with   the   presention   of   the   economic   busi-­ ness   climate   survey   of   Austrian   Business   in   Albania.   Later   Dietmar   Reiner   from   Verbund   presented   the   Ashta   project.   Peter  Simoner  the  Lottery  Albania.  Alexander  Zsolna,   Raiffeisen.  Fitnete  Sulaj,  INTERSIG,  Thomas  Haneder   TPA  Howarth,  Christian  Braunig,  CONFIDA.  Prof  Pa-­ pagkikas  TUV  Austria,  Fatbardh  Cungu,  ENSO  Hydro   Albania.  ASA  was  especially  honored  the  the  speech   of   Deputy   Minister   Brunilda   Paskalli   and   the   pres-­ ence  of  the  newly  appointed  Director  of  the  Albanian   Tax  Agency  Mrs.  Brisida  Shehaj.  Austrian  business  is   committed  for  Albania  and  this  is  a  strong  basis.   Mrs  Fitnete  Sulaj  making  a  strong  case  for  VAT  refrom  for  insurance   sector p  30
  10. 10. 2 . Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s Austrian  business  in  Albania  -­  Deputy  Minister  Brunilda  Paskalli  and  Brisida  Shehaj,  Director  of  Tax  Agency  and  the  Economic  panelist Deputy  Minister  Brunilda  Paskalli  and  Brisida  Shehaj,  Director  of  Tax  Agency,  Alexander  Zsolnai,  Deputy  CEO  of  Raiffeisen  Albania,  Sokol  Abazaj   and  Fritz  Felsinger  at  the  Interview,  above  the  panel  during  the  presentation  of  Gerhard  Schlattl,  WKO  and  Advantage  Austria  presenting  the   survey  results  on  the  business  climate  for  Austrian  companies  in  Albania.  The  message  was  clear  that  Austrian  companies  are  very  committed   but  concerned  by  the  VAT  issues,  the  corruption  and  skills  level  and  the  current  issue  of  illliquidity.  It  is  time  for  reforms. p  31
  11. 11. A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s 2013 Marseda  Allajbeu,  Towards  a  pedestrian  Myslim  Shyri. This  will  be  a  transformational  project  for  Tirana Regions  -­  key  for  prosperity A  call  for  more  regional  partnership Mrs.  Uli  Bega,   Adviser  for   strategic   projects  of  the   Tirana  mu-­ nicipality  and   Board  Member   of  DIHA  at  the   Round  Table Regions  are   the   key   for   Austrian   propserity   and   re-­ gional  development  is  a  focus  of  many  Austrian  proj-­ ects   in   Albania   and   as   well   a   strong   debate   at   the   moment  in  Albania.  The  workshop  was  therefor  very   timely  and  well  received.  Astrid  Wein  from  ADA  pre-­ sented  the  achievement  of  ADA  in  this  sector. Sokol  Abazaj,  Coordinator  for  Regional  projects  Austria  Albania Astrid  Wein,  outlining  the  achievments  of  ADA  in  Albania p  32
  12. 12. 2 . Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s Gerhard  Schlattl,  Opening  the  WKO  Advantage  Austria  reception  wel-­ coming  the  participants  the  trade  mission  and  all  partners  and  friends A  great  networking  evening  for  more  investments  to  come A  great  evening  for  all  friends  of  Austria  in  Albania p  33
  13. 13. A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s Minister  Haxhinasto  and  President  of  OEMATC  Mr.  Werner  Kraus well  the  closing  event  of  the  ASA  2013  road  safety  annual   lead  topic  under  the  partonage  of  the  President  of  the  Re-­ public  HE  Bujar  Nishani  who  has  launched  this  lead  topic  at   the  POLIS  conference  in  March  with  a  great  speech  for  safer   roads.  ASA  commotted  itself  to  promote  the  Austrian  model   of  a  multistaekhodler  road  safet  council  carried  by  the  in-­ surance   industry   and   the   automobile   club   and   it   was   an   honor  that  the  President  of  the  OEAMTC  Mr.  Werner  Kraus   was   coming   to   mark   the   occassion   and   honor   it.   Thanks.   Launching  Event  of  the  Albanian  Road   Safety  Council   In  the  framework  of  the  2.  AAD  the  launching  of  the   Albanian  Road  Safety  Council  was  a  key  and  hopeful   transformational  milestone.  In  the  presence  of  Minis-­ ter  Haxhinasto  who  delivered  a  passionate  appeal  for   safer  road  and  outlined  his  stragey  for  road  safety    in   English  to  honor  the  Austrian  participants  the  Alba-­ nian  road  safety  council  was  established.  This  was  as   The   audience   of   the   ASA   ARSC   road   Safety  launching  event  at  POLIS President  Werner  Kraus  of  OEAMTC  at  his  speech p  34 Minister  Haxhinasto
  14. 14. Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s President  of  OEMATC  Werer  Kraus  and  TUV  Austria   Albania  and  WIFI  Austria  Albania  and  the  Austrian The  Austrian  Road  Safety  Board  was  represented  by  Dr  Ar-­ min  Kaltenegger  and  Prof  Hauger  and  the  VVO  the  Austrian   Insurance   Association   by   Christina   Wuehrer   and   the   Aus-­ trian  Ministry  of  Infrastructure  by  DI  Alexander  Nowotny.  All   of  this  delegation  have  been  in  Tirana  as  well  in  March  and   all  of  them  expressed  their  happiness  of  the  concrete  follow   up  that  it  was  possible  to  launch  the  Albanian  Road  Safety   council  on  the  17th  of  October  with  the  support  of  most  of   the  Albanian  insurance  companies  and  the  Albanian  Austo-­ mobil  club  led  by  President  Niko  Leka  and  his  SG  Eno  Zeneli   who  both  are  board  members  of  the  ARSC.  Further  board   mebers   are   Lindita   Komani,   Gunther   Fehlinger,   Shkumbin   Brestovci   and   Ervin   Xhaferaj.   The   ARSC   is   led   by   Fitnete   Sualj  who  is  as  well  the  President  of  the  Albanian  Insurance   Association  and  shareholder  of  INTERSIG,  part  of  the  VIG   group.   Mrs.   Sulaj   was   great   supporter   and   managed   that   most  of  the  CEO  of  the  Albanian  insuracnes  were  presents   at  the  launching  event  and  most  of  them  were  ready  to  sign   a  public  committment  to  support  the  ARSC  and  so  contrib-­ ute  to  make  road  safer  in  Albania.  ASA  is  very  grateful  for   this  and  as  well  that  the  OEMATC  and  the  VVO  were  there   -­ sible.  But  it  is  still  a  fragile  start  and  more  support  is  needed   and  welcome.  Please  support  safer  roads  in  Albania.   p  35
  15. 15. A u s t r i a n -A l b a n i a n Da y s The  signing  of  the   LOI   between   KFV   and   ARSC   by   Dr   Kaltenegger,   KFV   and   Mrs.   Fitnete   Sulaj   the   Presi-­ dent  of  ARSC,  and   of   the   Albanian   Insurance   Indus-­ try   Association.   A   great   moment   for   safer   roads   in   Al-­ bania.   On  the  17th  of  October  the  most  of  the  Albanian  insuracne   companies  and  many  key  supporters  and  syakeholder  and   friends   have   signed   the   road   safety   manifesto   for   SAFER   ROAD  2013  -­EUROPEAN  ALBANIA  and  so  manifested  their   the  public  signatures  at  the  visible  table  on  the  left.  ARSC   will   now   contact   all   other   friends   and   stakeholders   in   teh   coming  week  to  join  and  support  safer  road  and  we  will  or-­ ganise  and  round  table  with  the  Government  to  present  the   Albanian   Road   Safety   Agenda   for   the   next   years   to   come   this  occassion  as  well  the  KFV  represented  by  Dr  Kalteneg-­ ger   and   the   new   ARSC   signed   a   LOI   to   committ   itself   for   full  cooperation,  information  exchange  and  development  of   join  projects  for  fully  rolling  out  the  road  safety  council  and   work   closely   together   in   teh   coming   years.   it   was   as   well   agreed  to  work  closey  with  Kosovo  Road  Safety  Forum  and   wih  the  partners  in  Macedonia  and  Montenegro.  it  can  be   concluded  that  it  was  a  good  day  for  safer  roads  and  as  well   Mr.  Mehmetn  Krasniqi  from  the  Kosovo  Road  Safety  Forum   and  the  Prof  Papagkikas  from  TUV  Austria  Albania  as  well   as  WIFI  Albania  Hans  Spernbauer  and  Albi  Greva  from  Vo-­ dafone  Foundation  Albania  were  happy  to  be  there  and  so   there  is  a  good  team  of  the  right  stakeholder  for  safer  roads p  36
  16. 16. Aus tria n- Al b a n i a n Da y s A  great  moment.  The  signing  of  the  ARSC  declaration  for  safer  roads,  most  of  the  Albanian  Insuracne  insdustry  is  siging  the  ARSC  establish-­ ment.  Please  see  the  delegation  of  the  Albanian  Insurance  Industry  on  the  right  and  the  ARCS  Board  and  the  Austrian  Delegation  and  the  key   speakers  of  the  event  on  the  right  and  President  Sulaj  in  the  center  with  President  Werner  Kraus  of  OEMATC.  ASA  thanks  all  of  the  supporters   The  new  board  of  the  ARSC  after  the  conference Mrs.  Sulaj,  the  new  President  of  the  Albanian  Road   Safety  Council  and  Dr.  Armin  Kaltenegger,  KFV   after  the  siging  of  the  LOI  between  KFV  and  ARSC p  37