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Digital marketing & e-commerce strategies for hotels

Maximize your hotel profitability … through our digital marketing strategies, focused on the hotel industry needs.
-Attract guests from all over the world
-Increase your occupancy rate
-Increase your direct reservations’ number
-Improve your notoriety
-Improve your online reputation

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Digital marketing & e-commerce strategies for hotels

  2. 2. MAXIMIZE YOUR HOTEL PROFITABILITY … through our digital marketing strategies, focused on the hotel industry needs. CONTACT US WATCH OUR VIDEO - Attract guests from all over the world Increase your occupancy rate Increase your direct reservations’ number Improve your notoriety Improve your online reputation
  3. 3. Tiago Matos Fernandes Tiago Matos Fernandes is a web copywriter at HotelBuzz, a hotel digital marketing agency, and he is responsible for the contents’ creation and publication. He works as text editor for various media, such as text articles, e-books, social networks and websites, among others. He also contributes to the website, blogs and social media company optimization. Tiago is has a degree in Advertisement and Public Relations and worked at EPD’s back and front office. He is passionate about creative writing and communications. His academic background and interest are oriented to marketing communication techniques.
  4. 4. INDEX • INTRODUCTION • THE CHALLENGE • THE QUESTION • THE SOLUTION Strong Presence on the Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website Social Networks E-Commerce Tools Online Reputation Management Analysis and Statistical results
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION Our time is being marked by a new digital era, which has been giving larges steps in what concerns the new tendencies’ creation, new demand and new needs. The goal? Looking for new answers. Nowadays the new technologies are turning the digital field into a privileged communication way, not only due to its innovative dynamic but also due to its worldwide character. The Internet and its digital channels allow a new world full of different possibilities to connect and communicate with each others.
  6. 6. THE CHALLENGE At a time where there is a high informational demand, it is important to be ready to satisfy our customers’ needs as well as the market requirements. It is equally important to know how to identify the existing services and to come up with a unique, innovative and differentiating solution, to affront this competitive market. This is the best way to fight against the powerful and ferocious rivals, which finally will lead to success. In a such saturated industry, it is vital to hotels to emphasize on both quality and efficiency. At this point, marketing can create the ultimate difference, hence will bring diverse benefits in regards to management, sales and business profitability.
  7. 7. THE QUESTION Why is it so important to invest in hotel marketing? And how will digital marketing be a crucial factor on deciding the business strategy? These questions can be resumed in one simple question. When we talk about marketing for hotels, we talk about not only on the necessity to increase the services purchase interest, but also about the potential of developing the customers feeling's security. The truth is that while the customer did not enjoy a stay at your hotel, he is unable to know what he is buying. It is based on this idea that a web marketing strategy well prepared will bring decisive advantages to your hotel, and will have an important influence on the customer purchase decision.
  8. 8. SOLUTIONS Now lets present some examples, which show how to improve your business through the benefit of these digital channels.
  9. 9. STRONG PRESENCE ON THE INTERNET Having a strong presence on the Internet is becoming increasingly important, taking into account that it enables a bigger market reach. By other words: it will help your hotel to be present in every point of the world and receive direct reservations from more people. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) It optimizes your positioning in the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bingo, etc), increases the visibility and the traffic to your website and consequently, improves the occupancy rate of your hotel.
  10. 10. WEBSITE The website is the welcome door of your hotel to the world, therefore the web page should be able to transmit to the customer a positive feeling of the arrival moment in your hotel. With an attractive designed, well structured, intuitive and easily navigable website, with splendid photos and videos., the customer could visualizing all the unique moments, which your hotel provides. SOCIAL NETWORKS Be strongly present in social networks, through an efficient interactivity, enables not only a strong way for content sharing, but also it allows your hotel creating a close relationship with yours followers, more durable bonds, and will help you to promote your customers loyalty.
  11. 11. E-COMMERCE TOOLS The web is a fantastic way to implement business strategies, such as launching new campaigns or promotions, making communication substantially wider, cheaper, faster and more effective. Let’s take a deeper look now into the main hotel e-commerce tools like the Channel Manager and the Booking Engine: The Channel Manager allows you to automatically receive reservations in your PMS – Property management system, and distribute simultaneously all your room availabilities through all major booking channels, such as' ',' ',' ", etc. For its part, the Booking Engine provides you the possibility to increase the number of direct bookings through your website and Facebook, reducing this way, the commissions paid to these same distribution channels.
  12. 12. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT It allows you to view and control reviews, opinions and suggestions made ​by users. With improvements in compliance you could achieve a better level of satisfaction of your guests and thus boost your online reputation and improve your image and notoriety. ANALYSIS AND STATISTICS RESULTS It allows you to control and improve your online presence on the internet. By having access to metrics that matters, it will be easy for you to make reports and support your decision process with effectiveness.
  13. 13. IMPROVE, MAXIMIZE, MONETIZE… These are just some examples where digital marketing and e-commerce may be useful for the promotion, enhancement and profitability of your hotel. Thanks to digital marketing you’ll find the key to put your hotel stand out from others. Find an essential support to improve your image, reputation and renown, and make your business more profitable.
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