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Top Ten Hotel Trends 2020

Hotel 2030 is a cross-sector platform that acts as a catalyst for open discussion on the possible changes facing the hospitality industry and associated innovations for hotels over the next 15 to 20 years.

As we explore potential changes, we see some trends having increasing impact. Based on discussion and feedback from hospitality companies, tourism experts and government bodies around the world, this summary shares insights on shifts by 2020.

The ten most significant trends that are seen as potentially impacting hotels in 2020 are:

African Travellers
500m new middle class in Africa require accessible hotel accommodation for both work and leisure across the continent
Co-Branded Experiences
Hotels partner with established consumer brands to deliver leading-edge, repeatable co-branded experiences
Dynamic Pricing
Transparent real-time pricing reflects personal ability to pay and enhances yield optimization across the service sector
Faith Compliance
More organizations flex their processes and proactively switch to become compliant with cultural norms and experiences
Female Centricity
New experiences are designed, and established ones reinvented, with the influential female population’s needs at the core
Final Frontiers
Increasing interest and participation in remote journeys drive more of us to seek to access the inaccessible
New Forms of Ownership
Shared co-operatives, partnerships and membership funding business models replace franchising and direct ownership
Smart Buildings
Increasingly intelligent, self-monitoring buildings set new standards as big data is shared between operations and providers
Upstream Insight
Companies and networks have, and act on, very early insight on future intent to travel and customise services to suit
Waste Reuse
Seeing waste as a resource and encouraging its reuse within the footprint shifts many towards the circular economy

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Top Ten Hotel Trends 2020

  2. 2. Introduc9on  |  Hotel  2030   Hotel  2030  is  a  cross-­‐sector  plaEorm  that  acts  as  a  catalyst  for  open   discussion  on  the  possible  changes  facing  the  hospitality  industry   and  associated  innova9ons  for  hotels  over  the  next  15  to  20  years.       As  we  explore  poten9al  changes,  we  see  some  trends  having   increasing  impact.  Based  on  discussion  and  feedback  from   hospitality  companies,  tourism  experts  and  government  bodies   around  the  world,  this  summary  shares  insights  on  shiTs  by  2020.     Please  find  following  “the  top  ten  hotel  trends  for  2020”      @hotel2030  
  3. 3. The  Top  Ten  Hotel  Trends  For  2020   The  ten  most  significant  trends  that  are  seen  as  potenEally  impacEng  hotels  in  2020  are:   African  Travellers   §  500m  new  middle  class  in  Africa  require  accessible  hotel  accommoda9on  for  both  work  and  leisure  across  the  con9nent   Co-­‐Branded  Experiences   §  Hotels  partner  with  established  consumer  brands  to  deliver  leading-­‐edge,  repeatable  co-­‐branded  experiences   Dynamic  Pricing   §  Transparent  real-­‐9me  pricing  reflects  personal  ability  to  pay  and  enhances  yield  op9miza9on  across  the  service  sector   Faith  Compliance   §  More  organiza9ons  flex  their  processes  and  proac9vely  switch  to  become  compliant  with  cultural  norms  and  experiences   Female  Centricity   §  New  experiences  are  designed,  and  established  ones  reinvented,  with  the  influen9al  female  popula9on’s  needs  at  the  core   Final  FronEers   §  Increasing  interest  and  par9cipa9on  in  remote  journeys  drive  more  of  us  to  seek  to  access  the  inaccessible   New  Forms  of  Ownership   §  Shared  co-­‐opera9ves,  partnerships  and  membership  funding  business  models  replace  franchising  and  direct  ownership     Smart  Buildings   §  Increasingly  intelligent,  self-­‐monitoring  buildings  set  new  standards  as  big  data  is  shared  between  opera9ons  and  providers   Upstream  Insight   §  Companies  and  networks  have,  and  act  on,  very  early  insight  on  future  intent  to  travel  and  customise  services  to  suit   Waste  Reuse   §  Seeing  waste  as  a  resource  and  encouraging  its  reuse  within  the  footprint  shiTs  many  towards  the  circular  economy  
  4. 4. African  Travellers  
  5. 5. Co-­‐Branded  Experiences  
  6. 6. Dynamic  Pricing  
  7. 7. Faith  Compliance  
  8. 8. Female  Centricity  
  9. 9. Final  Fron9ers  
  10. 10. New  Forms  of  Ownership  
  11. 11. Smart  Buildings  
  12. 12. Up-­‐steam  Insight  
  13. 13. Waste  Re-­‐Use  
  14. 14. Further  Informa9on  and  Contact   Hotel  2030  is  a  cross-­‐sector  plaEorm  that  aims  to  act  as  a  catalyst  for  open   discussion  on  the  possible  changes  facing  the  hospitality  industry  and   associated  innova9on  opportuni9es  for  hotels  over  the  next  15  to  20  years.       For  more  informa9on  about  the  program       For  the  top  ten  trends  for  2014  please  see:­‐ten-­‐hotel-­‐trends-­‐2014?       To  par9cipate  in  the  discussion:  @hotel2030     If  you  have  any  ques9ons  on  this  programme  or  the  key  trends