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Top Ten Hotel Trends 2014

Hotel 2030 is a cross-sector platform that acts as a catalyst for open discussion on the possible changes facing the hospitality industry and associated innovations for hotels over the next 15 to 20 years.

As we explore potential long term changes for hotels, we see some trends having increasing impact in the shorter term. These are based on feedback from hospitality companies, tourism experts and government bodies around the world.

Please find on the following slides the top ten hotel trends for 2014.

Cross-Generational Travel
Flexible Public Spaces
Indian Tourists
Gambling Vacations
Mass Personalization
Medical Tourism
Multi branded Hotels
Responsible Tourism
Transparent Pricing
Urban Resorts

These are summarised in this presentation and detailed further in the original hotel 2030 emerging trends deck

Top Ten Hotel Trends 2014

  1. 1. 10          2014   The   Top   Hotel     Trends   The  Top  Ten  Hotel  Trends  For  2014  |  Global  Changes  Impac<ng  Hospitality  
  2. 2. Hotel  2030  is  a  cross-­‐sector  pla7orm  that  acts  as  a  catalyst  for  open   discussion  on  the  possible  changes  facing  the  hospitality  industry   and  associated  innova*ons  for  hotels  over  the  next  15  to  20  years.       As  we  explore  poten*al  long  term  changes  for  hotels,  we  see  some   trends  having  increasing  impact  in  the  shorter  term.  These  are  based   on  feedback  from  hospitality  companies,  tourism  experts  and   government  bodies  around  the  world.       Please  find  on  the  following  slides  the  top  ten  hotel  trends  for  2014.      @hotel2030   Introduc*on  |  Hotel  2030  
  3. 3. The  Top  Ten  Hotel  Trends  For  2014   The  ten  most  significant  trends  we  see  impac<ng  hotels  in  2014  are:   Cross-­‐Genera<onal  Travel   §  New  group  mixes  taking  vaca*ons  together  bringing  travellers  across  families  and  wider  communi*es   Flexible  Public  Spaces   §  More  open  lobby  and  lounge  areas  that  encourage  mul*ple  use  paNerns  by  guests  and  non-­‐guests  alike   Indian  Tourists   §  Scaling  up  of  long-­‐distance  outbound  tourism  from  India  connec*ng  to  the  diaspora  and  beyond   Gambling  Vaca<ons   §  Steady  rise  of  the  go-­‐to  gambling  resort  catering  for  increasing  range  of  players  but  with  Chinese  at  the  fore   Mass  Personaliza<on   §  Wider  introduc*on  of  pla7orms  enabling  more  apparent  and  immediate  tailoring  of  the  guest  experience   Medical  Tourism   §  Accelera*on  of  cardiac  and  cataract  surgery  vaca*ons  following  in  the  line  of  cosme*c  and  dental  predecessors   Mul<  branded  Hotels   §  Single  owner  proper*es  sharing  common  assets  across  2  or  more  separate  but  co-­‐located  branded  experiences   Responsible  Tourism   §  Broader  recogni*on  of  the  environmental  and  social  impact  of  tourism  leading  us  towards  the  net  posi*ve  stay   Transparent  Pricing   §  Customer  and  regulatory  pressures  increasingly  combine  with  shared  data  pla7orms  to  demys*fy  room  rates   Urban  Resorts     §  Inclusive  immersive  detox  and  party  short  stay  experiences  in  your  home  city  nega*ng  the  need  to  travel  to  relax    
  4. 4. Cross-­‐Genera*onal  Travel  
  5. 5. Flexible  Public  Spaces  
  6. 6. Gambling  Vaca*ons  
  7. 7. Indian  Tourists  
  8. 8. Mass  Personaliza*on  
  9. 9. Mul*  Branded  Hotels    
  10. 10. Medical  Tourism  
  11. 11. Responsible  Tourism  
  12. 12. Transparent  Pricing  
  13. 13. Urban  Resorts  
  14. 14. Hotel  2030  is  a  cross-­‐sector  pla7orm  that  aims  to  act  as  a  catalyst   for  open  discussion  on  the  possible  changes  facing  the  hospitality   industry  and  associated  innova*on  opportuni*es  for  hotels  over   the  next  15  to  20  years.       For  more  informa*on  about  the  program       To  par*cipate  in  the  discussion:   @hotel2030     If  you  have  any  ques*ons  on  this  programme  or  the  2014  trends   <   Further  Informa*on  and  Contact