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Twitter Commerce - Twitter's Plan For E Commerce


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Since Twitter's IPO four months ago, the pressure is on to increase the value of their product for the consumer, advertisers, and shareholders. Twitter Commerce is the result.

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Twitter Commerce - Twitter's Plan For E Commerce

  1. 1. Twitter Commerce Chase Dittmer
  2. 2. Twitter will soon allow users to purchase products within the Twitter application
  3. 3. Twitter Commerce tweets display within user timelines similar to Promoted Posts
  4. 4. Tapping a Commerce Tweet reveals the larger imagery and tweet activity
  5. 5. Twitter Commerce will recommend products that will appear in Discover
  6. 6. Sale screen consists of detailed descriptions and more images
  7. 7. Twitter will process your transaction “safely” within the Twitter application
  8. 8. Twitter Commerce users can track orders via their Twitter application
  9. 9. Release Date:
  10. 10. Twitter Won’t Tell Us