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this is ama listening topic

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Ama midtern test speaking topic

  1. 1. DESCRIBE PEOPLE In our daily activities we often get in touch with the others and from these relations we meet some peoplewhose interests, characteristics and behaviors are similar to ours and we choose them as our friends.To me,I have many friends but not all of them make mefeel comfortable when I’m beside them. And there is only one who understands what I think, how I feel and gives me advices when I need…His name’s Huy and the age of he and I is the same. Weare 19 years old, we grew up together so we have a lot of time playing, learning,… He’s taller than me. He often wears yellow and white shirt. He is very good looking with a short black hair, a traight nose and bright eyes. He always smiles and itmake him more friendly. He look like her mother and he has a happy family. We have a lot of habit the same, for example I like basketball, listen to music, picnic,… for this reason weget more and more on well. And we always help each in
  2. 2. every fields of life. He help me very much for my learning . He is good literature, he is great !! Each day goes, we become closer. He is very kind not only with me but also with everyone. I hope my friendship grows up and forever even over the longest distance. EXPRESS YOUR SELFExpressing your feelings is a great communication skill tohave. Many people express themselves naturally and easily.Learning to express yourself can take time and practice. But,doing so will yield many benefits. Expressing yourself on aregular basis can help others to understand you better as wellas help you to relieve stress. Showing your feelings can alsohelp people to read you better.Telling how you feel in different situations can help you toexpress yourself. Many people want feedback from you orthey want to understand what you are going through in asituation. Therefore, telling them how you feel will helpthem to understand you better and this can help them
  3. 3. accommodate you in any way. Showing facial expressionsand communicating with emotion is also a good idea whenexpressing yourself. That way they have a better picture ofhow you are feeling at the moment.Sometimes when people misunderstand you, then tend toask questions. Therefore, answering their questionscompletely and in great detail will help them to understandwhat you mean. Expressing yourself in this manner alsoshows that you care to communicate with them. It is alsogood to ask questions of others as well. Sometimes you mayfind that when someone else is trying to express themselves,you are having difficulty understanding them. Therefore,asking them detailed questions will help you to betterunderstand what they are trying to mean. SHOPPINGNowadays, going shopping is not only an economic activity,but also a recreational activity for women. There are threemain places where women can choose to go shopping: thedepartment sotres, the shopping malls, and the Internetshops.
  4. 4. The department store offers comfortable facility, goodservice and luxurious equipment. The dpartment store showsthe latest fashion and what is most popular of the world. Allarticles of fine quality are very beautiful, including manyband of worldwide. But the price of goods are much moreexpensive than those in the shopping mall. So, it is hard forwomen to control budget, Sometimes they would spendmore than they should .The advantage of the shopping mall is it very convenient. Ithas facilities such as the parking space and the supermarket.Many kinds of goods are often on sale. People can buythings at a cheaper price.The website shopping is modern way. If you have acomputer, you can go shopping at home. Overall you use thewebsite to buy products for all countries in the world. Theshopper is almost young ladies. VACATIONMy favorite season of the year is summer because of thewarm weather, the school vacation, and the endless fun. Ireally enjoy the warm weather because it’s the perfectatmosphere to do outdoor activities. My favorite part aboutsummer has to be the fact that school is closed for twomonths. During summer, you’re free to do whatever youwant, not worrying about curfew or waking up early for
  5. 5. school. Summer time is a great time to relax with friendsand family by soaking up the sun at a beach or simplyhaving dinner together.As a teenager, summertime fun in the sun began with theringing of the last bell of the day. It means that it was timeto throw away old home work assignments and to forgetabout anything to do with school for two months at least.Summer time is a time of simple pleasures and excitingtimes of the year. Two months of late night sleepovers withfriends, hanging out at the malls, and not having to worryabout homework. When summer vacation finally rollsaround, I can never make up my mind on what to do first.Shall it be riding bikes to the park with friends or hangingout at the mall? One thing was for certain though, the familyvacation. Me and my family loves the beach, so last summerwe went to Gumasa in Gensan. We had much fun having thetime spent together with all the enjoyment and entertainingthings. Two days and one night of staying there is treasuredbecause for at least my family and I get along with eachother for that day compared to the busy days we had. As it iswith every summer, there seems never to be enough time toenjoy all the simple things in life HEROA hero can wear regular clothes and they can be regularpeople. My teacher is a hero because she teaches me a lot.My teachers name is Mrs. Brookshire. She is very nice andfun to have as a teacher. The most important part of being a
  6. 6. hero is that they change the world. Mrs. Brookshire changesthe world by teaching us how to write, spell, think and read.With her we get smarter and smarter every day. We mayeven grow up to be a scientist or a teacher or a person whofights for justice. We may also grow up to be a hero. A herois someone who helps people. Mrs. Brookshire helps us touse our minds to think. She helps when someone needs her.She helps us to do our math and reading. Mrs. Brookshire isreally nice because she gives us hints instead of the answerso we get to think more. Did you know that being a hero isnot easy? You have to work hard. You have to spend yourtime saving the world. Mrs. Brookshire works hard gradingpapers and teaching. It is hard to be a teacher because youmight have to repeat yourself. When the class doesnt listen,she gets frustrated. After she gets frustrated she calms down.My teacher is a hero because she teaches us so we can besmart. When we are smart we get an education. When weget an education we use our mind to not be lazy. Also whenyou are smart, you can be a hero. Mrs. Brookshire is not likespiderman, batman and power rangers. This hero is a normalperson. She does not fight crime. She fights against thedumb, stupid and bored. She saves her students from beinglazy. Mrs. Brookshire does not have super hero suit and shedoes not have a super power. She uses her mind to helppeople. Mrs. Brookshire is also cool because she can countto 3000. Did you know that super heroes are hard to find? Ifound my hero at Macedonia Elementary. You can find Mrs.
  7. 7. Brookshire teaching my first grade class. She is the bestteacher I ever had!