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Photo jewelry and photo charms,custom photo gifts:

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photo necklaces

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====Mothers have different tastes when it comes to bracelets. Mothers bracelets vary in material andstyle to suit the needs of different mothers. And so if you are to choose a gift for Mom this MothersDay, in order to be sure that she will love it, have her personalized bracelet. Personalizedbracelets for moms are available in retail shops but they only have a limited designs and options.You can also find personalized bracelets for moms online that have a wider range of designs andprices. Here are some good finds of personalized bracelets for moms this Mothers Day.Oval Engravable Tag BangleThis is a simple sterling silver bangle that may be personalized for mom. Its smooth oval surfacecan be engraved with Moms name or important date in her life.Triple Charms Name Bracelet in SilverThis rolo chain bracelet is made of sterling silver. It can be personalized by having the three circlecharms hand-stamped with Moms name or other members of the familys names. You can alsoput special dates on the charms.Sentimental Charm BraceletThis is a very versatile charm bracelet for mom. This is a link bracelet that is made of sterlingsilver, faux pearls, and filigree heart charm. This can be personalized by choosing the names toinclude in the bracelet. You can put grandmother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, and friendaside from many others.Heart with Cross Toggle BraceletThis is a curb link chain made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. It is closed by a toggle clasp. Itsheart charm may be engraved with Moms name or any important date.Photo Charm BraceletThis is a double linked rolo chain bracelet that is made of sterling silver. It is closed using a lobsterclasp. It has a charm that can hold two small photos inside. You may place your photo in one sidetogether with your moms photo on the other side.Drama Mommy Bracelet WrapThis is a 5 stringed bracelet put together as one. It is made of Swarovski crystal, pearl, Bali
  2. 2. Sterling Silver, and Seed Beads. You can personalize it by engraving Moms name using thealphabet beads.The Birth Bracelet for MomThis cable chain is made of sterling silver. It is closed by a lobster claw. It has a circle charm whichcan be engraved with babys name together with his foot and hand prints in front. While at theback, the childs birth details may be engraved as well.Double Heart Tag Sterling Silver BraceletHere is a rolo chain made of medium thick sterling silver for Mom. It is closed using a toggle clasp.There are two silver sterling heart charms of different sizes added in the bracelet. From the middletowards the edges of the heart is curved. Both heart charms are smooth enough to have namesand dates engraved on both sides of each heart charm.Heart-Of-Gold-BraceletThis is a beaded chain necklace made of sterling silver and 22k gold. It has two sterling silvertags. One tag has a golden heart in the middle with words saying Bebe Love. This tag is knownas the Bebe Love Heart Tag. The other tag is where the childs name and birth date are engraved.You can request for additional charms or tags depending on how many children Mom has.Kate is a mother of two and is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics. For moreinformation on mothers bracelets, I recommend you visit the website Bracelets.Com and choosefrom their huge selection of personalized bracelets for moms!Article Source: ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====