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The Amazing Art Of Photo Jewley - Photo Jewlery, Bracelets, Italian Charms, Pandora Bracelet

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Photo Jewelry

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====Giving your family and friends personal gifts is something that has been done since the beginningof time. As we get older, people expect more from us. With the increase in technology in digitalphotography and computers, it has become very easy to create personalized gifts such as photojewelry for your loved ones. Personalized photo jewelry such as photo necklaces are popular giftsthat your friends and families will love. A lot of stores sell silver jewelry at affordable prices andcome in many shapes and sizes. You can buy photo bracelets, photo rings, and even cufflinks forthe males.There are many things you can do and customize with photo jewelry. If you want to be moreextravagant, you can add diamonds and gemstones such as emeralds, rubies, or sapphires tothem. If you decide to buy a necklace, you can even have it framed. These necklaces are greatgifts for new mothers. Just add a baby photo and birthstones to the framed necklace, and youhave a perfect gift. You can also go a simpler route and use a sterling silver necklace with a photo.It is simple yet elegant.Photo jewelry is also great as gifts for family and friends. Instead of buying your girlfriend a plainold bracelet, you can adorn it with pictures to add a special touch and make it one of a kind. Youdont have to spend much on it at all because you can make everything by hand. Some people areallergic to certain types of metal, so make sure you get them a piece that will not make them breakout. If you already make your own jewelry and sell it, you can start adding photo attachments tothem so your customers can customize their orders.One of the great benefits about these gifts is that you can order them online from your home or atyour office. You have to pick the piece of photo jewelry that you want to use. Choose what sort sof customizations you would like such as gemstones or diamonds. Next, what you have to do isupload the picture you would like to add to the piece of jewelry. The store or company will finish itand send it to your house. Make sure you order these well in advance of the occasion becausethey can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to produce and arrive at your home.You really cant go wrong giving a family or friend some photo jewelry on a special occasion. Youcan use it to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and weddings: just about any occasion you canthink of. The sky is the limit when it comes to the different types of sterling silver jewelry you canadd pictures to.
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