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Photo Bracelets


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The Amazing Art Of Photo Jewley - Photo Jewlery, Bracelets, Italian Charms, Pandora Bracelet

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Photo Bracelets

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ===="A picture is worth a thousand words." With the availability of artisan-crafted, customizable photojewelry, this ancient proverb certainly rings true. Such jewelry is a stylish and unique way todisplay those precious photo memories.Photo PendantsNecklaces are enjoying increased popularity this fashion season, with metallic accent pieces rulingthe runways. What better way to express your style and individuality while staying abreast ofcurrent trends than by wearing a smart and playful photo pendant?Photo pendants are created from a sturdy, but lightweight blend of metals. This lead-free alloyresults in a lovely silver-tone, pewter finish. Each hand-fashioned pendant is designed toshowcase two photos-one in front, and one in back-creating a "reversible" piece.Each fashionable pendant comes with an 18" chain crafted of delicate interlocking rings andchoice of lobster-claw or toggle style clasps. The lobster-claw clasp allows for the substitution ofones own chain of any desired length.Photo BraceletsMetallic accessories are a hot fashion trend, and intertwined loop designs dominate the market.Artisan-crafted photo bracelets allow for the embracing of this trend with an uncommon andcustomizable twist.Fashionable silver ovals loop together in this special piece to cradle a dual-sided locket. This 3/4"square locket will display two photographs. The bracelets are skillfully crafted by hand from thesame quality materials as the photo pendant. A dainty pearl graces the end of the bracelets chain,and a lobster clasp allows for size adjustment from 7" to 8.5".Photo PinsPhoto pins, or brooches, are perhaps the most unique-and versatile- photo jewelry item. Imaginea new mother displaying her precious bundle of joy inside the frame of a photo pin. Or think of ayoung girl fastening several of the pins to a jacket or backpack for a funky photo showcase.Clipping a pin inside a briefcase or on a cars visor is a great way for dads to enjoy one of thesefinely crafted pewter delights as well.Photo pins are rectangular and measure 1" high and 1.5" wide. Dual-sided frames allow for theproud display of two photographic images. Two pin styles are currently available, each with
  2. 2. individual charm and appeal.Photo pins easily attach to a favorite jacket, blazer, or scarf. Create a one-of-a-kind look by placingthe pin at the neck of a dressy blouse, or pinning one to a hat or in the center of a hair ribbon.Though sturdy enough to use on a tote bag or knapsack, photo pins are lightweight and delicateenough to wear on even the finest fabrics. The safety-pin style clasp allows for ease of placement,repositioning, and removal.Wearing photo jewelry is an interesting, whimsical way to participate in current style trends. Skilledartisans craft each of these artistic treasures by hand within the United States. Because of thehand-made nature of the product, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each photo jewelry item bearssubtle, but unique design characteristics, guaranteeing the wearer a one-in-a-million look.Kathy Page runs the website with her daughter Casey. Theyseek to provide a wide variety of unusual and distinctive picture frames, photo albums andfashionable photo jewelry that you wont find at your local retailers. They got the idea when lookingfor frames to showcase their own family and vacation pictures--they wanted ones that alsocontribute to the general and personal decor of their home. They assume that others also want todisplay their treasures in frames that express their own taste and individuality and invite you tovisit the site. You never know what you might find!Article Source: ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====