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Photo jewelry and photo charms,custom photo gifts:

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photo bracelet

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====Artistic and custom-made or personalized jewelry is always eye-catching. An additional refinementthat is both stylish and very personal is the new photo jewelry, where you actually can insert asmall photo or two into the jewelry piece youve chosen. You are almost guaranteed to get lots ofquestions about it, every time you wear it. This is fabulous jewelry that will bring art and drama toyour life.Photo jewelry comes in different styles: necklace, bracelet or pin, and all are designed to displaysmall, precious photos. The necklaces are often two-sided, so that you can wear two photos, frontand back. Most of the photo jewelry we have seen is silver colored metal, and will hold photos thatare either 1-1/2" x 1" or 1" x 1".Many women want to wear a picture of their true love close to their heart, and so select thenecklace. Some enjoy being reminded of the strength of their love and affection at any time of theday. And the decision about which photo to include is fun, because you can change the photo anytime you want.Photo jewelry transforms your photos into a statement of style and sentiment, and lets youexpress the really important things in life with flair and charm. Some women keep several photoson hand so that they have a choice of which to use in their jewelry. Some might select the photowith a certain background color to match or complement their outfit on a particular day. Othersmight choose according to their mood or which family member they are thinking about.Here is a starter list of photos that might be used in photo jewelry: husband, mother, father, friend,significant other, daughter, son, grandchild, favorite dog, favorite cat, prized flower, sentimentalvacation memory, and many more.In addition to wearing jewelry around your neck or wrist or pinning it to your blouse or jacket, herea couple of other ideas: wear the pin on a hat, let one decorate your purse, or even attach one toyour pets collar! If you have a small child, one of these suggestions will keep the babys hands offyour jewelry, but you can still have the pleasure of taking your most meaningful pictures with you.Photo jewelry makes a fashion statement, a mood statement, and a style statement. You can findseveral different tasteful designs on the internet, and all are one form or another of a photo locket:silver metal locket with swirls, locket with drop pearls or star embellishment, locket pin with rings ordrop pearls, locket bracelet with scroll design and locket keepsake bracelet. The highest qualityand most long-lasting are made of durable and beautiful jewelers pewter.
  2. 2. Kathy Page runs the website with her daughter Casey. Theyseek to provide a wide variety of unusual and distinctive picture frames and photo albums that youwont find at your local retailers. They got the idea when looking for frames to showcase their ownfamily and vacation pictures--they wanted ones that also contribute to the general decor of theirhome. They assume that others also want to display their treasures in frames that express theirown taste and individuality and invite you to visit the site. You never know what you might find,including a selection of photo jewelry!Article Source: ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====