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Make a TON of Money with Mobile Marketing! New Methods 2012:

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Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====What is AdMob?Admob is a mobile advertising platform founded by Omar Hamouri in 2006, offering advertisingsolution to Android, iOS, webOS, Flash Lite, Windows Phone 7 and all standard mobile webbrowser. Google has acquired Admob on November 2009 and today Admob is the worlds largestmobile advertising platform serving more than 700 billion worth of impression since its launch.What is a Admob House Ad?An Admob House Ad is your own advertisement that you could embed on your own app for free. Itis a great avenue for you to generate extra revenue from your free app and also to encourage yourusers to upgrade to the paid app. Admobs seamless UI also make the creation of your house ad abreeze. A house ad could be set within a couple of clicks and you can also easily setup targetingoptions like geographical location, demographic profile and devices version. This ensures thatyour advertisements reach to your intended audience.A house ad is a great source of backlink for your website(if your app have one) as it will generatemore traffic to your website and give more information to your audience where the mobile screencould not deliver.If so happens that your app do not have a website, the house ad could double up as anadvertisement medium where you could earn extra revenue from it. There are 2 options for it, lookfor a potential advertiser who is willing to pay to advertise on your app or simply use the generatedadvertisement from AdMob.How do I sell my ad spaceSay if you are looking to generate some advertising revenue from your mobile app. There are acouple of ways:1. Use Ad Network (i.e AdMob)Once you have embedded a AdMob SDK into your App, AdMob will automatically run whateverads they have and share the revenue with you.2. Sell your own adsa. Sometimes for premium publishers, you might not want to run ads from anywhere because youmight not know what ads will show up.
  2. 2. b. You might also want to position your ad space as premium in line with the content that your appis providing.c. In this case, you can sell your own ads directly either through a sales person who already existin your organisation and who is probably already selling ads for your website.d. You can also list on your website that you are open to having advertisers for your app andpeople can contact you for your advertising rates.e. You can even create a house ad to promote that you have space available for sale!How do I add Admob House Ad into my App?1) The very first step of building your House Ad is of course to have an account with Ad Mob, butnot to worry, you could tie your Google account with Ad Mob so that you will not have to re-enteryour credentials again. After having your account in place, the next important step is to place thedownloaded AdMob SDK into your application to ensure that advertisements could be pushed in toyour application successfully.This is done in many ways and it differs according to the mobile OS you are building. Check outAdMobs documentation here: SDK and code being embedded in a iPhone App via XCode2) The next step is to create the content of the advertisement where you could choose a text ad ora banner ad. Choose whichever deem correct to you and click Finish.Choose the creative type for the house ad banner3) Next, you will have to choose which platform you wish to publish your advertisement to.Additional options such as Target Country and Device Version is also available.Targetting options for your house ads4) The last step is to create an action when users click on your advertisement.Defining the post tap action. Landing site or App downloadThis is usually either a App Download if you are promoting another mobile application or a URL toa website. We highly recommended that your URL is mobile optimized. Mobile users are picky andwill not navigate the website if it is not mobile optimised.In fact AdMob has found that campaigns with mobile optimised pages increased signifcantly theaverage length of visit.. Designers use a visual drag and drop interface to design the micrositeallowing them to design a mobile microsite up to 5 times faster and with no developmentknowledge.
  3. 3. If you have a great creative you can even charge more for your ads because users who see theads are more engaged and advertisers are willing to pay for the extra effort in making a great ad.5) Viola, you are done and the advertisement will be pushed to your application it looks like on an appConclusionBeing an AdSense user for years, I definitely think it is worthy enough to call AdMob his littlebrother and I will believe that AdMob will continue to be the benchmark of mobile advertisingplatform for years to come. Other than the simple-to-use and intuitive interface that attracted me,the clear and concise reporting system is also a plus point for AdMob. The verdict for AdMob issimple, give it a try.-- Wenhan - design rich media m-sitesYou can easily design and launch mobile websites via a MobDis ( ) whichempowers designers and advertisers to design, launch and share engaging rich media mobile adsand sites. Designers use a visual drag and drop interface to design the microsite allowing them todesign a mobile microsite up to 5 times faster and with no development the author is not affliated with Google/AdMobArticle Source: ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====