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Make a TON of Money with Mobile Marketing! New Methods 2012:

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Learn Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn,http://c5d19xz8y4snpzoiu3ptulsh85.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=MOBILEBANDIT==== ====Have you ever noticed a large group of people looking at a small device known as a cell phone? Itis likely that the cell phone owner has a new wallpaper, ringtone or the latest game. They couldalso be checking out the new Soft Drink commercial on the screen of the next generation mobilephone.Cell phone applications are bringing in big dollars for both the creators and the onsellers. Thereare various accessories and paraphernalia to dress up your cell phones. Socks, covers, MP3tunes and much more. Heck you can even surf the Internet on them. Facebook apps and Twitterapps allow you to connect with friends and business contacts while on the move. There are over4.6 Billion cell phone users today and this number continually grows. The uses for mobile phonesis also growing. Advertising on cell phones will be the next big boom.There are many companies that have opened their door to affiliate marketers and these marketersare paying for ads to be shown on mobile phones through SMS, MMS and just plain textmessages on iPhones and other 3G phones. ringtones and wallpapers give personality to thecellular phone. People want their mobile phones to be customised and they will pay money to outdo their friends and relatives. Satisfying the egos of teenagers who want to flaunt their high-techgadget to the world. Selling these items can be a great income earner for the affiliate marketer.Because of the popularity of cellphone ringtones and cellphone wallpapers, computer experts andcellular phone manufacturers are quick to design software and gadgets that will help in the easyinstallation of ringtones and wallpapers. ringtones can be transferred via SMS, Bluetooth or evenmanually into the cell phone. There are cellular phone models that do not support ringtoneconverters, it is however possible that the cellular phone has a number of built in ringtones whichwill help create a dignified personality for your cellular phone.There are also cellphones that have fully functional ringtone composers where you can designyour own ringtone. Ringtones are getting more and more functional. Newer phones can designatedifferent tones to different callers and even different tones for different peoples SMS messages.One doesnt need to check the caller ID. The technology available on cell phones is limitless.The newer phones such as the iPhone and next generation phones have applications foreverything. Students can have a ready made dictionary, guitar tuner, even encyclopaedia.Hopefully this will ease the need for carrying a ton of school books to school. Soon computers willbe obsolete as the iPhone will be able to access the WWW superhighway of information. Hopefullythere will be a way to make the calls cheaper so this hardware is widely available to all students.Today is a great day to start your transition to cell and mobile phone marketing. The ads are goingto be showing more frequently on the new generation phones and there is plenty of opportunity to
  2. 2. get in now before the rest of the world discovers just how creative this market will become. Thereis a new saying hitting the internet waves and that is "the money is in the Cell Phone". Join in thefun and embrace the opportunity. The new wave of cell phone marketing is very passive and usesthe 3G phone application. Many people in many countries are relying more and more on their cellphone to access the Internet. It is believed that eventually the PC will be phased out and Internetaccess from hand held devices will be more popular.Now is your chance to get in on this new revolution of advertising. Read more at my blog.When you think of Cell Phone advertising you think of those annoying SMS messages that youcan never stop. The new Cell and Mobile Phone advertising is using passive advertising onmodern 3G phones that are shown on the screens of the growing population of Cell and MobilePhone Users. Check out how you can start advertising on the Billions of cell phones out there.Find out more here http://crazycellphonemarketing.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jenelle_Livet==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn,http://c5d19xz8y4snpzoiu3ptulsh85.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=MOBILEBANDIT==== ====