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Learn Mobile Marketing


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Make a TON of Money with Mobile Marketing! New Methods 2012:

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Learn Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====It has been reported that Research in Motion (RIM) is actively seeking to acquire a mobile adnetwork. They want to take on--and keep pace with--the likes of Googles AdMob, or ApplesQuattro Wireless.The Wall Street Journal has reported that negotiations between RIM and Canadian-basedMillennial Media have stalled, because the two sides have been unable to reach a compromise onthe purchase price. While it would be untrue to say that a stalemate has been reached, the dealhas certainly been delayed by the two companies failure to find a common ground on the issue ofprice.According to the Journal, RIM has balked at the $500 million price being asked by Millenial. Thereare no reports of where RIM has pitched its counter offer, but there are no signs of an agreement,or any further announcements, being imminent.While rumours and speculation abound throughout the industry, an RIM spokesman declined tocomment, stating that standard company policy was not to comment on those rumours.One thing is certain, however. Both Google and Apple, who are two of the top mobile OSproducers, have acquired mobile networks, over the past 13 months.As far back as November, 2009, Google announced their plans to purchase AdMob. Just sixmonths later, in May, that deal received final approval.Apple have also been extremely active, and in January, 2010, they purchased Quattro Wireless.Following on from that, Apple jointly launched its iOS 4 software at the same time as the new iAdmobile ad platform. To emphasise the importance of this new ad platform, Apple chief Steve Jobssaid several high-profile companies had already signed onto iAds. These companies includeGeneral Electric, Nissan, AT&T, Chanel, Liberty Mutual and Citi. Given the quality of the clientelealready on board, Apple are certain to have great expectations for other blue chip firms to followsuit.Perhaps unwittingly, Apple actually smoothed the way for Googles acquisition of AdMob. TheFederal Trade Commission (FTC) confirmed that they would have had "serious antitrust issues"with Googles AdMob purchase, if Apple iAds was not in place as a competitor. As it was, the FTCapproved the Google-AdMob deal. This would offer some comfort to RIM, who will certainly nowneed have no concerns over any antitrust issues.
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