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10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic


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10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic. Get More Visitors To Your Site Now!

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10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====Fortunately, there are more ways than one to increase websitetraffic. And the good news is that you can do things to increasewebsite traffic totally free of cost! It can be done and here are 10ways to do it:1. Submit to Search Engines: This is the first step towardsincreasing your website traffic. Dont wait for the search engines tofind your site. Go ahead and submit it to them voluntarily.Submitting a sitemap would be better - this will encourage thesearch engines to examine your site more often. Visits by theSearch Engine Spiders are a key way to increase website traffic.2. Link Exchange: The search engines count inbound links whenranking your website. Look for free link exchange programs. Youcan increase website traffic by including relevant links to your site -so seek out sites with similar or complementary products/services.You can also use free blogs as lead generation tools to helpincrease website traffic. When you make a post on a blog, includea link to your site URL, using anchor text. Blogs are a direct meansto increase website traffic for free! Free classified ads that allowlinks to your URL are also good ways to increase website traffic.3. Article Marketing: A relatively new but powerful (and free!) trafficbooster. Publish articles on Ezine and Article Directories. Articlescreate interest in your website as you are seen as an expert.Having links to your URL utilizing anchor text increases yournumber of relevant inbound links.4. "Tell A Friend" Scripts: Include a "tell a friend" script on yourwebsite. This will enable your customers to pass your website(and links) around. Youd be amazed at how well this works.Someone finds your site interesting, passes it to a friend, so on,and so get the picture. This directly helps increasewebsite traffic, and you build your customer base! A favoritetechnique of Internet business owners, and its free!5. Hold a Contest: Use your websites autoresponder as a meansto hold a contest of some type. For example, if they sign up foryour newsletter, they get a chance to win a free ebook or one
  2. 2. months worth of web hosting (or one of your products). Again,this is an excellent way to increase website traffic and build youropt-in list, all at the same time!6. Press Releases: This is one of the most overlooked ways toincrease website traffic. The subject can be as simple asannouncing a new product that you offer, or a new hire that youvemade. As long as its newsworthy, you can distribute your pressrelease to the online press release companies and have it pickedup by the major search engines news categories (for example,Yahoo! News). Do you know how many people read these things?Thousands! An excellent way to increase you website traffic.Totally free!7. Affiliate Program: Do you sell a product or ebook? Then youneed to create an affiliate program. This is how it works: you offerto permit sale of your product on other Internet owners websites,in exchange for giving them a portion of the sale (say, 35%). Doyou realize how many websites that you can have your productson using this method? There are many Internet business ownersthat simply sell other peoples products (we call these SuperAffiliates). This way, you sell more products and increase websitetraffic absolutely free of cost! You do have to promote youraffiliate program and product, which brings us to the next method,which is....8. Get A ClickBank Account: Clickbank is the largest productdirectory on the Internet today. Additionally, Clickbank will set upand manage your affiliate program for you. They will also managesales and any returns. You dont do a thing! Both your productand affiliate program are listed in the Clickbank directory. Peoplelooking for the product you offer find your website and wham!Youve just taken a major step toward getting an immediateincrease in website traffic! And, it only takes 5 minutes to sign up!9. Joint Venture: You can team up with a company that sells similaror complementary products and services. Your website link is thenadvertised on that companys site and vice versa. This results indirecting traffic from their site to yours. All you have to do iscontact the company that you are interested in via email, with aproposal. This technique works amazingly well. You increasewebsite traffic, and most importantly, it is both relevant andtargeted, increasing your ability to make a sale!10. Use Ebay: Stop passing up Ebay! Ebay is less intimidatingthan it looks, and it is easy for beginners to get started. In fact,Ebay was practically made for the Internet business owner whowants to increase website traffic. You can set up an Ebay store, of
  3. 3. course linking back to your website. Including clever sales copyand pictures of your products/services increases your chances ofcustomers clicking through and making a purchase. You can sellANYTHING on ebay - this is no exaggeration. Go to andyoull see what Im talking about!Greg Cesar knows Website Promotion! Find out how hundreds of Internet business owners makemoney and increase their website traffic by utilizing Gregs internet marketing knowledge. Visit thislink: Increase Website Traffic.Greg Cesar is a successful Internet marketer with over 10 years experience. He specializes inproviding innovative internet marketing services that help business owners make more moneyonline. To improve your online business immediately and work with someone who understandswhat it takes to make real money online, visit: http://www.hostpartnerplus.comArticle Source: ====Hello from Amy Kinn, ====