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Terminal High Altitude Area Defense THAAD


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Terminal High Altitude Area
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fbx-t radar element of global defence system

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Terminal High Altitude Area Defense THAAD

  1. 1. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)Endo/Exo-atmospheric Intercept Capability
  2. 2. Defeating Ballistic Missiles in the Late-Midcourse and Terminal Phases Description Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), a key element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), is designed to defend U.S. troops, allied forces, population centers and critical infrastructure against short- to intermediate-range ballistic missiles. Each THAAD system is comprised of five major components: interceptors, launchers, a radar, a fire control unit and THAAD-specific support equipment. All components have been integrated, tested and successfully demonstrated during the flight test program now under way. THAAD can accept cues from Aegis, satellites and other external sen- sors to further extend the battle space and defended area coverage, and will Program Status operate in concert with the lower-tier Development Program Flight Testing: • 10 successful flight tests conducted to date, including 6 intercepts and first Patriot/PAC-3 system to provide salvo mission increased levels of effectiveness. • Flight testing will continue with highly stressing scenarios against threat Managed by the Missile Defense representative targets Agency, the THAAD team consists of • Soldiers are operating the THAAD system today the THAAD Project Office, prime Production: contractor and systems integrator • Awarded production contract in December 2006 for build of first two Fire Units Lockheed Martin and multiple – 48 interceptors, 6 launchers and 2 THAAD Fire Control and Communications subcontractors. (TFCC) units, and 1 radar provided as Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) • First unit equipped in FY09; worldwide deployment in FY10 Features Program Goals • Defends against short-, medium- and The THAAD team remains focused on maintaining mission success as our flight intermediate-range ballistic missiles testing program proceeds into more stressful and complex missions. Concurrently • Unique endo- and exo-atmospheric we are executing our first production contract for significant hardware deliveries intercept capability to soldiers in the near future. The team is aggressively cultivating international • Dedicated to BMD missions – always partners for THAAD, offering opportunities for international co-developmentApproved for Public Release 09-MDA-4602 (26 MAY 09) optimally positioned to counter prevail- and co-production. ing threat • Interoperable with other Ballistic THAAD Milestones Missile Defense (BMD) systems 2000 2006 2007 2009 • High lethality with proven hit-to-kill Contract Award FTT-02 May 2006 FTT-06 Jan 2007 FTT-10 Mar 2009 • High firepower and sustainability for Aug 2000 FTT-03 Jul 2006 FTT-07 Apr 2007 Camden Ground Segment Current Value: 5.05B FTT-04 Sep 2006 FTT-05 Jun 2007 Roll-Out Ceremony resistance to mass attack Transition from FTT-08 Oct 2007 Apr 2009 • High single-shot kill probability 2005 WSMR to PMRF provides cost-effectiveness FTT-01 Nov 2005 Sep 2006 2008 Fire Units 1 & 2 First Battery Activation Awarded Dec 2006 May 2008 FTT-09 Jun 2008K0941341