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  1. 1. E – Payment ☻
  2. 2. ☻ekbal sohsah ☻elham hassan section 2
  3. 3. What Electronic Payment system is ☻? ☻Electronic payment system is a system which helps the customer or user to make online payment for their shopping. ☻ E-payment is a subset of e-governance which is the application of electronic means in the interaction between Government and Citizens and Government and Businesses.
  4. 4. ☻ It is a form of direct payments and banking without physical appearance at the MDA or Bank through the means of electronic, interactive communication channels and other technology infrastructure To transfer money over the Internet.
  5. 5. Benefits of e-payment ☻enable customer buy any thing on any where. ☻ It is the beginning of a cashless society. ☻fast buy. ☻providing convenient and multi-channel payment methods to the payers. ☻ It reduces cases of corruption . ☻Reduced transaction costs.
  6. 6. Some Examples Of EPS ☻Online reservation . ☻Online bill payment . ☻Online order placing . ☻Online ticket booking ( Movie). ☻Online ticket booking ( transport ). ☻Online shopping . ☻Online learning . ☻ All kinds of phone bills
  7. 7. ☻Methods of electronic payment. ○smart card ○credit card ○debit card ○wallets ○Electronic cash
  8. 8. ☻Methods of traditional payment ○cash ○check ○banking
  9. 9. E-Cash ☻ A system that allows a person to pay for goods or services by transmitting a number from one computer to another. ☻ Like the serial numbers on real currency notes, the E- cash numbers are unique. ☻ This is issued by a bank and represents a specified sum of real money. ☻ It is reusable.
  10. 10. E-Wallet ☻ The E-wallet is another payment scheme that operates like a carrier of e-cash and other information. ☻ The aim is to give shoppers a single, simple, and secure way of carrying currency electronically. ☻ Trust is the basis of the e-wallet as a form of electronic payment.
  11. 11. Smart Cards ☻ ☻ A smart card, is any pocket-sized card with embedded integrated circuits which can process data. ☻ This implies that it can receive input which is processed and delivered as an output.
  12. 12. Credit Cards ☻ ☻ It is a Plastic Card having a Magnetic Number and code on it. ☻ It has Some fixed amount to spend. ☻ Customer has to repay the spend amount after sometime.
  13. 13. Processing a Credit cards payment
  15. 15. SOMETHING NEED TO KNOW ○What is a payment gateway? ○Why gateways are used? ○Name some payment gateways.
  16. 16. What is a payment gateway? ○ is an e-commerce application service provider service that authorizes payments for e- businesses, online Shopping, etc.
  17. 17. Why payment gateways are used? ☻Payment gateway protects credit cards details encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant and also between merchant and payment processor.
  18. 18. How It works??