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Speed wealthcode


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Speed wealthcode

  1. 1. Speed Wealth Code Secrets To Manifesting Abundant Riches Into Your LifeYou do not have resell rights to this ebook. All rights reserved. Unauthorisedresell or copying of this material is unlawful. No portion of this ebook may becopied or resold without written permission. UniversalWealthSecrets.comreserves the right to use the full force of the law in the protection of itsintellectual property including the contents, ideas, and expressionscontained herein. © Copyright
  2. 2. UniversalWealthSecrets.comCopyright © 2011 Mentis Marketing LLPAll rights reservedPublished by Chris D’CruzNo part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopied,recorded, scanned, or otherwise, except as permitted under Canadiancopyright law, without the prior written permission of the author.Notes to the Reader:While the author and publisher of this book have made reasonable efforts toensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information contained herein, theauthor and publisher assume no liability with respect to losses or damagescaused, or alleged to be caused, by any reliance on any information containedherein and disclaim any and all warranties, expressed or implied, as to theaccuracy or reliability of said information. The publisher and the author make norepresentations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness ofthe contents of this work and specifically disclaim all warranties. The advice andstrategies contained herein may not be suitable for every situation. It is thecomplete responsibility of the reader to ensure they are adhering to all local,regional and national laws.This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information inregard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding thatneither the author nor the publisher is engaged in rendering professional services.If legal, accounting, medical, psychological, or any other expert assistance isrequired, the services of a competent professional should be sought.The words contained in this text which are believed to be trademarked, servicemarked, or to otherwise hold proprietary rights have been designated as such bythe use of initial capitalization. Inclusion, exclusion, or definition of a word or termis not intended to affect, or to express judgment upon the validity of legal statusof any proprietary right which may be claimed for a specific word or term.The fact that an organization or website is referred to in this work as a citationand/or potential source of further information does not mean that the author orpublisher endorses the information the organization or website may provide orthe recommendations it may make. Further, readers should be aware that thewebsites listed in this work may have changed or disappeared between whenthis work was written and when it is read.Individual results may vary. 2
  3. 3. Table of ContentsIntroduction ..................................................................................... 5 The Science Of Success .........................................................................6Success Defined.............................................................................. 8 Preconceived Notions Can Get In The Way Of Your Success.................. 10 Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Life ...............................................13 The Law Of Attraction And Its Principles ...............................................16Money Magnetism Magic ............................................................ 19 Give More, Get More ...........................................................................21 Success Breeds Excess..........................................................................24 Wealth Beyond Riches .........................................................................26In Conclusion… ............................................................................. 28 3
  4. 4. UniversalWealthSecrets.comDiscover The Secret To Forcing The Universe Into Granting You A Destiny Of Incredible Wealth And Unimaginable Success! Click Here To Access For Instant Download 4
  5. 5. IntroductionDo you believe in luck? There’s a saying that goes, “You make your ownluck.” There are pretty much two kinds of people in the world: Those whofall into the “lucky” category and those who create opportunities forthemselves without any “help” from fortune. In truth, neither side is exactlyon the right path. There is a third category, one that is exclusive neither tothe lucky nor to the egoists. This is the category of people who formillennia have managed to crack the code of living. They have eitherbeen told the secret of life or have stumbled upon it unwittingly through,well, good luck.This code of living has led the fortunate few to greatness beyondmeasure. These possessors of the code are famous, powerful, rich andhappy. They have gone beyond studying how to be successful to actuallyattaining success. Fortunately, the code they live (or have lived) by is nolonger a closely guarded secret. The time is long past where only thephilosophers and mystics were given the opportunity to learn what hasonly relatively recently been revealed to the masses. What has broughtabout this revelation of the secret code to all of us? In a word, science. 5
  6. 6. UniversalWealthSecrets.comThe Science Of SuccessJust prior to the turn of the 20th century, physicists came upon an amazingdiscovery. Different magnetic waves, or vibrations were discovered to beimpacting everything in the universe. Leading the theoretical charge intowave dynamics was none other than Albert Einstein. Einstein, amongother scientists, realized that there were universal forces that literally werepulled towards various celestial bodies. These invisible waves deliveredpower on the molecular level to anything that stood in the path of thewave. Even time and light speed were affected by these invisibleuniversal waves of energy.Although the science (later to be a key part of quantum physics) wascertainly not transparent to the average Joe, the mere fact that thesewaves were now a scientific fact was a huge revelation to anyone willingto contemplate the meaning of this finding. In truth, this scientificexploration into wave theory resulted in a resurgence of philosophicalinquiry into the nature of success. Many new age thinkers broke down thescience so that laypeople could take advantage of the implications ofuniversal forces that were impacting everything, including peoplethemselves. The code for living had been revealed for any semi-educated person who cared to listen. However, many people didn’t careto listen. 6
  7. 7. UniversalWealthSecrets.comToday, more than 100 years later, people still aren’t listening to the truth.The truth that has been a guarded secret for thousands of years is nolonger a code that requires deciphering. In fact, Speed Wealth Code:Secrets to Manifesting Abundant Riches into your Life is going to revealeverything you need to know to attract and keep wealth using theuniversal forces that have benefitted the wealthy and powerful since thedawn of civilization. Everything you need to know to be abundantlywealthy is laid out in this book. All you need to do is read and hear themessage. It’s loud and clear: You are simply a success story that has yet tobe told. 7
  8. 8. Success DefinedWhat is the definition of success? Success is basically a measurement.However, if you ask 10 people what that measurement is, you’ll get 10different answers. Remember in the first Austin Powers movie when Dr. Evil(pinky extended) tried to hold the planet ransom for a million dollars? Hewas laughed out of the room. There was a time—not so very long ago, asit turns out—when to have a million dollars was considered a measure ofsuccess. For some people today, it still could be. However, our culture isobsessed with billionaires in the 21st Century. Times change and themeasure of success can morph.Success can also be defined by measures that extend beyond your bankaccount. How many people wouldn’t trade in a six-figure job doingsomething they hate for a lower-paying gig doing something they love?It’s true what they say: Money doesn’t buy happiness. Money is only onemeasure of success. Being happy is a lot less quantifiable; you cannottack on a few extra zeros and say, “This is what happy means today.”People who are happy have found a measure of success that may not bequantified but certainly is appreciated (or envied) by those around them.Consider your physical state. Do you suffer from illness or depression? Hasalcohol or drug addiction paralyzed you from seeking a better life? Areyou paralyzed in a more tangible way, that is, physically disabled orstruggling with obesity? Your good health is a measure of success, as well. 8
  9. 9. UniversalWealthSecrets.comFinally, consider your mind itself. Are you troubled by feelings you cannotseem to control? Does fear grip you at the most inopportune moments?Are you having trouble sleeping or concentrating on the task at handbecause you are always preoccupied? A mind at ease is not only ameasure of success; it is the reward that is given to those who aresuccessful. 9
  10. 10. UniversalWealthSecrets.comPreconceived Notions Can Get In The Way Of Your SuccessHow you see yourself is a factor of where you’ve been. Depending onyour age, you have had some number of years where the universal waveshave been impacting you. These waves may have come in as forces ofnature or, more likely, via human interaction. It can be very difficult to getaway from how you were raised, for example. Everything you are today isprobably because of or in spite of your childhood upbringing. In the bestof circumstances, you were raised to believe in your limitless potential (inwhich case, you probably are not reading this book). In the worstcircumstances, you were raised in a dysfunctional environment and havestruggled to break free of the psychological ties that bind you.How you perceive the world and your place in it can severely impact yourlevel of success. There are basically two kinds of preconceived notions.The first is that you limit yourself by believing you are where you arebecause there’s no other place for you to be. For example, let’s say youlost your job during the Great Recession and have been struggling eversince. After putting in a hundred or so resumes and taking a few phoneinterviews, you may have come to the conclusion that you no longer fitinto today’s technology, cheap-overseas-labor-driven marketplace. Youmay have given up, secure in the backwards thinking that you will neverbe able to find a job among such tough competition. You have justconvinced yourself that you do not deserve a better way of life, despitethe fact that not so very long ago you, in fact, had a better life! You mayhave done well for years, but a few months of despair has forced you toreevaluate, and what you have come up with is you are a failure. 10
  11. 11. UniversalWealthSecrets.comWhile it may be hard to keep your mind open to the notion that youaren’t a failure when your world has changed dramatically, it is this kind ofthinking that invites the universe to dump more of the bad energy on you.You are literally opening the door to negativity (more on this below) andnot even putting up a fight. There are literally millions of people who arewalking in your shoes right now. Some of them are homeless, whereasothers are now earning their first six- or seven-figure paycheck simply byrecognizing an opportunity to change. In fact, most of us will neverchange because change is difficult. However, if you are forced tochange, you can go in whatever direction you choose. Some people willsit down where they are and refuse to accept that change has come tothem. Some will choose a path of negativity and self-loathing. Others willbreathe in a freedom they’ve never known and break free from thestagnant life that had found them (as opposed to them seeking out thatlife). Each of these personalities had the exact same stimulus applied tothem, and each chose a different response to that stimulus.The second kind of preconceived notion stems from idealistic thinking.While you may believe that idealism is a key to the Speed Wealth Code,you would be quite mistaken. There is no room for idealism or Pollyannaishthinking when it comes to true success. As they say, “There are dreamers,and there are doers.” One of the ways people get in their own way ofsuccess is through idealized preconceived notions. Of course, mass mediadoesn’t help with its Photoshopped depictions of beauty. Hollywood (andthe entire romance novel industry) paints pictures of success that aretotally unrealistic, but then we come to think this is how life actually works. 11
  12. 12. UniversalWealthSecrets.comA great example of this is finding the “perfect love.” Most people end upin broken relationships, if they end up in a relationship at all. Instead ofworking towards finding a life partner with whom gently to grow old, weend up ditching one person for another when they “don’t meet ourneeds.” Perhaps we never even give a person the chance to apply forthe partnership position because we’re so sure “Mr. Right” is out there inthe form of John F. Kennedy, Jr. (remember his sad story?). Even PrinceWilliam is losing his hair! Yet despite the evidence of fractured fairy tales,the majority of people go around waiting to win big, whether it’s playingthe Powerball or changing partners as if they were articles of clothing.Reality never sets in for the romanticized mind, but reality envelopes thesepeople nonetheless and their potential is never realized. 12
  13. 13. UniversalWealthSecrets.comControl Your Thoughts, Control Your LifeIt is important to remember that your thoughts are not your mind. Yourthoughts are limited, but your mind is limitless. Your mind knows more thanyou may allow to be manifested through your thoughts. You mind is whereyou link into the universal waves and connect your internal power with thepower that lies beyond. We even have a name for this internal power: It’scalled your will. Now, will power gets a bad rap simply because it’swhipped out every time someone fails. If you fall off the wagon, forexample, you don’t have enough will power (interestingly, and notcoincidentally, “will power” is not part of a 12-step program). The truthabout will power is that it is omnipresent. There is no lack of will power. Youeither engage it or you don’t. Pure and simple. People who have crackedthe code and are living abundantly successful lives simply leave their willstuck in the “on” position. Whether asleep or awake, once your will isengaged, you cannot be anything other than a tremendous success.Engaging your will takes a lot of practice. It’s much more than denyingtemptation. Your will is the key to limitless energy flow. If you cannotengage your will, you cannot succeed. Think of your will like a conduit or apipe. If it’s closed off, you are trapped. To manifest abundance you mustunclog your will and allow it to open you to the powers of the universebecause—and here’s the key—the powers of the universe are therewhether you engage them or not! You can choose to ignore the universalwave, but when you get knocked down, you won’t be able to say youweren’t warned. 13
  14. 14. UniversalWealthSecrets.comSo, how do you engage your will? The number one way to do this is toremain always and forever in the present. This is extraordinarily difficult formodern people to do. We simply have it too easy. Ten-thousand yearsago, humans that didn’t remain in the present were eaten by wildanimals. Or they starved. Or they hurt themselves and died from the injury.The evolutionary mind (as opposed to our thoughts) is preprogrammed towork most efficiently in the present. Your survival depended on it. Yoursuccess still depends on it.However, today most people do not struggle for food. We don’t generallyfear being trampled by a mammoth (or moose, which do still tramplepeople). If we get in a hurry, slip and fall, we can both go to the doctorand sue the owner of the sidewalk where we tripped. Humans havebecome sloppy. Our minds have become lazy. Before you can engageyour will, you must exercise your mind. You do this by controlling yourthoughts.Staying in the present has so many benefits to your mind and body, it’ssomewhat shocking that more people haven’t caught on. If you are hereand now, you aren’t worrying about what will happen down the road.You aren’t preoccupied with a big promotion or, alternatively, with losingyour job. You are doing everything you can to live your life to the fullestbecause no time exists beyond this moment. While the past may trailbehind you, all you take from it is the storage of knowledge you haveobtained by walking that path. You don’t look back. There is no forward.There is here. There is now. Practice thinking it. Practice saying it. “Don’tlook back. There is no forward. There is here. There is now.” 14
  15. 15. UniversalWealthSecrets.comYou may feel that this exercise is pointless. In fact, it is only necessary whenyour mind starts to drift. If you aren’t paying attention (Yahoo, anyone?),you need to return to this moment so that you can attend fully. Think ofyour ancestors who were struggling to forage for food. Imagine theevolutionary mind as it crept up on a mastodon holding nothing but apointy spear. Do you think that hunter was concerned with what wasgoing on back at the cave, let alone, who might win American Idol thisyear? Perish (literally) the thought.And before you claim apples and oranges, you can rest assured that thehunter who brought back the mastodon was the Donald Trump of his era.Remember that the measure of success isn’t fixed. However, the key tosuccess remains constant. If you cannot be in the moment, you may berisking much more than your chance at success, you may be risking lifeitself. 15
  16. 16. UniversalWealthSecrets.comThe Law Of Attraction And Its PrinciplesAs noted earlier, with the scientific inquiry into magnetic waves and theirimpact on everything in the universe came a resurgence in philosophybased on the same science. New Thought philosophy embraces thenotion that we are all one in the universe and, therefore, are equallycapable of tapping into divine strength. By accepting our strength, wecan actualize everything from our health to how much money we have.Illness—of body or spirit—is a manifestation of our own mental weakness.Those who can accept this simple truth can live abundantly. Those whodeny the truth toil in obscurity.Keep in mind that we are all atomic in our nature. As Einstein and othersproved, everything is energy. Thus, the leap that the New Thoughtphilosophers took was hardly a monumental jump. They simply turned the“everything is energy” fact into “we’re all part of one divine nature”philosophy. People tend to dismiss this reality in part because they want tobelieve there is an Omnipotent being looking out for us (despite war andfamine always having been present). Also, to say that you have thepower to change your own life is a scary proposition for many people. Ifyou knew incontrovertibly that you have every right to be happy and togain all the success imaginable, you may quickly find yourself back in acycle of self-loathing whenever you face a setback. The code of livingabundantly has nothing to do with avoiding “setbacks.” In fact, everyonefaces obstacles. The difference between you and those who havelearned the Speed Wealth Code is that you focus on the obstacle. Theworkers of the code focus on themselves. If you truly believe no obstaclecan get in your way, no obstacle ever will. 16
  17. 17. UniversalWealthSecrets.comThe key lies in the New Thought philosophy of using magnetic and energywaves beyond the physical realm into the mental realm. Beyond physicalvibrations are thought vibrations. Just as universal energy can bombardyou with radiation, so can negative thoughts act malevolently on your life.The point is how do you not only protect yourself from the negativethought vibrations but, at the same time, encourage positive thoughtvibrations to take their place.The Law of Attraction speaks directly to this. Just as physical laws greet anaction with an equal reaction, just as a stimulus creates an appropriateresponse, so do your thought vibrations draw like vibrations towards you.The code breakers who have found an abundant life see no obstacle—no true barrier—to greatness. They have so engaged their will that nothingcan stop them from their goal. They exude great thoughts, powerfulthoughts, thoughts of wealth and fame, and all these things come backto them. They are great and powerful because they think themselves tobe so. Remember, this isn’t a preconceived notion. Their thoughts aredirectly tied to attracting wealth and happiness. They are in the presentmoment thoroughly engaged in their surroundings, which includes theenergies coming at them. Because they are so active in present-timethinking, they can effortlessly sidestep negative thought vibrations. Even ifthey are cut down in some way that us mere mortals would deem adeathblow, they shake it off, pick themselves up, start over again. 17
  18. 18. UniversalWealthSecrets.comEverything is fresh and new and good and awesome. They are one withthe divine strength and they know how to manifest abundance into everysphere of their lives.Attune your mind and untap your will. Your abundance awaits you, if youhave the willingness to embrace your own divine strength and be a partof the universal powers that will control you if you don’t control yourself. 18
  19. 19. Money Magnetism MagicSo, you know the key to abundance is to get control of your thoughts andengage your mind’s full potential. If you are focused on the now and intune with your positive energy vibrations, you’re ready to start makingsome serious coin. Making money is a lot easier than most people wouldbelieve. The problem is that we have all been raised in a backwardsfashion. If making money were simply as easy as wanting to have more,well, pretty much every kid in America would be a success story (ofcourse, to other countries, this may seem a lot truer to them than it does toAmericans in general).What do you want to be when you grow up? How many children haveheard this question asked a “gazillion” times? Frequently, after the childgets past the “firefighter” and “ballerina” stage, the goal inevitablybecomes mercantile. Perhaps you’ve heard a child say, “I want to be adoctor so I can make a lot of money!” Is it any wonder how backwardsand dysfunctional the so-called health care system has become whenthe goal of becoming a doctor is not to help cure disease or benefithumanity or fight cancer or, even, make people more beautiful andhappier? No, the goal of being a doctor is to make money.Too many of us set out to make money. Money is the reward for having ahard or cruddy life. You may not want the stress of being a high-poweredattorney, but you’re in it for the money. That’s good enough, right?Wrong! When you only focus on the money, you miss the big picture. You 19
  20. 20. UniversalWealthSecrets.comcan find a decent paycheck this way, but you will never attain realwealth by chasing after the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.Remember the universal forces and the vibrations that are coming at you.You don’t chase after anything, you focus inward to your great mindpower, and abundance will find its way to you. A word of caution: Thisisn’t a fantasy reenactment of waiting for the phone to ring or for PrinceCharming to magically appear. Speed Wealth Code requires you to be anactive participant in gaining your riches. The first step is to activate yourmind to acquire wealth. The second is to make the conditions perfect sothat wealth will find its way to you. 20
  21. 21. UniversalWealthSecrets.comGive More, Get MoreInstead of being focused on money, wouldn’t it be great if weencouraged our children to focus on their strengths and talents? Wouldn’tit be marvelous if we all learned to “follow our bliss?” Frequently, as adults,we work ourselves so far off the path of bliss that we wouldn’t recognize itif we doubled back a million miles. Using the code and staying in thepresent can help you rediscover your bliss.Maybe at stressful moments in your life, you find yourself baking cookies.You always receive compliments from your family and everyone in theoffice loves those end-of-month crunch times because they alwaysinclude the tasty morsels you stayed up baking way too late the nightbefore. Maybe a coworker says she’ll take on an extra report from you fora secret tin of cookies that she can take home to the family she rarelygets to see. Suddenly, you have an epiphany: You should be sellingcookies.So, when you aren’t overworked, you set up a website and tell yourfriends and coworkers about your little side project (“It’s my vacationfund!”). They buy a few dozen and you bake them up on the weekend forMonday delivery. Then they tell their friends and family. You’re gettingeven more orders. In fact, you decide to go with the law of supply anddemand, so you increase your pricing in an effort to curb the number oforders you’re getting. The problem is that even more people have triedyour cookies. A food blogger is contacting you, wanting to do a featurestory. Despite the increased cost of your cookies, orders are going up. 21
  22. 22. UniversalWealthSecrets.comYou have a neighbor who has been out of work a few months. Youapproach her and offer her 50 percent of the profits on any cookies shebakes using your recipe. You and she have never been particularly close,but after a weekend of recipe testing and a couple bottles ofChardonnay, you discover that the two of you have way more incommon than you ever could have imagined. She starts baking up astorm, and your business is booming. Eventually you are making moremoney from the cookies than you were at your “real” job, so you quit andopen a bakeshop to go along with your online business.Do you see what happened? You managed to find your bliss by givingaway what you most enjoyed. If you are willing to do something for free,just because it brings you peace or joy, then you should throw yourself intothis activity and embrace your passion. Remember that this is work. Youmay love lying around on a beach, but it doesn’t take much effort.Success begins with a lot of effort, but that doesn’t mean you cannot lovewhat you do. Most of the amazing success stories involve people whowere engaged in doing something they loved. That is why they still wantto do it 30 or 40 years later! You don’t see Mick Jagger slowing down; hestill loves to make music. It may have been about drugs and girls at onepoint, but for the Rolling Stones lead singer, now it’s about the tunes. Hefound his success through art. Many others have, as well. However, thereare just as many stories of businessmen who found abundant riches viainventions, new business models and, yes, money (there are those wholove money for money’s sake; they tend to go into banking, notmedicine). 22
  23. 23. UniversalWealthSecrets.comIf you give all you can to what you love, you will get in return. Only fearand doubt—negative energy forces—can stop you from succeeding atwhat you love. If you give up, chances are you took “No” for an answer.Arnold Schwarzenegger was told his accent would never allow him to bea successful actor. He hasn’t been able to run for President because hewasn’t born in the US, but who’s to say his political life doesn’t haveanother chapter. Regardless, he never believed in anyone but himselfwhen it came to his success. Your success can be as prodigious if you giveeverything you have to achieve it. 23
  24. 24. UniversalWealthSecrets.comSuccess Breeds ExcessRemember your dating days (perhaps you’re still in them, or in them asecond time around)? Do you remember the thrill of the chase? Do youremember how happy you felt when you found “the one,” but then all ofa sudden even more potential mates appeared on the scene? Youprobably caught yourself thinking, “Where were you when I wasavailable?” It always seems like whenever you are fully satisfied, that iswhen you get offered more. When you’re starving, you have to gowithout.This is a real life example of Speed Wealth Code (and the Law ofAttraction) in action. One of the biggest differences between those whoreceive abundant riches and those who don’t is that the former groupdoesn’t rest on its laurels. They strike while the iron is hot, as the clichégoes. This doesn’t mean that you should have two boyfriends or multiplewives. It does mean that when you are in “attraction mode,” that youshould keep going for more and greater wealth. It can be far too easy torest after you reach that first great milestone. This is why so many greatrelationships fail; the partners get complacent and start to take eachother for granted.Money will start to flow your way, and you’ll want to take a nice vacationwith it. That’s your old way of thinking: Work hard at something joyless justto get a big paycheck, then go out and spend it! You must leave this kindof thinking behind you once and for all. When you are making money,make more money. Whatever you are doing right, just keep on doing it.First you were giving away your talents, then you were charging for it, now 24
  25. 25. UniversalWealthSecrets.comyou’re ready to franchise it! There is no limit to your success unless you limitit yourself.Many people think that rich guys get all the girls. While this may be true,only the foolish ones take up with girls interested in them only for theirmoney. They are the ones who inevitably end up in bitter divorce battlesover spousal support. When you begin to make money, you will find twokinds of people attracted to you (and this goes for business partners,friends and potential mates): People who want to use you as their easyroute to a preconceived notion of success (i.e. it’s bound to fall shortsooner or later) and people who are just like you, at various levels ofcracking the code. You may be approached by someone who hasalready achieved abundant riches who desires to be involved with akindred spirit. Keep your wits about you and keep focused on your ownvibrations. That is how you will separate the posers from the real deal. Inturn, your success will continue to flow as you add more and more peopleinto your life with a likewise positive energy coming from them anddrawing you to each other and all the wealth life has to offer. 25
  26. 26. UniversalWealthSecrets.comWealth Beyond RichesHappiness is not a four-letter word. Neither is joy, for that matter. Yet whenit comes to finding wealth, many people are so focused on the dollarsigns (or pounds sterling) that they forget that a successful life is anabundantly happy life. All the money in the world will not make your kidslove you (although they may pretend until the will is drawn up and theyhave you declared incompetent!). All the love in the world will not makeyou feel blessed if you are full of self-loathing. If you imagine the worst, asthe Law of Attraction proves, the worst will inevitably find you.Why is it so hard for you to choose to be happy? Why do you have to puta condition on your own level of joy (“I will only be happy when I canretire with $100 million in the bank!”)? When will you stop dwelling on whatyou do not have and love what you do have? This is literally why one mancan be a billionaire and live a simple, uncomplicated, yet extraordinarilyfruitful and powerful life (Warren Buffet, anyone?), whereas another manwill short circuit his own wealth and power though indulgence and mentalweakness (Mike Tyson, perhaps?). If you cannot be satisfied, you will neverhave abundant riches on any level, because nothing is enough for you.This goes back to the preconceived notion of idealism. If you honestlybelieve there is something else out there that is better than what youalready have here and now, you will forever be dissatisfied and unhappy.There are two tips that will make you happy for now and always. One isthe most basic and simple, it’s shocking that so few people do it. Everymorning as you wake, fall to your knees and thank God, the universe, oryour own divine strength for all the great and wonderful things you have in 26
  27. 27. UniversalWealthSecrets.comyour life. Announce to yourself that you are going to have a great day,because you have x, y, and z to look forward to. Maybe if you’re goingthrough a really difficult time, the best thing you have to look forward to isa great cup of coffee. Maybe you know that you’ll be outdoors walking ina bit and watch the sunrise. Maybe you’ve been on a roll and you knowthat today is the day you know you’re going to get an advance on thebook you just pitched to a publisher. Simply starting your day in a positivestate of mind is a huge step towards choosing happiness.The second tip is, well, to breathe. Whenever you feel that your life isoverwhelming or some event has you being tossed about on the negativethought waves of others, take a breath. If you practice yoga, youprobably know the principles of Pranayama, or breathing for your lifeforce. Getting control of your breath can make a huge difference in howyou approach stressful moments. Plus, it has the added benefit of pullingyou back into the moment. No one thinks about how they’ll be breathingan hour from now, and stress and fear are all about the future and whatwe think we may be facing in a time outside of the here and now.Remember what the Pradipka (yoga again) teaches: “When the breathwanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is still, so is the mindstill.”Again, controlling your mind is the key to abundant riches, as well as theticket on the happiness train. Plus, when you seek out happiness, you willfind that you recognize and appreciate the wealth and abundance thatsurrounds you. The happy man is the richest one of all. 27
  28. 28. In Conclusion…Obtaining wealth is not about finding it but about allowing it to find you.With Speed Wealth Code: Secrets to Manifesting Abundant Riches intoyour Life, you have the cypher to the code of life, meaning you can nowmanifest into yourself to great riches, power, happiness and a long andfulfilling life. By accepting your own divine strength, you acknowledgeyour own ability to create love and wealth for you and the people whosurround you. You can be among the great stars of your own universe,created and tended to by you.Most people get caught up in their feelings of powerlessness. However,you now know that this is your own negative thinking shutting off thelimitless potential of your mind. You can open the channel to your will andconvert your power into positive energy that will bring only great andwondrous wealth and happiness to you. You will use the Law of Attractionas only the Speed Wealth Code is able in a way that is instantaneous andperfect in its simplicity to apply to every aspect of your life.Imagine your life of riches. Live that life. Appreciate what you have in thismoment. The code is broken, and your great life is here.To Your Success, 28
  29. 29. UniversalWealthSecrets.comDiscover The Secret To Forcing The Universe Into Granting You A Destiny Of Incredible Wealth And Unimaginable Success! Click Here To Access For Instant Download 29