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Final version of aalat hr policy

  1. 1. AALAT L.L.C HR policy based on UAE Labor Law No 8 for 1980
  2. 2. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 2 - Introduction This published policy is an effort to create better understanding of the procedures and to ensure a safe, organized, empowering, and non- discriminatory work place and to facilitate day-to-day administration of the company. It should enhance personnel decisions, protect the rights of all employees and assure uniformity of action throughout the company. Each member of management is responsible for administering these policies in a consistent and impartial manner. Nothing in the Human Resources Policy in any way creates an expressed or implied contract of employment. Policies in the field of Human Resources are subject to modification and further development in the light of experience. This policy is subject to review and change by the President without notice. This policy will be posted on the company Intranet and HR Share Folder for employees, management and supervisory officials. In addition to the Intranet and HR Share Folder, employees may review the policy in Human Resources department. It is the responsibility of each employee to be familiar with the information contained in the policy and any amendments thereto. UAE Labor law Rules and Regulations may be found on the . The HR policy based on the labor law of UAE No - site and in Human Resource Department. The President under the authority delegated by the Board of Directors has approved the personnel policies contained in this manual The Office of Human Resources is responsible for disseminating all new or revised personnel Policies.
  3. 3. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 3 - For best practice the policy Indentify the general rules and procedure for details matter will be handled by separate policy such as office policy, salary policy, HSE policy
  4. 4. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 4 - Chapter one-Recruitment & Selection
  5. 5. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 5 - Recruitment refers to organizational activates that influence the number and types of applicant who apply for a job and whether the applicants accept jobs that are offered. Thus, recruitment is directly related to both human resources planning and selection. The recruiting process begins with an attempt to find employees with the abilities and attitudes desired by the organization and to match them with the tasks to be performed. ach new employee should be selected with care, not only for their ability to undertake the immediate job opening but also with a view to suitability for future advancement because regular employment with the company is to be on career growth. Man Power Planning To ensure the availability of capable, skilled and committed employees in future and generate strategic plans to achieve sustained competitive advantages by recruiting competent staff, the department managers are required to project their department’s work force planning annually. The work force planning shall be in accordance with the business plan and annual budget approved by Executive Management and Board of Directors. The annual work force plan along with the approved budget for the same plan shall be sent to HR department by end of each year for the purpose of human resource planning for the coming year. 1-01Recruitment & Selection Procedures
  6. 6. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 6 - The recruitment and selection process starts with the termination of an existing employment contract, temporary absence of an existing employee or when a new post is established. Where a new post is being established, the budget / funding for the post should be considered. In case of a request for a new unbudgeted position such request is to be supported by written justification quantifying the increased workload/ expansion in scope of operations. In all cases a “New Employment Request Form” shall be filled with approval being gained in accordance with procedure set out in this policy. Staff required for work of a temporary nature may be employed on such a basis for a limited duration, subject to U.A.E labor law compliance. Temporary employees will be engaged on a flat daily/monthly rate of pay and will not be eligible for any further benefits over and above this payment. All recruitment of a permanent or temporary nature is subject to the approval of the HR department in conjunction with the Executive Management’s approval and the rest of recruitment process such as selection, interview, assessment ,assignment should be done after approval of HRD with shared approval of general manager /president of the company HR Department will review the request to ensure compliance with company policy guidelines and budgeted headcount. After it is confirmed that the request is in order, HR will signoff and commence the search for suitable incumbents. In the event the request is not in conformity with the company’s staffing strategy, policy or budget this will be notified in writing to the concerned department manager. Information regarding vacancies shall be easily accessible and open to current employees.
  7. 7. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 7 - All vacancies shall be advertised on the company website in addition to any other type of media selected. This will enable both external and internal candidates to apply for the post and will create a fairly selected pool of applicants from which the most appropriate can be selected. The candidates should be informed about the outcome of the interview within two weeks. Recruitment Methods Once an organization has decided it needs additional or replacement employees, it is faced with the decision of how to generate the necessary applications that may take place internally or externally. A numbers of available methods for recruitment are: Walk- in which provide and important external source of applicants. Media advertisement- daily local newspaper Company’s Website Recruitment agencies- locally and overseas Head hunting for very senior position Employee referrals Depending on the level and type of requirement, HR will source candidates through various channels. Where recruitment agencies are used, these service providers shall be approved and contracted by HR personnel only. HR will do the initial shortlist and interview in accordance with the specifications provided by the concerned Department. Important note : in case of seeking assistance of recruitment agency any agency contract ,charges should be done only with approval of HRD and in according to best practice in industry ,company budget in order to get the best ever condition
  8. 8. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 8 - 1-02 Job Description & Specification Recruiting the right person starts with a detailed job description and personal specification that shall be attached with Requisition form and provided to HR. A key purpose of a job description is to identify for a jobholder the contribution required by the organization. It is fundamental tools for managers who can use it to ensure that his/her subordinates understand what they have to achieve and the criteria on which their performance will be assessed. Beyond the communication purpose, a job description provides a number of other needs such as training, job evaluation, performance management and providing information to Human Resource in recruitment process. Interview & Selection Process The purpose of interview is to assess candidate’s suitability through fair and efficient questioning techniques, which are focused on obtaining relevant evidence on which to make a decision. There should be consideration of: The time required to notify candidates An appropriate and accessible location Candidates may have particular needs, mobility/communication, which should be met to enable them to participate fully in interview process. The timetable should be planed. In the interview session, an employment application form should be filled by the candidate, which will be kept in HRIS as a reference for future. The goal of selection process is to accurately determine which applicant possesses the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics dictated by the job. People who attend interview have to be well trained to be able to select qualified candidates.
  9. 9. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 9 - Size & Composition of Panel A panel consist of two / three people where possible shall be created for interview sessions. One of the HR personnel, perhaps HR Manager will be designated to chair the session and will have overall responsibility and accountability for the whole process and should ensure that the recruitment process is planned and conducted properly. It is the company’s intention to ensure that all managers / staff involved in the recruitment and selection process receive training. The panel should, except in exceptional circumstances, remain consistent throughout the recruitment and selection process. 2 The Panel’s Role As soon as the membership of the Panel is identified, they should communicate to plan and set dates for the whole recruitment process. The panel should: Decide how, what, where, Agree recruitment & Selection process Shortlist applications Plan and develop interview questions Conduct the interviews and other selection process Make the final decision It will be the responsibility of the chair to ensure that forms provided are completed and returned to the HR department. Department head will make the final decision on selected candidate.
  10. 10. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 10 - 1.3 Employment Contract HR department will issue an appointment letter/ job offer to successful applicant and will contact candidate to obtain other relevant paperwork for further formalities. New hire will receive an official employment contract after joining the company that will specify and set out the main terms and conditions of employment. Employment Agreements are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Emirate and Federal Laws applicable in U.A.E particularly in accordance with the Labor Law and any subsequent amendments that may be in effect. The Employee agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of U.A.E. Courts with respect to all matters arising out of, in connection with, or related to the Agreement or his/ her Employment with the Employer. 1.4 Employment of Family Members The company has no prohibition against hiring relatives of existing employees but there are concerns that employment of relatives in the same area or department may affect departmental functioning. To minimize potential issues with regard to relatives working together, a family member should not have supervisory responsibilities for another family member. The family relationship should be disclosed before selection or hiring. Legal Requirements for Employment and Residency
  11. 11. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 11 - The employment and residence of non-GCC national is conditional upon the company being able to obtain all necessary work permits & residence visa required under UAE Law as below: Residency and Work permit require all non-GCC national to enable him/her remain under the company’s employment. The residence visa is valid for a period of three years and will be renewable after expiration of this period. All the cost will be carried by the company Medical Fitness and Finger Print: In accordance with UAE regulations, the employee is required to undergo appropriate tests for communicable diseases and fingerprint in the police station in order to obtain clearance Certificates to finalize the residence visa process. Employee shall go through this process after obtaining employment visa. Company is responsible to process all work permits and residency permits for its employees at company’s cost including employment visa, medical, finger print, one way joining ticket ( for overseas recruitment) and other relevant costs. If employee terminates his / her contract before completion of one-year services with the company, he/ she shall pay the above- mentioned costs, which were occurred during his/ her employment process with the company. The company will cover the cost of residency for married employees, dependents based on the contract status of the employee as follows:  Family Status: one spouse and two children up to age of 18 years old.  Married Status: 1 spouse (spouse )  Single: only employee After finalizing permits and residency, the original passports of office staff will be returned to the employee and remain in employee’s custody unless the employee requests, in writing, that the company hold the passport on his / her behalf.
  12. 12. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 12 - The original passports of laborer will remain under company’s custody and will be released on the time of annual leave or separation from the company. 1-05 Probationary Period All contracts for duration of 12 months and above will be subject to satisfactory completion of a probationary period of 3 months from the first day of employment. All new entrants will be required to undergo a formal probationary period. However, the probationary period is not necessary for individuals selected within the organization. The probation period will enable managers to: Assess/review the initial performance of the appointed candidate and determine his/her suitability to perform the job. Give some initial consideration for the employee’s potential and possible development within the job. In certain cases the 3 months probationary review will be ranked and used within Performance Management System. 1.6 Induction Program Induction is the process of receiving and welcoming employees when they first join the company and giving them the basic information they need to settle down and start the work quickly and happily. The aims of induction program are to familiarize the new employee with the company’s products/services, policy / procedures and job function in order to increase commitment and reduce the cost of early leavers. Following mentioned documents should be prepared and considered part of induction program:
  13. 13. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 13 - HR induction welcome pack A copy of HR policy and/or any other relevant departmental Forms, which shall be filled by new employee such as Employee Information Form” and “Beneficiary Letter”. Organizational chart The induction program must be prepared to the particular needs of the individual and the concern manager must identify these before the start date, whenever practicable. Appropriate level HR department personnel shall take care about the new employee in his/her first working day and ensure that all relevant information and documents needed for payroll, personal file etc are recorded. HR department may schedule orientation program for new employee with different departments if requested by concerned department‘s head. This will help new employee to get familiar with other departments tasks and have better understanding of the business. 1.7 Hotel Accommodation Upon arrival of new employee, he/she will be accommodated in a standard / deluxe hotel room for the period of 10 nights on company’s account (room Only). If an employee wishes to stay more, the additional days will be paid by the company and recovered from employee’s salary. 1.8 Air Ticket Booking The company shall be responsible to provide one way joining ticket to the new employee from the place he/ she are recruited to UAE.
  14. 14. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 14 - If new employee wishes to buy his/her own ticket, he /she shall do so and reimburse the amount of one-way ticket after joining date. The company Note must purchase the ticket from the approved airlines: Article 1.13 and 1.14 are applicable for overseas recruitment only.
  15. 15. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 15 - Chapter 2- General Conditions of Employment
  16. 16. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 16 - 2.1 Code of Conduct It is the policy to observe that all U.A.E laws & regulations are applicable to the company. All employees are expected to demonstrate high standards of business ethics and professional integrity. Employees are the company’s representatives and it is expected that they should fully comply with the law and perform in a manner that reflects favorably on the company’s reputation. Active involvement in outside organizations (social, political, etc.) which may influence individual’s performance negatively must be avoided. Under no circumstances should any employee accept or offer any form of commission or bribe, in cash or in kind. Employees must not be involved in any situation that may result in “conflict of Interest” in order to ensure that they have not obtained any personal benefit at the cost of the company. Prayer Times Guidelines Muslim employee may leave for praying Prevention of Bullying in the Company’s Premises Workplace bullying can be defined as the repeated less favorable treatment of a person by another or others in the workplace or company accommodation, which may be considered unreasonable and inappropriate workplace practice. It includes behavior that intimidates, offends, degrades or humiliates an employee. Bullying behaviors can be verbal, physical, social or psychological (including offensive messages with SMS and email).
  17. 17. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 17 - The company is committed to ensure that all employees are treated with dignity and respect. This will be Human Resources department responsibility to takes proper action to prevent and respond to bullying in workplaces in accordance with Federal Law and company’s objectives and policy. Human Resources department will ensure that procedures for reporting, investigating and resolving complaints relating to bullying are followed in accordance with the company’s policy. The Department Heads are responsible to ensure that appropriate instruction and information are provided to their staff members to support this policy, promote staff awareness on the standard professional behaviors, and respect towards others. ⇒ Alcoholic Beverages & Illegal Drugs Article The possession, consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages in workplace and or company accommodation is strictly prohibited “Alcoholic beverage" includes alcohol, spirits, liquor, wine, beer, and every liquid or solid containing alcohol, spirits, wine or beer, and which contains one-half of 1 percent or more of alcohol by volume and which is fit for beverage purposes either alone or when diluted, mixed, or combined with other substances Similarly, illegal drugs are prohibited on the company premises. If an employee is, found under the influence of illegal drugs or found buying, selling or possessing narcotics on the company’s premises he/she will be immediately dismissed.
  18. 18. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 18 - 2.02Dress Code & Appearance At Work The Company’s objective, in establishing a dress code, is to enable employees to project a professional, business-like image. Guidelines to determine what is appropriate to wear at work: Even in a business casual work environment, clothing should be pressed and never wrinkled. Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is unacceptable. All seams must be finished. Any clothing that has words, terms, or pictures that may be offensive to other employees are unacceptable. . 2.03 Confidential Information Definition: Confidential information belonging to the company, which an employee obtains in the course of employment, must not be disclosed to persons outside the company nor used for one’s own personal benefit or for the benefit of others during and after employment. Every employee is under contractual agreement not to divulge information about the organization’s business, customers, products, services, systems, business’s plan, or any other confidential matters. All employees’ salaries and benefits or any other related information must be treated confidential and shall not be disclosed. Additionally staff can help information to remain confidential by making sure: Their desk is clear of business-related paperwork when leave at the end of the day. All potential sensitive documents to be locked in desk or filling cabinets.
  19. 19. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 19 - Access to file rooms should be controlled at all times. The above are a set of general guidelines. Employees are encouraged to refer queries to their manager or HR department to seek clarification and guidance in specific cases whenever they are in doubt. Personal Property The company provides desk, closet and other facilities for all staff members to keep their personal property. The company does not accept responsibility or make reimbursement for lost or stolen property. The valuables shall be kept in lockers or take away to ensure their safety. Company Property Upon the termination of employment contract by either party, the employee shall return the company property and documents including all records, business correspondence, client files, credit cards, mobile phone, equipments such as computer / laptop, furniture, vehicle and whatsoever which may be in his / her possession relate in any way to the business or affairs of the company. Employee prior the financial settlement with the company shall retain no copies, notes or abridgement of any of the above. 2.04 Custodian of Personnel Files
  20. 20. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 20 - The human resource department is the custodian of personnel files. The employee should ensure that his /her manager and HR department are advised of the changes in his/ her personal status. Up to date information will ensure that employee has complete coverage under company plans and that the correct person is contacted in case of any emergency. The following items should always be current in the employee personal file:  Address and telephone number  Marital status and children  Beneficiaries  Person to notify in emergencies Employee / Department Head Access to Personnel Record Upon proper request, an employee or his/ her Department Head have the right to inspect the personal file of employee at reasonable intervals. Personnel records that are accessible for review by employees are any documents which have been used or which are intended for use in determining the employee’s qualifications for employment, promotion, transfer, additional compensation, discharge or disciplinary action. Certain documents are not subject to employee access but accessible to department head in the presence of HR staff. They are:  Medical records  Letters of reference  Test documents  Information about another person  Records involving a judicial proceeding  Investigatory or security records
  21. 21. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 21 -  Materials used for management planning An employee who requires inspecting his/her personnel records must send a request to the Human Resources department. HR will schedule an appointment for the employee to access the records, generally within 2 days of the request. An employee who is involved in a current grievance can designate, in writing, a representative to inspect her /his personnel records, which could have born the resolution of the grievance. The employee must present valid identification before being allowed access to the records. Department head or Employee are allowed to view the employee’s personal file in the presence of Human Resources staff and strictly are should not remove the file from the HR premises. To correct the record there must be a mutual agreement to do so between the employee, the employee’s Department Head and Human Resources Management. An employee may attach an explanatory statement to any disputed document in the file. 2.05 Hours & Place of Work The company may adopt amended schedules where operational or other requirements so dictate. Time spent proceeding from place of living to work place does not form part of the working hours. All staff members are requested to complete 10 working hours per day including 60 minutes lunch break from Sunday to Thursday. The employee may be required to work beyond those hours. During the month of Ramadan, the working hours are reduced by 2 hours per day according to U.A.E Federal law. The employee may require by the company to work at any other places except where he/ she were initially assigned to fulfill his/her duties. The
  22. 22. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 22 - employee may also be required to travel within /outside the United Arab Emirates to perform his/her duties. 2.06 Attendance & Tardiness On time, attendance is an expectation of all employees. Daily attendance is especially important for employees whose customers and coworkers have the expectation of on-time delivery of services. Emergency personal time is made available to employees for such unscheduled events as personal illness, immediate family member illness, doctor appointments etc that must be approved by department manager before the employee leaves the workplace. By the end of each month, employee’s attendance sheet will be monitored by HR personnel to ensure completion 10 working hours per day including 60 minutes lunch break There will be a salary deduction if an employee attends the workplace later than normal working hours, unless missed times is made up later. This will be based on total daily hour and later hour per week. Employees who are late and are not able to be present at the workplace on time, must call their supervisor/department manager as soon as possible, but not later than sixty minutes after the start of normal working hours. If the supervisor/department manager is unavailable, employees may leave a message with a phone number where they can be reached with the receptionist. Failure to call is considered leave without pay. Department manager/ supervisor shall inform HR personnel about employee’s leave. When an employee misses a punch, he should inform HR personnel immediately, otherwise he/she will be considered absent which will affect his/her salary. When possible, within the normal schedule, the employee may make up
  23. 23. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 23 - Anytime missed during the week in which the time was missed. Employees must have the permission of their department manager to make up time and HR should be informed. Disciplinary action, up to and including employment termination, will commence, for the overuse of emergency personal time and unscheduled leave. Life events can interfere with work attendance. However, in order to operate the business in an orderly and efficient manner, employees need to use as few emergency personal hours as are necessary and to avoid absenteeism. 2.07 Disciplinary Rules Disciplinary action will be dependent on the severity of the mistake committed by the employee. As per U.A.E Federal Law the company may impose The following penalties:  Warning  Fine  Suspension from work with reduced pay for a period not exceeding 10 days.  Dismissal with right to severance pay  Forfeiture or deferment of a periodic increment.  Forfeiture or deferment of promotion  Dismissal with forfeiture of all or part of the severance. This penalty may only be imposed on the grounds expressly specified in Article 120 of the U.A.E Federal law no.8 of 1980.  A fine maybe expressed in terms of a specific amount or an amount equal to employee’s remuneration for a specific period. The fine
  24. 24. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 24 - prescribed in respect of any one offence shall not exceed five days’ remuneration.  The penalty of forfeiture of a periodic increment may not be imposed more than once in a year and such increment may not be deferred for more than six months.  No disciplinary penalty may be imposed on a worker for any act committed by him/her outside the workplace, unless such act is connected with the work, the employer or the responsible manager.  Non of the above mentioned penalties may be imposed on an employee until after he/she has been notified in writing of the charge against him/her, his/her statement have been heard, he/she has been allowed to defend himself/herself and the foregoing has been entered in a report placed in his/her personal file. The penalty shall be entered at the end of this report. An employee may be suspended from work if he/she is accused of committing a deliberate offence involving assault on person or property or crimes relating to honor and honesty or the offence of unlawful strike. The period of suspension shall run from the date of which the incident is reported to the competent authorities and until the latter have given a decision on the case. The employee shall not be entitled to his remuneration in respect of the period of the suspension. Where it is decided not to take employee to court or the employee is acquitted, he/she shall be reinstated in his/her work; he/she shall be paid his/her remuneration in full for the period of the suspension if it was maliciously contrived by the employer. Where an employee; either through his/her own fault or in violation of the company’s instructions, is guilty of the loss, damage or destruction of tools, machines or products or materials owned by the company or in the latter’s custody, the company may deduct from the employee’s remuneration such
  25. 25. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 25 - amounts as may be necessary to repair / replace them as fully as possible provided that the amount shall not exceed five days remuneration in each month. The company may request the court for permission to deduct more than this amount if the employee has capital assets or any other source income. 2.08 Grievance Procedure Definition: The grievance procedure is a process through which an employee can bring workplace concerns to upper levels of management. It is the company’s aim to maintain good Employee relations and avoid grievances and disputes. Employees may discuss their problems and concerns with their immediate Manager. They can at any time request a referral to higher management as per the following internal procedure: First Stage An Employee should refer any grievance to their immediate Manager, who will try to work out a satisfactory settlement Second Stage If no settlement has been reached, the case should be referred to and discussed with the Human Resources Manager for review and action. Final Stage If no settlement has been reached, the case should be referred and discussed with Executive Management. And termination of the employee should be fact at the end of the road.
  26. 26. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 26 - Chapter 3 – Remuneration, Benefits & Facilities
  27. 27. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 27 - 3.01 Employee Classification & Grading For the purpose of employee growth and advancement as well as for ease of compensation administration, the employees of the Company will be classified into different grades. Every employee of the company, old or new shall have a grade allotted to him/her and his /her compensation and benefits shall be in accordance with the grade the employee is in. Depending upon performance reviews and recommendation of Department/Senior Management, employees can be promoted and change grades accordingly and also the benefits which is verify from grade to a another The grading structure will be defined in different document and will be available with HR Department. 3.02 Housing Allowance The Housing Allowance for employees based on the grade of the staff and grade .All benefit for the employee of the company will be approved by the company board of director 3.03 Transportation Allowance Transportation Allowance is given to an employee to offset his/ her cost of transportation from his/ her accommodation to the workplace. The transportation allowance is calculated as follow:
  28. 28. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 28 - Grade Allowances (AED) Grade A 4000-4500 Grade B 3500- 3999 Grade C 3000 Grade D 750 -1500 Transportation allowances will be paid to employees as per employment contract. 3.04 Mobile Allowances Subject to management approval, the mobile allowance shall be considered for employee whose the nature of his /her work is required. Mobile allowance for sales personnel is considered as part of their sales commotions and they are not eligible to receive cash/ allowance. With maximum of 1000 AED for senior sales person, such as area sales manager. For other staff, executive mobile allowance as per board member approve During the office hour any phone call made for business purpose shall be born by the company 3.05 Petrol Allowance If employee’s nature of work involves daily business travel, he / she may claims petrol allowance against provided original invoices. The claim
  29. 29. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 29 - should be approved by department head before being sent to HR Department. 3.6 Company Vehicle Company vehicle is provided in the following cases: May be provided to employee as an operational tool whose nature of work involves daily business travel such as Driver, Public Relation Officer, etc. The vehicle is considered to be a business tool for official use only and does not form part of the individual’s salary or benefit package. May be provided to executive management as benefit for personal and official use. This entitlement shall be stipulated in employment contract. When an employee to whom a vehicle is allocated as an operational tool proceeds on vacation, the vehicle must be handed over to HR department. It is HR responsibility to optimize the use of the vehicle by reallocating it across the company as required. 3.07 Annual Air Ticket All employees are entitled to one round trip economy air ticket as stipulated in their employment contract. And the annual ticket is based on staff grade Grade Class of Annual ticket A First Class B Economy class C Economy class
  30. 30. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 30 - All office staff members are eligible every 12 months of services except staffs with the job titles of Receptionist, Telephone Operator, Secretary, Coordinator, Office boy and Driver, who are entitled every 18 months of services. 1 All other workers are eligible every 18 months of services. If an employee requires HR department to book an air ticket, he / she must submit the leave application with the request of air ticket 30 days prior to leave date. The annual air ticket will be booked through management approved travel agencies and will be provided to employees two weeks prior to departure. If an employee is on Married / Family status, air tickets shall be provided to employee, spouse and her/ his children (up to two under age of 18) based on declared status in employment contract. If an employee is on single status he / she may request HR department to purchase a ticket for his/her spouse at the time of ticket booking. HR personnel shall take necessarily action but will deduct the cost of ticket from employee’s salary. Office staff members are eligible to receive cash equal to approved air fares2 to the major cities from UAE.  Rules of cash disbursement of Air Fair ticket 1 T h e c o m p a n y m a y h a v e o t h e r d i f f e r e n t p o s i t i o n s i n f u t u r e t h a t a r e e l i g i b l e t o l e a v e o r a n n u a l t i c k e t o n l y a f t e r 1 8 m o n t h s o f s e r v i c e s . T h i s s h a l l b e d e c i d e d b y m a n a g e m e n t i n f u t u r e i f r e q u i r e d . 2 T h i s i s t h e r e s p o n s i b i l i t y o f H R D e p a r t m e n t t o d e t e r m i n e t h e c o s t o f a i r f a r e s a n d o b t a i n P r e s i d e n t ’ s a p p r o v a l . T h e r a t e s s h a l l b e d i s t r i b u t e d b e t w e e n s t a f f m e m b e r s a n d s h a l l b e r e v i s e d e v e r y s i x m o n t h s .
  31. 31. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 31 - 1.All employees are entitled to annual ticket; class of travel & eligibility of dependents as specified in their employment contract/Job Offer. 2. Annual ticket will be administered as a cash allowance, calculated upon the current year published IATA rate, to the employee’s country of origin. 3. Country of origin is defined as the country of the employee’s passport/citizenship; in the case of dual nationality, country of origin will be agreed at the job offer stage, and specified in the employment contract/Job offer. 4. Typically, the cash allowance will be administered along with the January payroll for each calendar year. 5. For those employees who join during the year, entitlement will be calculated on a pro-rata basis according to the percentage of the year worked; the cash allowance will be administered upon successful completion of the probationary period, along with the next payroll. 6. Employees who resign or are terminated during the course of the year will be required to ‘pay back’ ticket allowance on a pro-rata basis, according to the number of months worked in the year of resignation/termination. ’ workers are ineligible to receive cash and HR department shall be responsible for their annul tickets booking. Family status If staff member is on family status and wishes to receive cash instead of air ticket for his/her children’s, their eligibilities will be as follow: Children under age of 12 and above 2 years are entitled for 85% of the ticket’s amount. Below 2 years old / infant is entitled for 15% of the ticket’s amount. The air fair ticket for the family will be determined based on offer letter.
  32. 32. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 32 - Based on the grade of the staff A,B are entitle other class not entitle for 3.8 Life Insurance Scheme The company management has decided to cover all employees under life insurance scheme to protect employee’s dependents from financial loss related to employee‘s death. The amount of compensation shall be calculated on the basis of the last remuneration received by employee before his/her death. All employees must ensure that their “Beneficiary Letter”, “Employee Information Form” and other necessary documents such as beneficiary passport copy are provided to HR department for such incident. 3.9 Medical Insurance Scheme In accordance to UAE federal law and company policy, all employees shall be covered under Medical Insurance Scheme. Medical insurance provider will be approved by the board meeting and company committee normally the company will name the insurance provider from one of the top leading service provider in market or the provider by the main group. HR department is responsible to ensure that all employees are covered and have received proper orientation about insurance scheme. If employee is eligible for family/ Married 3 status, his spouse and 2 children under age of 18 years will be entitled to medical insurance coverage based on declared status in employment contract. 3 Where employee is on Married Status, only his wife is eligible.
  33. 33. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 33 - If the employee wishes to include any other children or family members, they can take advantage of the group medical insurance rate and pay the annual premium at his/ her own cost. Chapter 4 Leave Policy & Procedures
  34. 34. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 34 - The objective of this policy is to determine the days which an employee does not perform for the company. 4.01 Leave Procedures Application for leave should always be accompanied by the standard Leave application. According to the departmental leave plan and the leave Information being received from HR department, an employee shall Duly fill the leave application form and forward to his department head for approval. Approved application should be forwarded to HR department to scrutinize the leave and recording it in HR module which links to payroll. A copy of leave application shall be provided to employee and the Original application must be kept in employee’s personal file. Departmental manager should monitor proposed leave plans to ensure operational effectiveness is maintained. The employee is responsible for promptly notifying the company of Any circumstances which may delay his/ her return from leave. If employee has taken more than his/her accrued entitlement at the
  35. 35. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 35 - Time of termination, the company shall make an appropriate adjustment from the employee’s final settlement. Department managers must inform HR department, if any of their staff are absent from work. 4.02 Annual Leave In accordance with the employment contract, all employees are entitled to annual vacation as follow: All office staff members are eligible to 25 days paid leave every 12 months of services excluding staffs with the job titles of Receptionist, Telephone Operator, Secretary, Coordinator, and Driver who are entitled to 45 days paid leave every 18 months of services. All workers are eligible to 25 days paid leave every 12 months of services. All employees are encouraged to take the full leave entitlement every12/18 months of their services. Employee will not be paid in cash for his/ her leave entitlement. Employees are not allowed to maximize more than 60 annual days for the period of 2 years. Vacation must be taken within 2 years otherwise it will be lapsed automatically. Public holiday announced by UAE authorities fall within annual leave shall not be considered part of annual leave and will be credited in employee’s account.
  36. 36. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 36 - Sick days fall within annual leave shall be considered part of the annual leave and no additional days are granted for these days. 4 This article is also applicable to days off (Friday / Saturday). 4.03 Sick Leave The company grants sick leave in accordance with the provisions of the UAE Federal Law 1980. The employee shall not be entitled to any paid sick leave during probation period. If the employee completed more than three months after the probation period in the continuous services of the employer and fall ill, he /she shall be entitled to sick leave not exceeding 90 days whether continuous or otherwise, in respect of every year of service. Such leave shall be calculated as follows: No salary shall be payable during sick leave if the illness is the direct result of the employee’s misconduct. (Having consumed alcohol or narcotic drug). If the employee is absent for more than one day, he/she will be required to provide a doctor’s certificate. If no valid certification is submitted, the respective leave period will be considered as leave without pay. After resuming to duties the respective employee is given two days to produce the necessary documentation to approve the sick leave. The company reserves right to require the employee to undergo a medical examination at the company’s expense by a doctor nominated by the company at any time. The employee authorizes the doctor to disclose the results of such examination to HR Department. 4.05 Maternity Leave 4 UAE Federal Law- Article 77
  37. 37. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 37 - In accordance with the provision of article 30 of UAE Federal law, a female employee shall be entitled to maternity leave with full pay for a period of 45 days including the period preceding and the period following her confinement, where she completed one year of her services with the company. If the service period is less than one year then she shall be entitled to maternity leave with half pay. Leave of Absence In the event that an employee runs out of leave balance, unpaid leave will be allowed at the company’s discretion. Such leave will break the employee’s continuity of employment and will reduce the number of days of service when calculating end of service benefits. 4.08 Hajj Leave Muslim employee shall be granted once in the course of his/her period of services; special leave without pay for the purpose of fulfilling the obligation to make the pilgrimage, such leave shall not be counted towards any other periods of leave and shall not exceed 30 days.5 4.9 Public Holidays Employees will be entitled to official leave with full pay if the following occasions occur on a normal working day: the public holidays as mentioned below and might include any other days as mentioned by government If employee overstays, days which are not approved will be considered as leave without pay. If overstay is due to a valid reason and approved by department head, such circumstances will be treated as extension to the 5 Federal Law- Article 87
  38. 38. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 38 - leave with full pay provided the employee has sufficient leave balance to cover overstay period.  New Year’s Day (Hegira) – 1 day  New Year’s Day (Gregorian) – 1 day  Prophet’s Birthday – 1 day  Ascension of the Prophet – 1 day  UAE National Day – 1 day  Eid Al Fitr – 2 days  Eid Al Adha – 3 day 4.8 Medical leave Days of Absence Pay Rate 1st 15 Calendar Days Full pay Next 30 Days Half pay Any Subsequent Period No pay In the event of illness and inability to continue work, an employee may be granted medical leave as follows: In all instances of absence relating to illness, the employee is required to inform his/her immediate manager before 9am on the first day of absence. Short leave, of more than 2 days with pay must be supported by a Doctor’s or hospital certificate. For medical leave in excess of 5 days, the above certificate must be accompanied by a medical report.
  39. 39. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 39 - As a matter of policy the Human Resources Manager will monitor attendance, including absence due to sick leave. Should an employee’s absence develop a habitual pattern, the Human Resources Manager will highlight the concern to the appropriate manager and the Management Committee for discussion and/or further investigation. In the case of an illness during annual leave, the employee is not entitled to claim back leave days. 4.9 UNPAID AUTHORIZED LEAVE Due to exceptional circumstances, the company may approve leave without pay for a maximum of one (1) month. Unpaid leave periods are not taken into consideration when calculating the End of Service benefits or annual leave accruals. 2 An employee’s request for unpaid authorized leave will only be considered if he/she has utilized all of their accrued annual leave.
  40. 40. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 40 - Chapter five Business trip
  41. 41. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 41 - Definition A business trip occurs when an employee is required to travel outside/inside the UAE. Business trip starts when an employee leaves his/ her house or workplace for this purpose and ends when she/ he arrive to his/her base. 5.1 Procedures Appropriate approvals for business trip shall be obtained as per below matrix: Destination Department Manager President / his Deputy Inside country Yes No Outside country Yes Yes
  42. 42. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 42 - 5.1.1 Employee must obtain relevant approvals on “Business Trip Requisition Form” before proceed the business trip. 5.1.2 If an employee becomes ill during business trip, his /her regular expenses shall be paid during sick days provided that he/she presents acceptable medical reports and documents indicating the nature and duration of the illness. Medical expenses and hospitalization costs, if necessary, shall be paid by the medical insurance, if covered by the policy, or shall be provided by the Company. Business trip cost shall be in annual budget by department heads every year. The employee must submit the travel request minimum 5 days prior to the outside country trip so HR personnel will be able to do the needful for visa entry, hotel accommodation , ticket booking and other necessary work on time. The employee will be allowed to extend the business trip for personal purpose with following conditions: No extra charges or fees will be paid by company for the extension Grade Per Diem UAE Remark A AED 1500 300 Covers food, taxi, and etc B AED 1300-1000 300 Covers food, taxi and etc. C 1000 -800 300 Cover food taxi and etc
  43. 43. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 43 - Period The employees annual leave balance allows for such extension 2)0Business trip should be by approval of board /general manager . 3)The diem will be paid on submitting all invoice The extension must be approved by department head.  Ticket HR personnel based on the travel requisition duly filled and approved by management shall do arrangement of ticket booking. HR personnel shall assist employee to obtain visit/business visa for the country to be visited. Company will bear the visa expenses. Note: The President has the right to stop Business Class travel or upgrade travel class for all categories.  Per Diems & Reimbursement of Expenses Per Diem covers expenses such as food, taxi and hotel, excluding ticket and visa expenses for overseas trip. The per diem is set as per industry level after compare with similar firm with industry The per Diem amount shall be identified and decided based on region. See below email diagram: Employees shall receive the per diem prior to his/her business trip. Ticket booking shall be arranged as per below table:
  44. 44. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 44 - The following types of expenses are not included in the travel allowances and shall be compensated against original bills/receipts: Excess baggage resulting from excess cargo related to business Items purchased for business related matters Customs paid on business related items The employee shall settle the travel claims (if any) within 5 working days from the date of return. The authorized person must approve all expense claims. All expenditure must be supported by original invoice/receipts, except for per diem allowances. Photocopies are not valid supporting documents. Even when claiming for telephone expenses, the original bill is required. Credit card statements are not invoices and are not valid with out supporting documents Any payment is credit card will be paid be the company within next payroll. Calculation : Per Diem allowances are calculated on the basis of actual number of travel days, which includes day of departure and day of arrival except for trips within the UAE Guiding principle of the per diem allowance is to cover costs associated with hotel accommodation, food, etc, which does not apply in this instance. Region Executives Managers Other staff Within GCC Countries Business Class Economy Class Economy Class More than 3 hours flights Economy class Economy class Economy Class
  45. 45. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 45 - Employees will be paid a daily allowance as given below to cover cost of local transport, hotel accommodation, meals, laundry, visa, airport taxes and other incidental expenses. Limitation: If the trip extends for more than 4 days in one location, then the total per diem allowance for the full trip will be reduced by 50%. And if reach 7 days will be deduct by 60 % Employees, who need to go on business travel within the UAE, will be entitled to receive a per diem allowance to cover the cost of their transport, hotel accommodation, meals, laundry and other incidental expenses, providing an overnight stay is involve
  46. 46. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 46 - Chapter 6 Performance Management System 6.1 Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is a formal evaluation procedure by which the organization documents its employees’ job performances and development potentials. Proper performance appraisal provides management with essential information for making strategic decisions on employee retention, advancement, and termination. The performance appraisal links training, development, and career planning program with the company’s long term human resources needs. The department managers may use appraisal procedures to: Assess the potential of employees for future jobs and suggest appropriate training and development programs. Design and implement merit and incentive program
  47. 47. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 47 - Determine whether employees receive appropriate compensation for their particular functions and positions in the organization. Identify and modify dysfunctional work behavior. Provide documented evidence to support disciplinary and termination actions. The managers/ supervisors shall conduct evaluation of their department staff performance once or twice a year that may be necessary in organization characterized by frequent personnel changes such as promotions, demotions, layoffs, transfers, and retirements. 6.2 Characteristics Of Performance Appraisal System Formal appraisal system has three basic phases:  Phase -1: Appraisal planning Appraisal planning should ties together business plans and the job objectives of departments and individuals, otherwise performance appraisal may be worthless. The implementation of performance appraisal must be done with HR coordination and President’s approval.  Phase -2: Implementation This phase is operational. Carrying out the performance appraisal is the responsibility of the Supervisor/ Manager. Personnel decisions derived from performance appraisal can affect the employee’s present and future’s work behavior.  Phase -3: Evaluation Evaluation involves more strategic decisions. Management shall put the results of evaluations into action through positive reinforcement or corrective measures. 6.3 Management by Objectives (MBO)
  48. 48. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 48 - This method specifies the performance goals that an individual and her/his manager agree to try to attain within an appropriate length of time. Each manager may sets objectives derived from the overall goals and objectives of the organization. 6.3.1 Key MBO Ideas Three key assumptions underlie an MBO appraisal system: An employee who is involved in planning and setting objectives and determining the performance measures tends to show a higher level of commitment and performance. Clearly as precisely identified objectives encourage the employee to work effectively toward achieving the desired results. (ambiguity and confusion and therefore less effective performance may result when a superior determines the objectives of individual) Performance objectives should be measurable and should define result. Vague generalities such as “initiative” and “cooperation” which are common in many appraisals should be avoided. Objectives specify actions to be taken or work to be accomplished.  Appraisal Feedback After completing appraisals, managers need to communicate the results to give employees a clear understanding of how they stand in the eyes of their managers and the organization. The appraisals should be discussed with employees. The appraisal feedback interview provides an opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings in both sides. In this interview the manager should focus on counseling and development and not just tell the employee “here is how you rate and why”. Emphasizing development gives both parties an opportunity to considerthe employee’s performance as part of appraisal feedba • Prepare in advance. • Focus on performance and development. • Be specific about reasons for ratings • Do all the talking • Lecture the employee • Mix performance appraisal and salary or promotion issues • Concentrate only on the negative DO NOT DO
  49. 49. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 49 - Personal Action Form ( PAF) Definition: The personal action form (PAF) must be filled whenever there are changes in employee’s status such as transferring within departments, promotion, or any changes in his/her compensations. Relevant department managers must approve the form and the final decision for any changes in employee’s status ultimately rests with the VP of the company. Note: The performance appraisal form will be provided by Human Resources Department when it is needed. The Performance Appraisal process identifies the performance of the employee for the 12 months of the appraisal year. Employees are rated according to performance towards or, Performance against objectives and competencies are reviewed as a minimum every 6 month the end of year appraisal is the ‘formal’ appraisal all the appraisal form will be provided by HRD.
  50. 50. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 50 - Chapter 7- Training& Development
  51. 51. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 51 - In order to gain competitive advantage the company will make every effort to facilitate employees learning of job-related competencies including knowledge, skills, or behaviors that are critical for successful job performance. The goal of training is for employees to master the knowledge, skills and behaviors emphasized in training program and to apply them to their day- to-day activities. 7.01 Training Procedure All staff members shall have access to the company’s training facilities through the HR department. Request for training programs are mainly to be set at the annual training plan according to training needs analysis and annual budget by department managers.
  52. 52. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 52 - When an employee attends training program, he / she is required to complete the “Training Program Evaluation Form” provided by HR personnel to enable HR manager and department’s head to assess the course and identify it strengths and weakness and necessary revisions on future course if needed. 7.2 Training Design Process There should be a systematic approach for developing training programs, departmental managers shall consider following steps in training process: Conduct a needs assessment that is necessary to identify if training is needed. Ensure that employees have the motivation and basic skills necessary to master training content. Create a learning environment that has the features necessary for learning to occur. Ensure that trainees apply the training content to their jobs. This involves having the trainee understand how to manage skill improvement as well as getting co-worker and manager support. Develop an evaluation plan. This includes identifying what types of outcomes training is expected to influence. Choose the training method based on the learning objectives and learning environment. Evaluate the program and making changes in it or revising any of the earlier steps in the process to improve the program so that learning objectives are obtained. Department manager is responsible for need assessment process with employee’s involvement and send the training request to HR department with his/her approval. The final approval to determine if training program will meet the company’s strategy shall be granted by Human Resource Manager.
  53. 53. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 53 - 7.3 Methods Use in Needs Assessment Following methods shall be used to conduct needs assessment including: Observing employee performing the job Asking employee to complete questioner to identify knowledge, skills and other characteristics required for the job. 7.04 Assessment of Training Program Before conducting the training program, it must be evaluated to discover the following factors: 1. Identify the program’s weaknesses and strengths. This includes determining if the program is meeting the learning objectives. 2. Assess whether the content, organization, and administration of the program including the schedule, accommodations, trainers, and materials contribute to learning and the use of training content on the job. Identify which trainee benefits most or least from the program 3. Determine the cost of program Compare the costs and benefits of different training programs to choose the best one.  On - Job Training The majority of training carried out within the company will be on job training. New or inexperienced employees learn through observing peers or managers performing the job and trying to imitate their behavior. On-job training shall be useful to upgrade experienced employees’ skills when new technology is introduced, cross- training employees within a department or work unit, and orienting transferred or promoted employee to their new job.
  54. 54. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 54 - The company runs a number of in-house training courses each year, which will be developed in response to the training requirements, complied from the training needs analysis.  Bonding Policy Department Managers may nominate employees for external/internal training courses on selective basis accordance with organizational strategy and HR policy. The company has the right to bond the employee for all initial costs including but not limited to training cost, hotel, transportation, or any other expenses that should be provided to employee during training program. Department head will decide the period of bonding and the bonding period will be started from the first date of productivity after completion of training program. The cost of training program and other expenses as mentioned above shall be divided into number of months within bonding period and for every month of employee’s services with the company, bond will be automatically reduced. Chapter 8
  55. 55. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 55 - Health safety environment procedures for work place Introduction: The company is committed to a secure, safe and healthy workplace and environment. All aspects Of business are managed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in accordance with the Principles set forth in this policy. These actions benefit our customers, shareholders, employees and the public, both now and for the future, while improving the quality of the environment. All employees shall be committed to, and accountable for, implementing, maintaining, measuring, and improving the environmental, health and safety programs of the Company. Health hazards in the workplace are pervasive and serious. No job is 100% risk-free. It is the company responsibility under UAE Federal Law to provide a hazard-free, safe and healthy working environment.
  56. 56. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 56 - The company shall display detailed instructions in a conspicuous position at the workplace indicating the measures to be taken to prevent hazards and protect the employees against it to which they may be exposed while performing their jobs. 8.1 General Safety Procedures in Work Shop 6 In accordance to the company’s Health & Safety Policy, the entire workshop personnel are required to use personal protective equipments during working hours. (PPE) 8.1.1 Safety Helmet The shop personnel are required to wear the Safety helmet according to below mentioned designated colors: White colored helmet is for Office personnel, executives, foremen and lead hands Blue colored helmet shall be used by plant workers Green colored shall be used by maintenance personnel Yellow colored helmet will be used by Visitors 8.1.2 Safety Shoes/ Boots All workshop personnel including quality control, supervisors, storekeepers and superintendents are required to wear safety shoes. Welders will use special safety boots for extra protection. Boots & shoes must be laced up to avoid entanglement .Worn out or damaged boots must be replaced immediately. 8.1.3. Hand Gloves Due to continual close contact with sharp edges of steel material in Plant, workers must wear hand gloves of the variety defined by the workstation safety analysis. Welders will use leather gloves for extra protection against heat.
  57. 57. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 57 - 8.1.4 Apron & Jacket All welders, technicians, mechanics, working on working area processes including tickers will use aprons for frontal and upper body protection. 8.1.5 Safety Goggles Safety goggles or shaded eyeglasses must be worn while operating chipping hammer, friction saw, hand grinder, stationary grinder ,wood working machines, or using gas cutting equipment and during fabrication process. The exact model is specified in the workstation safety analysis sheet. 8.1.6 Overall/Coverall Overalls provided to factory personnel are designed for industrial safety. Workers are strongly advised to wear them during working hours. If for some reasons they are not available, personal apparel worn should be compatible with Safety. Use long sleeve cotton shirts, close fitting trousers without turn-ups. Tuck in shirt. 8.1.7 Hearing Protection Welders, mechanics, all staff with in the work shop are provided with hearing protectors, muffs and plugs, to be used during chipping process required to use it 8.1.8 Respiratory Protection There are many tasks involving exposure to fumes, gases and dusts that are harmful to the human respiratory system. All workers are required to wear respiratory protection like masks and respirator. 8.1.9 Safety Belts Maintenance crews working on overhead cranes or other equipment at height are required to wear safety belts and lanyards for their protection against fall. 8.1.10 Fire Fighting and Protection
  58. 58. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 58 - Fire is one of the deadly, fearsome and damaging disasters that can occur but it could be prevented by incorporating commonsense principle. Fire starts when the three elements of fire triangle are present. The heat, fuel (wood, paper, gas, or other flammables) and oxygen. Avoiding fire means not allowing all three to combine. The company shall train a group of workers in fire fighting and protection measures who will attend fire incident that may happen. Guidelines in case of Fire incident: In case of fire breaking out in the work place, the person who notices it should immediately use the nearest fire alarm and press the bottom by breaking the glass, which covered the alarm. Fire Brigade 7should be informed immediately when their assistance is required. Security personnel should be alerted to make arrangement to receive fire brigade at gates without any delay. All personnel are required to exit the plant and move to a safe place. The company shall display detailed instructions in conspicuous positions at the workplace indicating the measures to be taken to prevent fire and protect the employees against hazards to which they may exposed while performing their work. Such instruction will be in Arabic and English. 8.1.11 First Aid
  59. 59. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 59 - While emphasis is placed on the prevention of accident and injuries, accident do occurs. Prompt knowledgeable treatment of injured worker will in many cases prevent minor injuries from becoming major one. First aid kits/cabinets are placed and maintained in each major working station with supplies checked regularly. Important Notes: The foreman/ representative of each working station are responsible to prepare a report in case of injury and major accidents. The report must be sent to HR department immediately. The report shall indicate the employee’s name, age, occupation, address, nationality and contain a brief account of occurrence, its circumstances and medical aid or treatment provided. Also it shall contain the statements of the witnesses, company representative and the employee if his/her condition permits. It shall indicate whether the occurrence was connected with the employee’s work or it was deliberate or resulted of gross misconduct on employee’s part. 8 The major incidents must be reported to police immediately. This is Public Relation Officer Responsibility to communicate with Police under the supervision of HR Manager. 8.1.12 Computer Ergonomics Upper back and neck stiffness is common in employees who maintain a static posture for a long period with desk jobs. Regular stretching breaks every hour or so and easy range of motion exercises for the neck and shoulder are usually helpful. Neck and shoulder complaints are also common in people who spend a lot of time on the telephone. A headset is a simple, effective remedy for this problem. 8 U.A.E Federal Law- Article 142
  60. 60. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 60 - Eyestrain can be minimized if the employee keeps the screen clean, adjusts the brightness and controls glare (special filters are available). The employee who wears spectacles may need a separate pair of glasses to work efficiently at a computer. Shoulder and wrist pain have accompanied the addition of the computer mouse to the desktop. The mouse is often positioned too high and too far away. It should be at the same typing height as the keyboard and within easy reach. Smoke Free Workplace To protect and enhance our indoor air quality and to contribute to the health and well-being of all employees, the company shall be entirely smoke free. Smoking is prohibited in all of the enclosed areas within the company worksites and camp, without exception. This includes common work areas, training rooms, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, hallways, restrooms, and all other enclosed facilities. The only designated smoking area is outdoors. No additional breaks are allowed to any employee who smokes. Finally, smokers and users of tobacco products must dispose of the remains in the proper containers. This helps to keep a neat and clean environment for all employees and our visiting partners and customers. Failure to comply with all of the components of this policy will result in disciplinary action TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT
  61. 61. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 61 - Whilst responsibility for initiating termination of an employee rests with department manager, in all cases it will be necessary to consult with the HR manager to ensure that justifiable grounds exist, that such grounds are adequately documented and to ensure that termination of contract is applied strictly in conformity with legal and contractual obligations. Termination of Employment Contract As per UAE Federal law the contract of employment shall be terminated by either party provided that the provisions of the law regarding the period of notice are observed. As per company policy the duration of notice period is considered 30 days from the time of termination of contract. The employment contract shall continue to be valid throughout the period of notice and shall be expired on the end of notice period. Company may dismiss and employee with out notice in any of the following cases and may include any other reason as mentioned per UAE labor  If the employee adopts a false identity or nationality or submits forged certificates or documents.  If the employee is engaged on probation and is dismissed during the probationary or on its expiry.  If the employee makes a mistake resulting in substantial material loss for the employer.  If the employee disobeys instructions respecting industrial safety or safety of work place or does not perform his / her duties.  If the employee discloses any confidential information to a third party.  If the employee is found in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of a drug during working hours.
  62. 62. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 62 -  If while working the employee assaults the employer the responsible manager or any of his /her workmates.  If the employee is absent from his/her work without a valid reason for more that 20 non-consecutive days or more than seven consecutive days. Notice of Termination / Resignation In case an employee works on daily basis the period of notice shall be considered one week if employee has been employed for more than six months but less than one year. During probationary period one week notice period is required by management approval. The employee shall be entitled in respect of the notice period to full pay calculated on the basis of his/her last remuneration and he/she is required to perform his/her works during this period. The company or the employee may agree to reduce or increase the period of notice. Where an employee fails to give the notice of the termination of employment contract or reduce the period of notice, he / she are obligated to pay compensation to the company called “compensation in lieu of notice”. The said compensation shall be equal to the employee’s remuneration in respect of the entire period of notice or the time by which was reduced. Death If an employee dies during his/her services with the company the company shall provide every support to his /her family and transfer his/her final dues and life insurance amount. Repatriation
  63. 63. HR POLICY & PROCEDURES _AALAT L.L.C _updated 11/22/2010 Done by :HR Manager HOSSAMHUSSEIN - 63 - On the termination of employment contract, the company shall pay the cost of returning the employee to the district from where he was recruited or to any other place agreed upon between the two parties. The cost for return of the employee means the value of his travel ticket. In case where the employers provide accommodation to the employee, the employee shall be obliged to vacate the premises by end of notice period. End of Service Benefits End of service benefits shall be paid based upon legal and contractual provisions for termination of services as follows: 1. Salary up to and including the last working day. 2. Accrued leave pay to the effective date of termination / resignation. As per UAE Federal Law Article 132, if an employee has completed a period of one year of continues services, he / she shall be entitle to severance pay. The days of absence from work or leave days without pay shall not be included in calculating the period of services. End of service benefit will be calculated as following 1- 21 days for first5 years 2- 30 days for the next 5 years Maximum: the end of services benefit should not exceed the salary of 24 months. In addition, vacation balance and other.