Employee Orientation Manual


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Employee Orientation Manual

  1. 1. [Firm Name] Employee Orientation Manual Employee Name: Start Date:
  2. 2. Orientation Manual Table of Contents Page No. Preparing the New Team Member 1 Preparing the Office and the Team 2 Orientation Stage 1: First Day 3 Orientation Stage 2: First Week 5 Orientation Stage 3: First Month 6 Orientation Evaluation Form 7
  3. 3. Preparing the New Team Member Stage Task Completed by Date 1.1 Employee handbook 1.2 Business card information 1.3 Employment forms – Personal details, insurance application, 401(k) packet, W-4, I-9, garage access form 1.4 Order new employee plant 1.5 Welcome gift bag  THE OFFICE ENVIRONMENT Office location and contact details Address: [Street Address] [City, State Zip Code] Phone #: XXX-XXX-XXXX or 1-800-XXX-XXXX Fax #: XXX-XXX-XXXX or 1-800-XXX-XXXX Backdoor #: XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. _________ Website: [Web Address] Email: @[Firm Email Address] Title: 1
  4. 4. Preparing the Office and the Team Task Completed By Date Stag e 2.1 Organize workstation or office area allocation 2.2 Set up in Practice Solutions; enter rates; set time defaults; access to MAIN office client listing only 2.3 Security cards/access arranged/office key(s). 2.4 Telephone connected with allocated extension and voice mail 2.5 Computer or laptop allocated and set up with email address, passwords, and all applicable software; all other stations updated with new employee’s calendar & e-mail address. Create passwords: Network [Time & Billing Software] [Marketing Software] Voicemail [Tax Software] 2.6 Business cards ordered 1 week ahead of start date; new team member added to appropriate mailing lists/team lists/phone lists/Outlook (update other team member’s outlook with new employee’s address) Announcement message to inform team members 2.7 Day One orientation arranged with meetings scheduled in Outlook 2.8 Week one orientation arranged with meeting in Outlook, rooms booked, etc. 2.9 Organize lunch with new team member and their manager or team 2
  5. 5. Supplies for a New Team Member Pens Luggage cart Markers/highlighters Envelopes Pencils In/Out boxes Eraser Elastic bands Ruler 2-Hole punch Note pads ______ 3-Hole punch Paper clips Tape dispenser Stapler and staples Business card holder Staple remover Calculator Scissors Cell phone (if needed) Liquid paper 10-key for laptop Letter opener Desk organizer Disks Laptop cushion Trash can Mouse Kleenex Surge Protector Orientation Stage 1: First Day Stag Task Completed By Date e Morning Schedule With Manager 3.1 General welcome 3.2 Office tour & introductions 3.3 Meeting with manager to go through role descriptions and first tasks 3.4 IT training – introduction to the computer system: use of the network structure, departmental software, other technical programs and scheduling excel spreadsheet 3.5 Schedule next meeting for first week and first month orientation issues 3.6 Lunch w/manager 3
  6. 6. Office Tour Reception Storage facilities Meeting rooms Water cooler Overview of network structure Printer / scanner / fax/ copier Meal / kitchen area Restrooms Office & paper supplies File rooms Mail drop and times Stage Task Completed By Date Afternoon Schedule With Administrator 3.7 Security swipes and access keys to building handed over and use explained 3.8 Protocols for telephones – answering and receiving calls; script and phone usage 3.9 Employment contract—return by 2nd day of employment 3.10 Expenses claim policies explained; Excel template shown 3.11 IT training – introduction & use of [Time & Billing Software] & [Marketing Software] Location and use of our color letterhead 3.12 Place desktop document icons on desktop 3.13 Check access to the applicable network drives 3.14 Office supplies and order procedures 3.15 Explain the filing system – color coding, label format 3.16 Office procedures - deliveries, mail, fax, forms, etc. 3.17 Pay periods explained (if hourly, turning in timesheets) 3.18 Direct deposit information received 3.19 401(k) matching program explained 3.20 Offer fitness program 3.21 Discuss payment of dues and license renewal 3.22 Deborah to set up tasks on Richard’s outlook for the three 3.23 sign-off dates. Manager/Partner to sign-off on first day orientation 3.24 4
  7. 7. Personal Computer, Database and Website Overview the file structure on the Scheduling daily appointments in main server Outlook Overview of the client database Sending emails externally Tour through firm’s Web site Sending emails internally Downloading from the Web site Setting up personal folder under users Orientation Stage 2: First Week Stage Task Completed by Date 4.1 Billing Introduce business management: Time recording, expense entries, billing, collections, WIP (RB – discuss hold procedures) 4.2 Manager to introduce library materials 4.3 Manager to introduce relevant marketing material 4.4 Manager to discuss project management – how we move work up and out 4.5 Manager to explain quarterly performance reviews 4.6 Discuss chargeable time goals 4.7 Manager to discuss rates and fees for services (X:Sales mtrls, Eng Ltrs, ProductsEngagement Pricing) 4.8 Review employee handbook 4.9 Partner/Manager sign-off on first week orientation 5
  8. 8. Orientation Stage 3: First Month Stage Task Completed by Date 5.1 Manager to present the firm’s vision and strategy 5.2 Manager to introduce the services provided by the firm 5.3 Manager to provide an overview of the firm’s management structure 5.4 Manager to provide an overview of the firm’s network – schedule a meeting to conduct introduction to firm’s network’s products and resources. Manager to arrange for the tax return preparation 5.5 procedures for non-tax team members Partner sign-off on first month orientation 5.6 6
  9. 9. Orientation Evaluation Form 1. Please rate the overall quality of your orientation program? Exceptional Superior Good Average Needs Improvement 2. How well did the orientation program prepare you for your new role? Exceptional Superior Good Average Needs Improvement 3. How well did the orientation brief you on the business – vision, strategies, culture, policies and procedures? Exceptional Superior Good Average Needs Improvement 4. How effective was the orientation program in introducing you to the people, systems, processes and resources of the firm. Exceptional Superior Good Average Needs Improvement 5. How well did the orientation program introduce you to the specific operational practices of your work group? Exceptional Superior Good Average Needs Improvement 6. How well did the orientation program provide you with a sense of how things are generally done in the firm? Exceptional Superior Good Average Needs Improvement 7. Briefly describe the key benefits of the program? 8. Do you have any comments/suggestions for improving the orientation program? 7