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Day 3 the-mind body spirit festival program (1)

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Day 3 the-mindbodyspiritfestivalprogram (1)

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  3. 3. 3 It's difficult to work towards your dreams when you're feeling stressed... Maybe you're worried about your job or money, or the problems of the world stress you out too often? Stress isn't just a state of mind. It can also seriously harm the body. According to the research of Dr Bruce Lipton, 95% of all illnesses are related to stress. Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system and turns up the activity in the adrenal glands. It tells the body that danger is lurking and the body responds by pulling resources from day to day activities (like digestion) and moves them to the areas that are needed in life and death situations – like the limbs so you can run or fight. When the body is in a chronic stress state internal organs are not getting the blood and oxygen they need for optimal long term performance. The muscles tighten in a state of continuous tension, blood pressure increases and the body gets locked into a continuous cyclic fear state. Chronic stress also significantly affects the ability to process information, or make rational long term decisions. As reported in the Huffington Post, Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University found that feeling stressed is linked to the immune’s systems ability to regulate inflammation. In other words, long term stress sets up chronic inflammation which has been linked to almost every major disease, including cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune dysfunction. It even affects the body’s ability to combat the common cold. If you are getting the idea that stress “kills” or at least drastically shortens a person’s life expectancy than you are absolutely correct. All of this is great news  Why? Because when you make the Super Mind Music Albums presented here a regular part of your day you will be bringing your body into a relaxed, feel good state. And relaxation activates the parasympathetic nervous system which creates a state of recovery and repair. Breathing slows and deepens, hearts come into rhythmic coherence, brainwaves slow and a pleasurable feeling of peace and relaxation replaces the stress. All of which gives the body the space it needs to heal itself. The music selection coupled with the brainwave entrainment in this section has all been very specifically designed to move the listener into a relaxed, feel good state. Each of these selections
  4. 4. 4 can be listened to on their own, or coupled with the following techniques to bring the listener into an even greater sense of peace and relaxation… The albums available in Relaxation and Stress Relief… Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight Brilliant upbeat Jazz music including smooth, latin, jazz and cool jazz which contain many wonderful solos including guitar, piano and of course saxophone, trumpet and bass. This fun and uplifting music is blended with positive energy and positive mood brainwave entrainment (BWE), and is perfect for relief from stress and depression.
  5. 5. 5 The BWE encourages the release of 'feel good' endorphins and chemicals such as serotonin, which occur naturally in the brain. Combined with the wonderful upbeat music, this music will lift your vibration within seconds ...and leave you feeling totally blissed out! The first 20 minutes of this Jazz fest has been entrained with a steady increase in Beta - taking you from 12 Hz up to 16 Hz. 'Organized' Beta brings you into a state of enhanced clarity and focus - in part because it is in this state where our body is free to release lots of endorphins. It is the same state one achieves after 20 minutes of exercise (think 'runners high' - but without the sweat). ...and we are expecting that the more stressed you are when you begin listening the more profound the effect. Why? Because when you are feeling stressed your body is in Beta - only it is a 'chaotic' beta with the brainwaves moving back and forth between 12 and 16 and everywhere in between. Since you are already in Beta - you will find it easy to entrain to the first 20 minutes of Good Vibrations - and we expect you may actually even be able to feel your brain waves become more organized. But even if you aren't feeling stressed you will still find yourself getting happy with this recording - it is that good. And after the first 20 minutes? We take you on a smooth and easy ride down into Alpha And we hold you there. It is in Alpha where the serotonin flows - adding a sense of peace and wellbeing to the happiness, focus and clarity of the first 20 minutes. And the combination ...well.... let's just say it feels really, really good  What can you do to enhance the effects of Good Vibrations? One idea is to move, and it is what I tend to do whenever I turn this audio on. I get up out of my office chair and I take a few minutes to dance to the music. Just dance like no one’s watching. It feels amazing, every time, even more amazing when I remember how much healthier I am becoming just by listening and moving to the music 
  6. 6. 6 Blissful Meditation and Soothe Your Soul Piano Moods The music in Blissful Meditation contains a mix of classics by Beethoven such as the beautiful Moonlight Sonata, as well as classics by Chopin, mixed together with some wonderful 21st century classical piano. The music in Soothe Your Soul contains 12 more piano pieces – each one is modern and each one is beautiful. The Brainwave Entrainment in these audios is centered on the Alpha Brainwaves, allowing the listener to enter a calming meditation. Alpha brainwave patterns are often associated with relaxation, stress relief and an increased ability to visualize. Many people consider the Alpha brainwaves as the one of the most useful brainwave patterns for improving moods and increasing sense of peace and well-being. In Soothe Your Soul, both hemispheres of the brain are entrained separately for 30% of the audio (in the beginning) in a special way that helps induce mild disassociation. This helps let go of negativity from a bad day. The rest of the audio is designed specifically to calm and relax the nervous system. A great activity to accompany these audios is a gentle focus on the breath. A human can go weeks without food and days without water but a few minutes without air is all that it takes before the body shuts down. Most people don’t focus much on the breath, believing that the fact that they are walking around is proof enough that they are breathing – and if they are breathing all is ok. But stress limits our ability to breathe well. The average pair of lungs is designed to hold almost 2 gallons of air. Most people take in only 2-3 pints. The oxygen in the air we breathe is what is used to convert the fuel (food) we take in into energy. If we don’t take in the oxygen, the fuel does not convert and sits in our system as toxic waste. Did you know that 70% of all waste in our bodies is eliminated through respiration? When we don’t breath effectively we cannot eliminate the waste which then finds different places in our bodies to hang out, creating all sorts of physical issues including excess weight and fatigue from having to find ways to handle all the extra unburned fuel. We are not breath experts (at least not yet, though it is becoming a new passion) but we have found the following exercise to be simple and quite profound…
  7. 7. 7  Commit at least 15 minutes. No matter what your mind tells you about needing to move or that you are wasting your time make the commitment to be with this breath for at least 15 minutes.  Put on Blissful Meditation or Soothe Your Soul, put on your headphones and lie down. I recommend the floor as opposed to the bed. This exercise requires you to remain relaxed and aware and the bed often signals the body it is time to sleep.  Use a pillow and cover yourself with a blanket. As the body relaxes and blood pressure drops you may find that the body begins to feel a bit colder. The blanket provides the extra warmth.  Close your eyes and watch your breath moving slowly into a state that is known as the continuous breath. Eliminate all space between the in breath and the out breath. Don’t attempt to control the speed, no need to count or control. Just eliminate the pause.  As much as you can let go of all control of the out breath, just let it go.  Breathe in and out through your nose, or if that is not possible, breath in and out through the mouth. Whichever you choose, make it the same for the in and the out.  Relax and remain aware…. As you move deeper into this practice the breath will begin to naturally flow where it is most needed and you may discover that you are experiencing some interesting physical and/or emotional effects. You are bringing much needed oxygen to areas of your body that had been starved for a long time, and as the oxygen flows tension and what was stuck underneath will begin to release. Just keep reminding yourself that you are breathing and all is well and stay committed to the 15 minutes or more (commit to one complete listen of the audio of your choice). I have made this breath part of my daily routine and have been staggered by the effect. Not only am I more relaxed, I have become more flexible and have even lost weight (can you imagine – a weight loss program that requires nothing but learning how to breath). By the way, there is a ton of phenomenal resources out there about the breath and I hope many of you decide to do your own research and learn much more about the wonders of the breath. A good place to start (and not just for those looking to lose weight) is Pam Grout’s Jumpstart Your Metabolism: How to Lose Weight by Changing the Way You Breath. She has a very easy to read style, lots of valuable information, and many types of breathing exercises for you to experiment with. On day 3 you can hear Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight and the brand new Soothe Your Soul: Piano Moods 3 in FULL for FREE
  8. 8. 8 Also available in module 3 are the following albums and processes... Peace of Mind: Steve Skudler 37 minutes of beautiful relaxing music from American composer Steve Skudler. Steve is a natural at creating and producing music that helps relax and inspire people.  The music is mixed with cutting edge brainwave entrainment (BWE) to guide you from the busy beta state into the relaxed theta state of deep relaxation and healing.  Uses special technology to create 3D sound so no headphones are needed This audio is especially suitable to be used for deep relaxation or as a sleep aid. It has been designed as a perfect companion for the healing arts – everything from massage, to hypnosis, to Reiki, to a day at the spa – and we invite you to take it with you when you treat yourself to your next massage or energy session. On I learned that Dr Rapaport, chairman of the department of psychiatry and behavioral neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, conducted a study looking at two types of touch treatments. He discovered, through blood tests, that Swedish Massage decreases stress hormones and increases white blood cells, indicative of a healthier immune system. He also discovered that those who received a light touch treatment had higher levels of the hormone oxytocin which just feels good and promotes bonding. Other studies have shown that just sitting in close contact with a partner for 10 minutes lowers blood pressure in woman and that physical contact can trigger a boost in serotonin, a natural anti- depressant. Couple any of these feel good touch sessions with Peace of Mind playing in the background and prepare yourself. You may get to feeling so relaxed you may never want to move  (Please note: this is the only audio in Day 3’s collection that is designed for use without headphones and so is ideal for sharing as described above. The other audios can also be used, the music itself is very calming and some of the brainwave entrainment effects will still be noticed, but for optimum effect all the other audios in this collection require headphones) You can hear some of Peace of Mind for free in a video on day 3
  9. 9. 9 Calm Mind: Unforgettable Moments The Music includes magical 21st century classical music from award-winning composers - Romantic, dramatic, stunningly beautiful, epic . The primary objective of the brainwave entrainment is to reduce anger and irritability. The secondary objective is to balance the electrical activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. To give you an inside look at how the brainwave entrainment technology works on one of the albums we thought it would be fun to include some specifics of this album…. The brainwave entrainment…  Starts at 12 Hz - gateway to all frequencies, stimulates mental clarity and promotes mental stability - Reducing anger and Irritability  Ramps down to 10 Hz to encourage production of "Feel Good" brain chemicals  Continues to 8 Hz, helps with learning new information and mind-body balance + helps create a bridge between conscious and subconscious  Ramps down to 6.3 Hz directly implicated in reducing anger and irritability, astral and mental projection and accelerated learning, increased memory retention  Continues on 6.3 Hz  Briefly Ramps up to 7.83 Hz - the resonant modes of the earth’s frequency, really good for balance, and grounding that happens to enhance the receptiveness of 6.3 Hz  Ramps down and continues on 6.3 Hz  Ramps up to 12 Hz, gateway to all frequencies, stimulates mental clarity and promotes mental stability - Reducing anger and irritability  Continues on 12 Hz  Ramps down and continues at 6.3 Hz for the remainder of the track By the way, 4Hz to 8Hz is a range that provides tremendous stress relief. The benefits include improved concentration, reduced hyperactivity and improved memory. Also one’s blood pressure, breathing and heart rate all slow to a much more healthy level that promotes natural healing. A great way to pass the time while listening to Calm Mind is to work on your Gratitude Journal. Don’t have one yet? Well now is the best time to get it started. Any notebook of any quality will do – as long as there is paper to write on and a pen or pencil, marker or crayon to write with. You can even keep your gratitude journal on the computer, but personally I think it is more personal and heart centered to write it out by hand.
  10. 10. 10 Before beginning to write in your gratitude journal take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe into your heart center. Just allow yourself to sink into your heart and feel grateful for each breath (without them you wouldn’t be here ) When you are ready, open your eyes and begin to list the things you are grateful for today. Can’t think of anything? Really? A number of years ago I checked a Louise Hay meditation audio out at the library and I will never forget the morning gratitude meditation that was on it. Louise reminded me to be thankful for my warm bed, the electric lights, the hot and cold running water. And then when she commented that 100 years ago the Queen of England didn’t have a flush toilet I was immediately transported to that space where I knew just how blessed my life is. I have a flush toilet, do you? There is a box in my home that keeps my food cold and a roof that keeps the rain from my head. I have ten fingers and ten toes and they all work. As I sit here, typing on a computer that I am very grateful for, I can hear bird song out my window. My eyes work, as do my ears and I still have teeth that allow me to eat the meal that I will nourish myself within a few minutes. This morning I had a wonderful conversation with a friend, and earlier I was able to take a walk with my daughter and her friend and we all had a great time… Perhaps that’s more than you wanted to hear about my life, but once I start counting all that I am grateful for it begins to snowball, and the more I list the better I feel, and the better I feel the more I list and…… This activity alone will release feel good chemicals into your system and what can be better than that? Unwind Your Mind: Ambient Journey Unwind Your Mind is a beautiful 29 minute long mix that has wonderful energy and speed. The brainwave entrainment helps with relaxation and stress relief. These frequencies also have a secondary effect; they act as mood enhancers for most people. The music is a relaxing ambient journey of chill out tunes mixed with ethereal soundscapes. You can hear 3 tracks from Unwind Your Mind: Ambient Journey for free in a video on day 3 You can listen to this music while doing your day to day activities, or you can couple it with a powerful technique which I like to call the Mind Dump.
  11. 11. 11 The Mind Dump is an effective way to quiet an anxious mind, to release those thoughts that tend to circle around and around, trapped in our head whenever life seems to be getting out of control. And it’s easy. You just need paper (unlined works great here) a pen and the ability to write. What do you do? You write it down. Whatever is in your head you put it on the paper. You write as fast and for as long as the thoughts run rampant. If it’s the same thoughts that keep popping up you just keep putting them down. You do not sensor. You do not judge or analyze or figure it out. You just keep writing until there is nothing else to write. And then… You throw the paper away. If you want you can burn it or shred it or bury it, but don’t make any drawn out kind of ceremony out of it. Essentially all you have done was take the garbage thoughts that were sitting between you and your sense of peace and connection and you gave them a place to go. You un-trapped them from your head. Now, please be aware that I am not saying you do this once and you will never be plagued by the monkey mind again. Those surface repeating thoughts have been around, for most of us, much of our lives, and they are habitual, and they can be triggered by outside events. What I am saying is that the Mind Dump removes them in the moment, and will, in an amazingly short period of time, quiet your mind for longer and longer stretches of time. And I am saying that eventually you may find that there is nothing left to dump. All the thoughts that remain are the thoughts that feel good, that bring you closer and closer to your ideal life. A simple tool that can transform your world. Well, that’s it for Part 3 (except of course for the bonuses you get: Stress Relief Dream Programming Audio, and the Happiness Booster Ultimate Mind Music Mp3). Next we will take a look at some other aspects of healing the physical body and provide a whole new package of audios that are changing people’s lives every day. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?
  12. 12. 12 With Love, Cyndi, Iain and The Mind Body Spirit Music Festival Team