English Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)


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English Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)

  1. 1. . Learn about English Style Food & Beverage Service
  2. 2. What is English Service English service is also regarded as called butler service. In English service, a special dinner is served for privately organized parties or a meal is served by servants in a private home. It is also followed in some clubs. For More Details Please Read this Tutorial: http://www.hospitality-school.com/ultimate- guide-english-food-beverage-service-style
  3. 3. Features of English Service  In English service, the foods and beverages items are brought to the host or hostess first who then pass them down to the nearest gusts and these passing continue until F&B items are reached to the appropriate guests. This service procedure is done by the help of only one server.  English service recognized by a great deal of showmanship for a special occasion.  English service is less labor-intensive and quicker than Russian service.
  4. 4. Table Setting Procedures of English Service • Knifes and spoons are placed on the right side and forks are placed on the left side. A bread knife is positioned on the bread and butter plate keeping at a right angle to the forks. • Wine glasses are provided to the left side of the water glass or goblet. Coffee cups and saucers are bought to the hostess when she will serve the coffee.
  5. 5. Service Procedures of English Service  The first course is typically served on the table whilst the guests enter the dining area.  The meat or main entree is placed directly in front of the host with warm plates who serves a portion of the meat or main entrée on a plate and passes it to the nearby guests to transfer it to the hostess.  All sauces, side dishes and vegetables are served on the table to be passed by the guests among themselves.
  6. 6. Service Procedures of English Service Continued….  If the dish requires carving then it is done by the host and then passed to the hostess for adding vegetables and other foods and passing continues until it reaches the proper guest. Sometimes, the service associates also serve the foods after the host and hostesses have finished their respective job. Dessert is also served following this standard.  In such cases the host gets the last plate but no one eats until the host starts. Sometimes the host or hostess also keeps the first plate and sets it down next to him or her.
  7. 7. Table Clearing Procedures of English Service Soiled dishes are carried on small tables or stands on which food was served. Servers may also remove these by keeping them on a table or buffet in the dining area.
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