Chinese Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)


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Chinese Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)

  1. 1. Learn about Chinese Style Food & Beverage Service
  2. 2. What is Chinese Service The concept of Chinese service is derived from Chinese families and was formalized for special occasions. This service is quite traditional and often customized on the basis of nature of the foods. For More Details Please Read this Tutorial: beverage-service-types-restaurant
  3. 3. Features of Chinese Service Chinese service includes certain unique characteristics which make it traditional and sophisticated service. Here are the followings:  In Chinese service, Chopsticks are served with all foods, except soup and dessert spoons.  Foods are presented and served attractively into large platters, bowls, and other containers and brought to the table so that guests can choose food according to their taste since often there is a large selection of different foods.  Chinese service is less labor intensive but the amount of service ware is quite extensive since foods are served in individual dishes.
  4. 4. Table Setting Procedures of Chinese Service In Chinese service, tables setting procedure is different from others service in the following way: • In most cases, a circular wheel is placed in the table center so guests can rotate it and share food. Otherwise, for large groups a small plate (about six inches wide) is placed in the center cover. • A rice bowl along with a cup of rice is placed to the right side and a small cup of tea is set slightly on top of the rice bowl or slightly to the left above the center plate.
  5. 5. Table Setting Procedures of Chinese Service Continued… • Chopsticks are placed on the right side of the guest keeping on a small stand. Sometimes a long handled, round spoon and bowl may be served to the left of the chopsticks. Small dishes for sauces and condiments are put above the small cover plate. A small wine cup is kept with the condiment set. • Spoon and forks are also served for those guests who find it difficult to eat with chopsticks. Knives are not served in Chinese service sine the food is usually cut into bite-size pieces.
  6. 6. Table Setting Procedures of Chinese Service Continued… • A soup cup with a porcelain soup spoon is placed on the center plate or to the left side of the guest. • Though clean folded napkins are served on the cover but tablecloths are not used in most cases. • The seating of guests are arranged in a way that can accommodate at least twelve people.
  7. 7. Service Procedures of Chinese Service • Foods are elaborately dished on platters and served in the center of the table. Guests then help themselves to select their own food. • In Chinese service, sweet foods are often served at the beginning of and during the meal and Rice or soup is served at the end of the meal. • When guests complete their meal, the servers should remove the empty dish and replace it with a fresh one. Wine cups are not removed during the meal.
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