Banquet Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)


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Banquet Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style (Ultimate Guide)

  1. 1. Learn about Banquet Service
  2. 2. What is Banquet Service The concept of Banquet service arises to serve a group of people who want to celebrate for a special occasion or want to organize an event to honor special guests. FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE READ THIS TUTORIAL: HTTP://WWW.HOSPITALITY-SCHOOL.COM/ULTIMATE- GUIDE-ENGLISH-FOOD-BEVERAGE-SERVICE-STYLE
  3. 3. Features of Banquet Service Banquet service is characterized by the following features: Banquet service is basically used in hotels, resorts, country clubs, casinos, and restaurants which have conference rooms in order to organize meetings or events. In banquet service, the menu, numbers of guests, and time of service, number of covers are preset which make this service well organized in advance and make scheduling easier.
  4. 4. Features of Banquet Service Continued…. Banquet service requires more area per person and more equipment. In banquet service, guests receive very little personal attention and proper service due to the nature of the service.
  5. 5. Table Setting Procedures of Banquet Service In banquet service, the servers generally follow American settings but the table setting could be modified according to the menu.
  6. 6. Service Procedures of Banquet Service Serving Procedures of Banquet service are given below in step by step procedures: • French, Russian, or buffet service is typically used at a banquet. • The head table is usually served first and then the rest of the tables. • Water and coffee are replenished throughout the event.
  7. 7. Service Procedures of Banquet Service Continued…. • After the completion of meal the table should be cleared as per standard since often in banquet service guests used to remain seated for entertainment after dinner. • Banquet service does not require to present check or collect payment at the end of the meal as the banquet is paid for in advance.
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