American Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style


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American Food & Beverage Restaurant Service Style

  1. 1. American Food & Beverage Restaurant service Style
  2. 2. What is American Service American service is considered as the most widely applied service especially in U.S.A. The service nature can be both simple and complex. American service is also termed as plated service. For More Details Please Read this Tutorial: food-beverage-service-style
  3. 3. Features of American Service American service is an elegant and classy service which includes the following features:  American service is the quick and requires less least labor-intensive service and little space.  American service is followed at diner or family- style restaurant, coffee shops, a counter where casual tableware and placemats are considered as the standard and self-serve bars and salad bars are provided.  The preparation of food is completed in the kitchen except for the salad and the bread and butter and bought to the guests ensuring fast service.
  4. 4. Features of American Service Continued…..  American service is basically preferred by the chefs, because this service allows them to show their creativity by organizing individual food items in an eye catching and appealing style.  American service can be personalized according to the situations, such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner service.  This service requires only one server to serve the meal but with an experienced serving skill.
  5. 5. Table Setting Procedures of American Service
  6. 6. Table Setting Procedures of American Service  Table setting for breakfast and lunch differs from the dinner setting. For instance: Breakfast and lunch are simple meals and employ the use of limited amount of serviceware whereas dinner includes more courses and more serviceware.  At least fifteen covers are placed on the table for a dinner using American service but not more than twenty-five.  The number of flatware could vary according to the menu, but not more than three on either side. If more needed, they are brought at the time the foods are served.
  7. 7. Table Setting Procedures of American Service Continued….  In American service, coffee is sometimes served with the meal. Some fine dining establishments do not allow placing the coffee cup and saucer during table setting, these items are usually placed on the table just before serving the coffee.  Ashtrays, salt and pepper shakers, and decorations are placed in the center of the table, or against the wall in a booth.  Chairs are to be out from the table away from the tablecloth, if 1 is used. The table is usually covered with a tablecloth.
  8. 8. Service Procedures of American Service  Servers serve all food items from the left side of the guest using the left hand, and serve beverages from the right side of the guests using the right hand. Other items such as: salads, bread, butter or margarine are also served following same manner as for serving beverages.  Servers clear the table and collect the soiled dishes from the right hand side when guests have finished their all dishes. Sometimes waiters also crumb the table before serving the dessert.
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